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  1. It's always difficult to know what to say at a time like this. One can only hope that Hank's life was satisfying to him and that those he touched have felt blessed to have made his acquaintance. I never met him personally but I believe I remember that car from the various meets I've attended. Someone who cared for a car like that had to have a good heart and will be missed personally and by the entire club. Watch over the rest of us Hank...if you will..And condolences from this Buick Family to his, and all his friends... John De Fiore ( JD) 3757
  2. Hey Tom. I'm sure to be at Guptils this year. Will be alternating between the 56 and the GS, if I ever get the GS seat done. I did get the seat bottom done today. I think it came out good. I had to put the seat upside down on the driveway ( I used a piece of carpet remnant I had for padding) and then stand on the frame to compress it and install the hog rings. Worked well. But that won't work on the seat backs. Still I have an idea for them. Next is the seat backs.
  3. Thanks for that link Bill. With the descriptions here and that site I now understand the king pin situation a lot better. What do you think of that set up in that site? replacing the brass bushings with roller bearings seems like a good idea. Won't do much for the purist but looks like longevity would make it worthwhile. JD
  4. Poll time. I have been looking at all the Ultra's I can find and so far I have found I like the plain white better than White pearl or the Lucern's White gold. What color would you choose, if money was no object? JD
  5. You're welcome. The article was definitely complimentary, if a bit lightweight. Honestly, everyone seems to laud praise on the Northstar V 8, and I shouldn't complain because I have never driven one of them, but the 3800 in my 93 Regal is more than powerful enough while the Supercharged version in my 95 Riv is a total blast. I just wish Buick would allow one to get the chrome exhaust tips and fog lights on the CXS model. My sweetheart would have to beat me back with a stick to stop me from buying one. JD
  6. I can tell you this, my 56 has a certain amount of wander. AS far as I remember, this is just the way it is. You essentially keep the wheel moving while driving, even if ever so slightly. It's usually a big learning curve for the firts 1/4 mile if that each time I drive it, but you have to pay attention. It is not like more modern cars. Can't comment on the king pins. After all this time I am just beginning to understand where they are and I can't understand at all cutting bushings to fit the pin. I would like to hear that explained in detail. JD
  7. Here's the link:
  8. Paul, Check the preload on your front brake drum. Here is an un-mechanical description. The preload is pressure of the roller bearings in their races, which is adjusted by the big nut holding the front hub and brake drum combination on the axle. According to my 56 manual, and I'm paraphrasing, tighten the big nut ( called a spindle nut) with a 10" box wrench untill bearings are preloaded one hex. Rotate drum to make sure bearings are seated. Then back off the spindle nut till the bearing is slightly loose. Then tighten the spindle nut tillall bearing looseness is removed, line up nut to nearest cotter pin hole and install a new cotter pin. CAUTION: Bearing preload must not exceed 1/12 turn of the spindle nut. It also says do not mistake loose king pin bushing for wheel bearing looseness. Since you had to have the front drums off to replace the wheel cylinders, I think you ought to check this first. The mechanic I use is Gils in Burnt Hills. I am sure there are others around, but Gils has some old time mechanics still on staff. They can be trusted to give you a straight scoop on the front end needs, but you'll need a big wallet. Then again, keep in mind that your safety is "priceless"... JD
  9. Amazing, isn't it? Did you hear the sound of the drivetrain callin out to you to shift? That's what I still remember from my Dad's 55 Special. It's a sound you'll never forget. BTW, Excellent work here Paul!! Once you get comfortable and realize that you're driving one of the most reliable cars of it's age, and a few others, you'll really start to enjoy the car, just like I'm sure your Dad did too. What an honor to him that you did this. Can't wait to have you join us on some of the Chapter's tours. And can't wait to see it next to Dick Dorsey's 38 Special either. How many times do you see one, let alone two??? Remember what I always told my boys when they were growing up. Don't go too fast. Classics need to be driven slowly, so everyone else can see it and wish it was theirs. JD
  10. It is a PIA, but the system works. If the bulbs weren't so expensive I'd recommend changing all of them at the same time. JD
  11. Inside the trunk, right behind the tail light panel is a hard plastic shell. The cargo net is attached to hooks around this. Those hooks are like big wingnuts. Take off the top two hooks for the cargo net, then remove the few visible screws for the hard plastic shell, and you'll find quite a few additional hook/wingnuts. Even if it does not look like it, they all have to come off, including the two which you'll find inside the trunk but way in the corner by where the points of the taillight are. Good luck JD
  12. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> Kevin, did you get my rear end pictures. </div></div> I thought this was a family board? JD
  13. And the lower "J" bars on the rear bumper too? JD
  14. What color is the Steering wheel? And if it's in good condition, would you want to sell it? Also how is the front bumper? JD
  15. The instructions say for the seat bottom start with the back and work from the center out. The seat backs are made that way too. The hog ring tool works with such ease it's almost scary.
  16. Thanks for the replies. I did change just the cotton, I left the original burlap on the springs, and re-used the original burlap and linnen batting surrounding the double layer of cotton. I am not that close to Legendary, but I am going to await a sunny day and give that a shot. If it doesn't work, I'm driving the entire mess out there. I learned my lesson on this one...
  17. I would either put a 10 Amp Charger on the battery for a day, or replace the battery and then try. If you have nothing without the jumper cables, then your battery is draining the Volvo's battery too. You may have to bite the bullet on this one. JD
  18. I used to have a 69 Cutlass with a AM/FM stereo with one speaker in the rear, but that was long ago and couldn't remember which side the speaker was on. It was a waste with the top down, but I have a AM/FM monoral in the GS, so it woun't be so critical. Thanks for the posts fellows. I appreciate the help Jd
  19. At the risk of iritating you, please describe the "churning" noise. Before you do that, describe it based on this: If the engine rotates when the starter is activated by the key, it is "turning over", just not starting. This is an important distinction when trying to trouble shoot a problem like this. Did you actully remove the cables to determine they were clean? What they look like on the outside is often different than what they actually are on the inside ( between the battery post and the cable). You see, what you describe can still be dirty terminals. Using jumper cables is only effective IF, the jumper cable is thick enough to transfer the electricity of the other battery efficiently, AND if the other battery has sufficient amperage to overcome the drop caused by the length of the jumper cables and your dead battery. Plus if you have dirty terminals, the battery will not recharge as the car is running. Since your friend drove it to you I do think it is a battery problem, but caused by dirty terminals. That churning you heard I believe I heard before. Not exactly sure what that is but it sort of sounds like the ignition switch not getting full power. JD
  20. In 56, the only difference in the tanks is the alignment of the filler neck. Is that the same for 54's?
  21. Try this site: I just got a set of the chrome buckle seatbelts from them for my 56. They have a set of instructions on-line that give the best method for installing the belts. One thing you have to consider is how you will get the belts through the seat bottom and seat back. Is the seat set up so that you can get something through that crack? You don't need a lot of space, but you do need to be able to get the inboard belt through to the floor behind the seat. JD
  22. Sorry, Was just trying to be helpful. At this point I'd suggest firing up the compressor and cutting the roof off to make it a convertible. JD
  23. I am trying to install front seat upholstery on my 69 GS with a bench seat. I wanted to change my padding at the same time to try and eliminate that musty odor you sometimes get in a convertible. Unfortunatley this is not going so well. I bought new cotton padding from a supplier. AAA grade cotton. Then I took off my original seat back cover fro the passengers side. I noticed the original padding was two layers of different color material, so right away I think I have a problem. Perhaps one is denser than the other? Anyway, I measured the thickness of the original and found I would have to double up the new cotton to get approximately the same thickness. The guys at Legendary said to put a modified black plastic trash bag over the seat which would help the upholstery slip on easier, but I never could get the cover on. It was so tight, I finnaly removed it as it looked like it was going to tear in the inside seam. Has anyone had experience doing this with the seat upholstery from Legendary Interiors? Are there any tips you could share? Does anyone know how this was done at the factory? Sheesh, I wish I never started this project!!! JD
  24. Does your car have a dome light switch in the headlight switch? Many GM's use the same knob for adjusting the brightness of your dash lights for activating the Dome light. This will override the door switches, although I don't think it would result in a cancellation of the light after a half hour. Anyway, try rotating your dashboard lights to the darker setting. If you feel a click then check your dome light , it should be off. JD
  25. A 49 body was that light? I thought these would be much heavier than that. JD