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  1. 11 hours ago, Michael CPA said:

    wipers / washer.  The bottom one is off / on, the middle button you push for washer fluid, but what does the top on do and what is attached behind it?  Mine currently freely spins.  


    In my '56, which has the same switch, the top floats freely within it's range of movement.  That is because the tiny diameter hose is yet to be replaced and so it is disconnected at the "T" fitting under the hood. It does control the sweep width and wiper speed.  When you go wide, the wipers will cycle slowly and sweep all the way from the bottom of the window in the center, to the extent of their travel which is to the curvature of the windshield.  When you select fast the wipers will cycle in a narrow range in front of the driver and passenger and will sweep 2X faster than when wide. 


    I cannot recall where I saw the diagram for the '56 wiper and I am not sure it is the same for the '55.  But I will look for it today

  2. 3 hours ago, NC-car-guy said:

    This isn't rebuilt. Just new gaskets and paint.  It only has 13k miles.


    When I took my Uncle Phil ( the model A guy) for a ride in my GS his first question was; Did you rebuild this engine?  

    I looked at him and said, Uncle Phil.  This is a Buick!  It only has 50,000 on it.  Why would I rebuild it?  lol

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  3. 6 hours ago, MrEarl said:



    Looks great and like you're heading in the right direction.



    1 Fuel and vacuum lines -  Buick Engine Green (as heavy overspray).

    2 Pulleys - Generator, Water pump, Power Steering, - No Paint (cad)

    3 Harmonic Balancer - Buick Green paint.

    4 Engine bolts - Per Dave Corbin " If you look at the engine outside, anything that's attached by a bolt that goes through a GASKET joint will be engine color, since it has            to be there to test run the engine."

    5 Accessory mount brackets? Power steering main mount bracket and the 8 inch angle iron brace that bolts to the engine. Buick Green

    6 Power steering pump - Black * The correct decal wording for the top of the pump is FILL TO LEVEL WITH AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUID TYPE

    7 Upper generator bracket, flat iron with elongated adjust slot- Black

    8 Engine mount brackets (including the generator mount bracket - Green **The flat triangular brace piece with three holes from this engine mount to the engine block - No Paint

    9 Fuel/vacuum pump -The factory manual clearly states that the fuel pump should not receive paint however there are examples of original pumps that had significant amounts of overspray.  Fuel pump and lines were mounted for test. No carb mounted for test as a methane line was connected to the manifold. (thus no gas in the fuel pump making it safe for shipping and storage).             

    10 Power brake vacuum pump - Black

    11 Exhaust manifold...

    12 Wire loom - bolts to top of rocker cover - Green; Rubber insert - No Paint (however probably received paint when engine was painted and the black rubber did not hold paint well)

    13 Rocker cover and spark plug cover and bolts - Green

    14 Timing indicator with timing marks- engine green with no paint on the brass ends with unpainted groove marks *  also black with yellow painted groove marks.

    15 Valley Cover - Green except under middle of manifold where there is either no paint or light over spray at most

    16 Blow by tube- Black

    17 Oil Dip Stick - No paint or overspray

    18 Transmission Dip Stick - No Paint

    19 Transmission Dip Stick tube -  painted black at factory but with out primer the black paint soon baked and flaked off.

    20 Transmission Dip Stick tube bracket/holder (secures to back of block) No paint

    21 Coil Bracket- No Paint

    22 Dash Pot bracket - No Paint

    23 Carb spring bracket - Green paint.

    24 Distributor - the bottom third of the distributor got over sprayed with Green, upper is factory black

    25 Starter - Green

    26 Starter Solenoid - Black (masked during painting of engine

    27 Fan Blade - black. Bolts- no paint

    28. Power Brake Vacuum line (from top of manifold to power brake master cylinder) No Paint

    May I ask who created this list and where it was found?

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  4. Here is a quick instruction on posting a picture.


    When making a post click on this button next to the black arrow.  

    1855613371_forumpictureinstruction.thumb.png.926f2942d9326d784b251269fe58740a.pngthen choose your picture from your device


    When the picture loads on the site it will show below that line with the arrow.   


    If you want to put a picture in between what you write, place the cursor where you want the picture and click on the plus sign (+) that is shown on the file you just uploaded.   Otherwise what ever you upload will just be added after your last typed sentence.


    There will also be a little trash can on the picture you uploaded.  If you don't want to post a picture you uploaded, click on the little trash can to remove it from the site. 


  5. In 2003 I had my  '56's tank done by a GasTank Renu franchise in my area. Knocked out a major dent and repaired a small leak.  That car was fueled with ethanol gas, but started and used sparingly till about 6 years ago.  Since then I have increased usage significantly but I am also lucky to live in an area where I can get non-ethanol fuel at multiple locations. 


    To date the tank has never given me any problem. 


    It wasn't cheap.  Unfortunately neither is anything else of quality in this hobby.  But uninterrupted driving down the road, with confidence that I made the best repair possible,  is priceless! 

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  6. Welcome, and nice car.  Sounds like it is as solid as it looks.  But regarding the wiring harness,  I would say that the car deserves a quality harness, and so do you.  I'd be careful about looking for a bargain on that type of thing in this hobby.  That said however, pick up a copy of Hemmings Motor News,  as there might be several other businesses doing that type of work.  That will allow you to make some calls and compare 

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  7. 1 hour ago, Thriller said:

    Taking another look at that Skyhawk, that’s a nice car.  I can’t be certain, but it’s about 1979.


    That's what I was told.  It is a '79.  I don't have the fellows name, but there is a local Skyhawk here, that looks just like Brad's car.  I saw it once at the garage where I have some work done when needed.  It was that orange/red color, with a stick shift, and the same hubcaps.  Although I do not remember if it was more than a 4 speed.  Anyway, I thought it really looked good!


      It is kind of funny how I viewed those cars (not so favorably) when they were new and plentiful, yet now, in the windshield of rarity,  they look much better!  Sorta like this 92 Wagon I have too.  Back in 93 I bought my first new Buick.  I looked at the wagons, but discounted them at the time for one oddity, and a general feeling that they were too cheaply built.  And now I am really enjoying the one I have. 

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  8. @dmfconsult  


    Check out the roomy spark plug area with a 3300 V6






    I could get my hands on those rear spark plugs, but then there wasn't enough room to pull the wires off.  Plus the heat shields spun around on the spark plug boot preventing the boot from twisting and breaking the bond that forms between it and the plug itself,  after several years of wear and tear.  

  9. After struggling with those rear wires for almost an hour I tried some long handled needle nose pliers with looped ends. Discovered the fit right down near the valve cover edge and they grabbed the heat shields tightly. Then using the valve cover as a fulcrum the wires popped off easy peasy...sheesh😎The rear plugs came out just like the fronts too. 

    And the project is all done with noticeable results...guess I have no excuse for failing to address a few other things now.😎

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  10. It is not at all like that with the 3300 V6 Doug. There is room to see the rear plugs on this one. The problem is the connection boots are stuck on the plugs and the clip will likely break before the wire comes off. I had planned on new wires eventually but just wanted to be sure the plugs would come out without breakage before spending any more money on this car.  The front three plugs were very tight but did come out without breaking.  So hopefully the rear three will cooperate as well.