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  1. Hi Randy......We generally download and process credit card orders once a week (usually on the weekend). Your BCA membership number is 46454. You will be receiving your membership card, windshield decal and Welcome letter some time next week, and you will receive the April issue of the Buick Bugle magazine around the 10th - 15th of April. Welcome to the Buick Club of America! Mike & Nancy Book BCA Office Administrators
  2. It's a great club with a lot of really nice people in it, Darren. We've belonged for 34 years and have been running the BCA Office for the last 11 years. We thoroughly enjoy what we do and particularly enjoy meeting members face to face at the National Meets. We hope to see you, your family and your'57 in Charlotte next year, or perhaps South Bend in 2013. Go Buick!!!!! Mike & Nancy Book, BCA # 9202 BCA National Office Administrators
  3. Hi Darren....Your BCA membership number is 46257 and you will be getting a membership card, decal for the windshield of your car and a Welcome letter very shortly. You got you magazine before your Welcome packet because we entered your information into the database to make sure you were included in the November mailing. We actually did that before we processed your credit card payment. Wanted to make sure you had good reading material as quickly as possible. Welcome to the Buick Club of America! Mike & Nancy Book, BCA # 9202 BCA Office Administrators
  4. Jake....We never found your May renewal, but we have your $95 + $5 renewal that you sent July 7th. Please consider yourself renewed and please register for the 2012 BCA National. Cya there! Mike & Nancy
  5. I'll check into the one from May, Jake. The one you sent last week for the BHA & Patron programs is undoubtedly in a large stack of mail that we'll be working on this weekend. Being in Danvers put us a little behind. The one from May should/would have been processed back in May.....we might not have received that for some reason. If the check has not cleared your bank, it is probably wandering around in the U.S. Postal System somewhere. You might want to resend that renewal check and we'll process you immediately. Thanks! Mike
  6. Jake....While you are getting your car ready for Charlotte next year, drop us a renewal check and we'll reactivate your membership in the BCA. Hope to see your renewal soon and then see you & your car in Charlotte in 2012 and in South Bend in 2013! Mike & Nancy Book, BCA # 9202 BCA Office Administrators
  7. If you don't receive it soon, let us know & we'll mail you another copy, Derek. Mike & Nancy
  8. The mailing of the July Bugle was delayed in the hope that we could mail the July Bugle and the 2011 Roster together. The Roster will not reach the mailing house in time, so we will have the Bugle mailed immediately and will hold the Roster to be mailed with the August Bugle. The Bugle would have been delayed slightly with the 4th of July holiday. We apologize for the delay. Mike & Nancy Book, BCA # 9202 BCA Office Administrators
  9. The 2011 Roster is at the printer now. We are pushing them to get it printed and shipped to the mailing house in time to be poly bagged with the July Bugle. Keep your fingers crossed! Mike Book, BCA # 9202
  10. The banquet is always an area of concern. We have such a large turnout for the awards banquet that getting room for everyone is sometimes difficult. Having room at tables for members & family for the "awards only" portion of the program has been scarce, to say the least. The new National Meet Committee is attempting to pick locations that have large enough parking and banquet facilities that the shows can always be held right at the hotel, which is what the vast majority of the members want. We hope to have enough room in the banquet rooms to allow everyone that wants to see the awards pro
  11. Hey guys.....All members are allowed in for the awards ceremony. The cost is only if you want the meal. We plan to have chairs around perimeter of the banquet room for folks that just want to enjoy watching the awards. I believe it has been that way at most of the National Meets. Mike Book, BCA 9202 National Meet Committee Chairman
  12. One of our tours will be to the Studebaker Museum. We'll also have a bus tour over to Auburn to see the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Museum, as well as a couple other museums near the ACD. There is also a Hudson Museum on the way to the ACD Museum. We'll have a tour to Mishawaka for the shopping venue, as well as tours to the various mansions in downtown South Bend. We'll have something planned at Notre Dame College as well. We will keep you occupied if all the Buicks we get registered are not enough to hold your attention! Mike & Nancy Book, BCA # 9202
  13. All this info will appear in a future Bugle. We might wait until we make a decision on 2014 and then do the article. In the meantime, please feel free to pass along the info via Chapter newsletters. Thanks! Mike Book, BCA # 9202
  14. The BCA Board of Directors recently approved formation of a new National Meet Committee to begin handling all aspects of site selection and running of all future BCA National Meets. After interviewing three city CVBs, the committee, with approval from the Board of Directors, selected South Bend, Indiana, as the site for 2013. The dates will be July 17 - 20, 2013. We are currently soliciting bids from the Convention and Vistors Bureau in a couple of cities on the West coast for the 2014 National Meet, and then we plan to select a site in either the North Central or South Central portion of the
  15. Chet's BCA membership expired in 2001. Last known phone # was 916-345-8104. Mike Book, BCA # 9202 BCA Office Administrator
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