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  1. Hi guys: My 1934 series 50 coupe has this radio head which I haven't seen in similar cars. Can anybody help me identify it? Are the knobs correct? I am hoping it is correct, of course, but I prefer to know... and then find the rest of the radio as I only have the control. Thanks, Victor
  2. So, guys.... I still need to find out if this radio head is original. Any ideas?
  3. Thank you guys. If I don't locate the components at a reasonable cost, it will have to remain as is, just taking care to make the emergency brake operational.... but I would love to have it as original, even though it will be a user and not a show car. Thanks again! victor
  4. Hi guys: I am looking for the brake components for my 1934 Buick series 50 coupe. I am not even sure if they are the same for the rest of the senior series, 60 or 90. Are they all the same among the senior Buicks? I am guessing not the cables, but the rest... would it be? The thing is, I have a 1934 Buick series 50 coupe on which, some past owner decided to adapt hydraulics and even discarded the emergency brake hardware, so I am needing the parts to convert it back. Any chance anybody around here may have those parts? Thanks, Victor
  5. Edinmass: I am curious... among a group of Royale owners, there appears to be no concensus on what is the difference of 1931 and 1932 models. Some say the door handles... I have no clue. Can you elaborate on that? Thanks, Victor
  6. Me too! Any information on that? Thanks, Victor
  7. vmg

    1934 Buick tools?

    Trying my luck again...
  8. Yes, it will be done in the original coloring the car had according to it's plate: Century blue with century blue dark moulding and Empire blue paint stripe in the moulding and in the wheels, with the grey whipcord interior. I want to go with blackwalls too. I think will look MUCH sharper (better!) that is is now. Problem is I want to find the missing parts before I embark on it's restoration. I will open a thread looking for them. Thanks!
  9. Hi guys: I still here and haven't restored the Buick yet, but I do use it as is. I have already removed the after market parts, like the extra lights and center triangular bumper guard, leaving only the two originals up front. The reason I haven't restored it yet is that I first like to gather all the missing parts, and since in this topic I was asking for correct options, I want to ask about the radio. Does somebody know the correct model for the radio? I only have the radio head and I am not even sure if it is original or not. I am attaching a pic. Does it look like the correct radio head? Thanks! Victor
  10. I hadn't checked the forum for a good while. Interesting to see such a post, making an internet picture roster of surviving cars. I hope we could have the same for many other interesting models in other brands. Agreed, to my eyes, the President Four Season Roadster has to be the most significant Studebaker of all. Just gorgeous! Victor
  11. A very rare and beautiful car! One of apparently only three known 1934 President Land Cruiser survivors this one being one of the two Year Ahead models. Congratulations to Bob for his great work! Victor
  12. vmg


    I am also an ignorant on the subject, Jeff. It is a good idea... but who knows if it can be done or not and what would happen... Back to Elcars, I am posting a pic of what is a very rare and valuable option... a Pegasus hood ornament that I once saw on ebay (it was Elcar's emblem as can be seen in the radiator badge),
  13. vmg


    Jeff, I really wouldn't know. Many things do not work well around here... and of course there might be a way around a few of them if you care to find it, but I am respectful of the law and would not like to get into anything other than the standard procedure. I have a car that I bought down here that may not be fully 'correct' and I get a kind of a headache every time I remember about it, knowing that if sometime for any reason my car could get checked (not likely to happen, perhaps only in case of a big accident or something similar) I may loose it for not being legal. Better stay on the correct side of the line. v
  14. vmg


    Jonathan, congratulations on your purchase. A5R89 looks like a very complete car. I have a 1926 project which I am not sure if I will ever get to do, but in the process of learning about it I saw several Elcars and looked for information everywhere. I collect pics of whatever Elcar I come across. If you need any pics on details for your car, please feel free to contact me directly: vmilke at nutryplus dot com. Thanks, Victor
  15. vmg


    Jeff: I think an Elcar forum would not get much movement. It is only a handful of interested guys with a bit more than a handful of surviving cars... and yes!, the car seems rather tall and large. I am posting a pic of the coupe for sale, since these thread has been also working as an "Elcar inventory". ? 1922 K6 serial 3563