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  1. 128 to 44....he's not so badass now, is he? When will these kids learn not to mess with us old folks?
  2. All you have to do is honor the 11th commandment and you won't have all these troubles. What is the 11th commandment you ask? "Thou Shalt Not Share Thy Rod With Thy Staff" :eek:
  3. Let's press the envelope.... Old farts never die, they just drive Buicks.
  4. OK, smaller and lighter....so, what size do you want?
  5. OK, since nobody has a nomination, I'll nominate myself and run un-opposed. WOOHOO! I win!! I'm honored. I'd like to thank all the little people along the way...you all know who you are....where's my cash prize? :eek::p:p
  6. Dan, Keith.....look at those pics again. That's local to us. Those pics show that 58 at the Starlight Church Cruise. Maybe you'll run into him in the spring and can discuss the car with him.
  7. With the internet, perhaps some of these owners bought it and had it mailed. It just doen't look like a factory piece, especially using the word classic on a brand new car (as mentioned before). That engraving can be done by anyone with a drag-style engraver. Maybe google it and see if you find a company that does this kind of work. It would prove then it wasn't a dealer item. I know it was popular to have the "Built especially for" plaques done years ago. This reminds me of those.
  8. Kudos for one of the coolest garage lamp fixtures out there. I saw chairs, is there a TV?
  9. Are you implying that an 8-track is not cool? Even though my 82 wasn't equipped with an 8-track (it was more upscale with cassette), I did acquire an original, unopened Buick 8-track from 1982. And, personally I think that tape is really cool. I would probably change my mind if i opened it and tried listening to the songs on it, but in the unopened state, it IS cool. OK, so it is the unopened part that makes it cool...but it technically is a cool 8-track.:cool:
  10. Have you considered just sending the info (as was done for the NY chapter) to all chapter directors with a request for changes? That would minimize the number of e-mails to be sent and the chapter directors could address the info at the next chapter meeting.
  11. I've seen the Pace Cars in the past. I can tell you the expensive car listed above is not correct. The Buick logo was not on the front window. The orange was not on the 1/4 windows. The Buick Billboard was in Black, NOT orange. There's not enough detail to tell for certain, but it looks like the door graphics are also all orange which is wrong. They were gradient from maroon to orange. Gary's photos show the 81 pace car accurately. The pace cars were not turbo cars, all N/A cars.
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