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  1. 1 hour ago, DShip said:
    5 hours ago, JohnD1956 said:

    Was 120 mile round trip.

    There used to be one just like that in Quincy, MA (that's "Quinzee" in New England speak) years ago


    Thats what happens when one lives in an upscale area like there are several of theses around here but I haven't tried many others.  This one was just special partly because of the drive. Been wanting to get the Super out on the Highway. Was a nice ride.


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  2. 23 hours ago, anestech* said:

    Hi all!  My wife and I just picked up this clean 1964.  I’ve been lurking here and the ROA Facebook group for a while, as we have been shopping for a couple years.  This car is not a complete as I had hoped for, but the price was right, so I’ve got a lot of projects to get done this winter!  You guys are truly experts and have already saved me money 😆!  Looking forward to learning more, and if anyone is in Las Vegas, we would love to meet up!




    Nice car!  hope it is lucky for you.  How does it drive?  Looks like it has bias ply tires?


  3. Since my car still has an intermittent hesitation off the line, which is exaggerated whenever there seems to be a stressful situation, I tried something a bit different on Sunday.  As I reported in another thread, leaving the car show I encountered heavy traffic.  What I did not say was that there is a steep road from the show site to the Rt 9 highway, where cars are traveling 55 mph. At the intersection I had to turn left timing my move between southbound and northbound high speed traffic.  That intersection, along with creeping up the hill,  caused me to expect hesitation and a potential stall condition just when I would be entering the traffic.  


    Instead, I used low gear for creeping up the hill and entering the highway.  In low, the '56  pulled the hill (easily) at just barely above idle, which is an engine speed below the hesitation point.  I just creeped up the hill without any problem, and when I made the left onto the highway it jumped out like a scalded cat!  Pushed it into drive and away I went,  with no hesitation or issue.  Shortly thereafter I had hit another traffic jam climbing the slight grade to a 4 way intersection in the heart of Rhinebeck.  Once again I dropped it in low and just putted along till I was clear of the intersection and tipped er into drive.  


    You all probably already know this, but it was new to me and it made for a much nicer drive. 

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  4. Put about 160 on the '56 today, going to Staatsburg, NY for the annual gathering of old cars. The ride down was great!  But it started raining around 1pm which caused a massive run for the exit gate. Since this site is South of the Dutchess County fair grounds in  Rhinebeck, NY we had to drive past the Sheep and Wool Festival being held there.  Before you laugh at the thought, I was told that the number of attendees yesterday was 45,000 people, which was bigger than the annual car show held on this site in May each year.  Anyway, I guess the people there didn't care for the rain either and so,  suddenly,  it took almost one hour to travel about 11 miles.


    After a bite to eat I headed home and when I was about 10 miles away from home I heard what I can only describe as a groaning/ grinding from the car.  A few sharp turns showed persistent noise while traveling straight, Increased noise when turning to the right, and significant reduction, almost elimination of the noise when turning to the left.  I did not have time for any diagnostics tonight though. But it was very disappointing to think I have another issue with a front wheel bearing.  


    Otherwise the car ran fantastic and it was a very nice event till the skies opened up. 



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  5. Gassed up today with only 47 miles on the odometer. Making my total 1,447 so far. Did use it for a trip today but have to wait till later this week to fill it again. And I doubt I will make the goal this year.  I may have run into a new problem with wheel bearings again. Sheesh!




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  6. Probably flooded. Gets worse each time you step on the pedal to activate the starter. Likely will fire right up when you get it off the flatbed at home. May help to leave the ignition switch off, put foot to the floor and do not let the pedal up. Then activate starter by toggling the key to the on position for a few 30 second cranking sessions.  That should open the choke and prevent addtl spurts of gas from constantly pumping the gas pedal for the starteraa

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  7. Those last gen  PA's are pretty nice.  The previous generation, '93-'96 are just as nice,  with a slimmer profile, and with full analog instrumentation for the Ultra's and some others. Finding a low mileage one seems to be the challenge.  


    As for it finding acceptance at a BCA event, that is subject to the people who show up.  There are many in the Club who bring the later generation models, and will appreciate these great cars.  There are also many who won't give a hoot.  To each his own.  As for me, I like all the Buicks.  Show me the exotic concept cars and I say -WOW -!  Also show me the early cars and I say -WOW!  but beyond, I also love to see the exceptionally clean everyday Buick,  that made a good name for the brand, and I say -WOW-!   If I had the space I'd jump on a nice '93-96 PA regardless of what anyone else would think of it.  I am even thinking of having my '92  Wagon fixed up and taking that to National Meets.  It is a nice ride, with great MPG, and is very reliable!  Just put another 700 miles on it going to Hershey!  And got quite a few compliments on it enroute too! 


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  8. @Marty Roth  Sounds like you got some excellent deals at Hershey.  I have a lot to learn.  But I did get this stuff and didn't break my budget




    Yes, that's a Pennsylvania Road map which came in might handy when my cell phone was locked up by Google services and rendered unusable on the Tuesday of the meet. 


    Clockwise from the 11:00 position, 

    a center cap for the 92 Wagon.  Turns out to be the wrong one. 

    2 Oil filters for the GS and Electra at a very favorable price.

    A mighty Tonka Dump Truck, practically brand new for the grandsons so they don't have to share the one I already have.

    Top radiator hose for the '56  ( new, and not much of a bargain, but I have it now)

    Two trunk seals , one for the GS, one for the Electra.  Got a break on two, and they are also new.

    Two cans of the R-12 at a decent price but not really a bargain

    Behind the R-12 is a pair of the thick original style front wheel bearing grease seals.  Not a bargain but not a killer either.  

    3 centers for the faux Buick road wheel hubcaps I salvaged from a Junkyard a few years ago.  Got em for a good price, and they are NOS.

    Also got three lightbulbs for the trunk light in the '56, but they turned out to be the incorrect ones/

    And two chrome inside door lock buttons.  Thought they would fit the GS but they don't match what's in there.  Close, but no cigar.  May still fit the Electra but haven't checked just yet.

    And I picked up a '56 Chevy vent window frame as I thought it may fit the '56. It doesn't, but it was cheap. 


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  9. On 6/29/2019 at 9:40 AM, Elpad said:



    Now THAT"S an interesting modification!  The full sized body with the small body vent windows?  And it looks like the vent window meets the windshield frame so that would mean the cowl was changed?  But the hood matches, so the cowl wasn't changed.  Just the windshield frame was changed?  Then there is the full sized window trim across the hood but no trim on the outer edge of the windshield frame.   Would love to see a close up of this just for the experience factor.   Would not consider doing it to another full size series.