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  1. Thanks Guys, I will pass the information on to my friend. You have been very helpful. David
  2. I have a friend who owns a 51 Buick Roadmaster Hardtop coupe. The car has a Texas title with a posted serial number of : 63650557. I have checked my History of Buick book and can't find such a serial number listed. Can anyone help identify this as a valid serial number for such a car or was it probably a typing error? He has been unable to find a serial number on the car. Thanks for any help. David
  3. I have a friend who owns a 34 Studebaker Dictator six cylinder sedan. He needs a cylinder head. Any help would be appreciated. David P
  4. Have a set of headlights and a pair of hoodsides for 37-38 Pontiac. Instrument panel for 37-38. Some instruments are there. Instrument cluster for 53 or 54 - again some instruments. Some trim pieces " Pontiac" "Pontiac Eight" Two hood emblems, maybe 51 and 54, not sure. Radio for 53 or 54. Condition unknown.
  5. New pair of Fox-Craft fender skirts still in box for " 64 Olds- all models except station wagon & F-85". They have a flair. $100 plus shipping. Set of used Mickey Thompson alum. valve covers for Olds 330-425. Part #3285425. No visible damage. $75 plus shipping from 79015.
  6. I have a set of used Mickey Thompson Valve covers that have the casting "Oldsmobile 330-425" on the underneath side. What year models would these fit? Thanks David
  7. I do not have wheels. Just bumper emblems. Sorry
  8. I have a couple of the indian head pieces that fit on the bumpers. Do you need these? Oldpatt
  9. Chrome horn ring with black plastic center. Stamped CODF 13A800 as best I can tell. Center plastic emblem has Fairlane 500 embossed. Very good chrome and plastic. Believed to be 1962-64 Ford. $40 plus shipping 1973 Dodge charger steering wheel. Very good condition. I would call the color green-gold. $30 plus shipping. 806-655-3076 djpat@cox.net Can e-mail pictures if needed.
  10. 1973 Dodge Charger steering wheel. Very good condition. I would call the color a green-gold. $30 plus shipping. Can e-mail picture. 806-655-3076 djpat@cox.net
  11. I need a glove compartment door for a 1939 Hudson. The car is a six cylinder , series 91, 2-door sedan. Can anyone help?? Thanks, David
  12. I need the center hood hinge for a 35 Pierce Arrow - 845. If I can't find one, do you know of someone who could copy an original? Thanks, David djpat@cox.net
  13. I need the center hinge for a 35 Pierce Arrow hood (845 sedan). Or, someone who can reproduce the part from a pattern. Have one piece, but two cars. Thanks, David djpat@cox.net
  14. I need the center hood chrome strip that is also the hood hinge for a 35 Pierce Arrow 845 sedan. Or, you have information on someone who could reproduce that piece. Have one for pattern, but have 2 cars. Any information greatly Appreciated. Thanks, David djpat@cox.net
  15. 1940 Ford Deluxe coupe. Barn fresh, dry TX car. Needs complete restoration. No engine or transmission. Needs rust repair on toolbox and passenger floorboard. Solid doors and quarters. Last registered in 1958. $7500 Can e-mail pictured if interested. djpat@cox.net 806-655-3076
  16. For Sale : 30 Buick headlights. Complete with fender crossmount. Nice condition. Been hanging in garage 50 years. I do not have the crossbar between the headlights, just the portion that mounts to the fender. $150 or reasonable offer , plus shipping. djpat@cox.net
  17. Barn fresh 40 Ford deluxe cpe. Needs complete restoration. No engine or trans. Dry west Texas car. Can e-mail pictures. $7500 REDUCED PRICE David djpat@cox.net 806-655-3076
  18. For Sale- 1940 Ford del coupe. Needs complete restoration. No motor or trans. Dry TX car, last registered in 1958. Solid metal except tool compartment. Can e-mail pictures. $8500 firm. David Patterson. djpat@cox.net
  19. I have seven Chevrolet headlight lens that appear to be unused. They all have "CHEVROLET" cast into the surface. There are three dome: 7 1/4, 7 1/2, and 8 in diameter(approximate), four flat: two 9 9/32, and two 9 5/8. $10 each plus shipping. Thanks djpat@cox.net is the correct address
  20. I have a left door for a 26 - 27 Roadster / Touring. It is in nice shape. Can e-mail pictures. $150 plus shipping. Thanks djpat@cox.net is the correct address
  21. I have a pair of 30 or 31 headlights (not sure which) that have been hanging in a garage for 50 years. They are on the headlight bar, but do not have the nameplate between them. Inscribed on the lights: Tiltray headlamp and Guide. They are stainless and approximately 11 inches in diameter. They are very nice. The bulbs and reflectors are there and the lens are not damaged. I can e-mail pictures. $250 plus shipping. In the same garage was a passing light but I am not sure it was on the same car. It has GUIDE 7 7/8 Passing lamp moulded into the lens. Would need chrome for a show car. $75 plus shipping. Can e-mail picture. Will try to answer any question. Thanks correct email address djpat@cox.net
  22. I have a brass Stromberg carburetor, model OF. Do you know what car it was manufactured to fit. The air inlet and output to the engine are both horizontal. The output size will fit a model T Ford , if that is helpful. Thanks for any help you can give.
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