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  1. And for some of us in the Northeast looking for a challenging road trip too.
  2. The extra position substitutes for activating the starter, right? So one could just put a starter button in place of the switch on the old carb. You would however, forfeit an "accessory" position. That's if you are still using the rest of the 59's electrical system intact.
  3. Also the absence of the chrome strips on the trunk lid spells Super, along with the location of the script. The Roadmaster had a much smaller script just under the vent window on the front doors. BTW, there is also a 1965 Full sized Buick facing the 56's passenger's side rear fender
  4. Go-Jo Hand cleaner on my cars. It doesn't have bleach to the best of my knowledge. Works well, but does need thorough rinsing.
  5. If you sell it, you will have a hole in your heart and your garage, plus in your wallet after the money is used for something else. If you keep it you will just have a hole in your garage and your wallet. 2 out of 3 is better in my humble opinion. I am sure you are busy with the kids and family now. But the kids eventually grow up and pursue their own agenda. If this is just causing angst sitting undone, eventually you will really appreciate having it still around. It was like that for my '56. I never took it apart but there were many years I hardly moved it. More than once I thought about selling. But ( thanks to my wife's insistence) it is very much appreciated today.
  6. Was nice today, and I was happy to drop the top! Ran around 40 miles through the hills in our town. Those back roads are so empty of traffic. And this pond was so picturesque! And you can see how far behind we lag the Southeast, regarding Springtime, in this picture The couple in the home gave me permission to take the photos but they wanted six copies! lol... This car is just such a pleasure to cruise around in. Mild mannered till you stab the pedal on the right...then it's quite an eye opener!
  7. Took this one for gas today. 128 miles since the beginning of the year. I'll clock in at 225 miles between the 3 of them so far. Was a fun drive through the hills of our town and wound up next to the rails. The engineer tooted the train's horn when he saw I was taking pictures. 😁
  8. @cxgvd Just wondering: This picture looks like there are 5 diamonds. But your template seems to be six?
  9. Matching the rear glass is probably the best. Since you could have had clear or green tinted it it really your own preference. Since no one would really know what was original it would seem the best thing would be to set it up now for how it will be used. Display mostly? Probably clear. Or driven lightly or driven a lot? Green tint to the heavy tint.
  10. And now that i have thought about it more and looked at some rebuilding kits I realize that I was incorrect in my application of theory. Sanding the oil pump cover flat is right and the plate would be for the inside of the pump body where it would be much more difficult to get a flat surface. So with all these wasted digits I would say my earliest post on this topic is definitely incorrect. My apologies. Moving on...
  11. @neil morse And @Ben Bruce aka First Born. I will defer to your experiences with engines of this vintage. In the interest of discussion only, not arguing, my experience comes from the oil pumps on the Buick 350- 455. These may be substantially different from yours. At any rate, in some cases these later V8's develop low oil pressure because the cavity of the oil pump gets scarred or gouged by the gears of the pump itself. Since the oil pump requires a certain clearance between the gears and the cover, when a cavity gets scarred or gouged the clearance on one or both gears is increased, and the oil pressure goes down. To fix that a plate is installed in the cavity with new gears and that returns the clearance to it's original spec. I applied that theory to your engine. In my application of that theory I thought that if there was scaring from one or both of your gears, and you sanded your plate flat, then to get it flat you would have to sand to the bottom of the deepest gouge. By doing so I figured that would open up the gap between the gears and the top or bottom of the cavity and thus change your oil pressure to a lower value. But I will acknowledge that I could be incorrect and thus my earlier post should be disregarded.
  12. Think in terms of "sanding off" the old finish. To get it flat you would be removing material from the high spots to get to the low spot. The low spot however, is where there is already too much clearance.
  13. @buick5563 What color is your steering wheel?
  14. If you sand it you run the risk of increasing the clearance between the plate and gears and losing more oil pressure. The fix for a weak oil pump is usually to install a plate to take up the clearance caused by wear. I do not know if a plate is made for your engine but suggest it probably is.
  15. You're gonna have to keep the lights off in the garage!
  16. Dont polish unless absolutely necessary. These cars were never perfect to begin with and swirl marks are a PIA!
  17. @Matt Harwood my 56 has that same off idle stumble. Except when it is cold. Then it is smooth. I presume that the choke is still partially closed at that point and the engine is running a little richer. I believe Jon the @carbking has recommended enriching the idle by enlarging the idle ports in the carb's venturi. I have not done that, yet. Most times I can feather the gas past the stumble and keep going. However if there is ever a need for and aggressive start I can usually brake start past the stumble too. But that's easier said, and done, with an automatic trans. Also I used to run a 160* thermostat in my car till around 2003. I never used the car that much and it seems it often had fouled spark plugs. In 2003 however, I switched to a 180* stat and have not had that problem since. The temp gauge does run a bit higher which still gives me momentary pause when I see that. But it's not overheating and it just seems happier at the 180* setting.
  18. That explains it. Leave anything around for 30 days untouched and those little buggers will make a stab at moving in.
  19. Wow! Doesn't look like it needs to be wet sanded, unless it is already done? Toby is gonna make you proud!
  20. Good luck with all that! Looks like it was a mouse nest at one time?
  21. Sweet Roadmaster Gary! So things are warming up in Alaska?
  22. Where is it to be shipped from??