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  1. Thanks Guys, I will pass the information on to my friend. You have been very helpful. David
  2. I have a friend who owns a 51 Buick Roadmaster Hardtop coupe. The car has a Texas title with a posted serial number of : 63650557. I have checked my History of Buick book and can't find such a serial number listed. Can anyone help identify this as a valid serial number for such a car or was it probably a typing error? He has been unable to find a serial number on the car. Thanks for any help. David
  3. I have a friend who owns a 34 Studebaker Dictator six cylinder sedan. He needs a cylinder head. Any help would be appreciated. David P
  4. Have a set of headlights and a pair of hoodsides for 37-38 Pontiac. Instrument panel for 37-38. Some instruments are there. Instrument cluster for 53 or 54 - again some instruments. Some trim pieces " Pontiac" "Pontiac Eight" Two hood emblems, maybe 51 and 54, not sure. Radio for 53 or 54. Condition unknown.
  5. New pair of Fox-Craft fender skirts still in box for " 64 Olds- all models except station wagon & F-85". They have a flair. $100 plus shipping. Set of used Mickey Thompson alum. valve covers for Olds 330-425. Part #3285425. No visible damage. $75 plus shipping from 79015.
  6. I have a set of used Mickey Thompson Valve covers that have the casting "Oldsmobile 330-425" on the underneath side. What year models would these fit? Thanks David
  7. I do not have wheels. Just bumper emblems. Sorry
  8. I have a couple of the indian head pieces that fit on the bumpers. Do you need these? Oldpatt
  9. Chrome horn ring with black plastic center. Stamped CODF 13A800 as best I can tell. Center plastic emblem has Fairlane 500 embossed. Very good chrome and plastic. Believed to be 1962-64 Ford. $40 plus shipping 1973 Dodge charger steering wheel. Very good condition. I would call the color green-gold. $30 plus shipping. 806-655-3076 djpat@cox.net Can e-mail pictures if needed.
  10. 1973 Dodge Charger steering wheel. Very good condition. I would call the color a green-gold. $30 plus shipping. Can e-mail picture. 806-655-3076 djpat@cox.net
  11. I need a glove compartment door for a 1939 Hudson. The car is a six cylinder , series 91, 2-door sedan. Can anyone help?? Thanks, David
  12. I need the center hood hinge for a 35 Pierce Arrow - 845. If I can't find one, do you know of someone who could copy an original? Thanks, David djpat@cox.net
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