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  1. Have had 2 rebuilt clutches installed, both have been negative results, clutch chatters, etc. Does anyone know of someplace to obtain a smooth clutch? Is there a later year that would fit and work better? I've a 39 model 41, which we put a 68 camero clutch in and works great, very positive, no chatter. What will work, thanks.
  2. Thanks for your reply, I guess I wasn't clear, lock is in open position, no problem opening trunk, lock is froze & I can't unlock it.
  3. I've a 61C, Century 4dr sports phaetom, sorry you couldn't help!
  4. Does any one know of products that clean, re-condition convertabe tops or remove aging spots etc
  5. Trunk lock is froze, due to being re-chromed, does anyone know how to release it or remove the lock without damaging the handle?
  6. The trunk lock is froze, I've another to replace it, does anyone know how to remove the lock without causing damage to the handle which is in excellant shape
  7. How do you remove a existing lock from a trunk back handle for 1939 Buick without destroying the handle?
  8. Where can the fasteners be found to attach the trim on the stream boards to the stream boards. Trim is 1/4" wide, 5 ft long, mounting holes in the stream board are 1/4 " also
  9. I've a 1939 buick Radio, working condition, has had recent work on it, probabley needs new dial plate to be perfect. I own 2 39 buicks, one is model 41 and the other is model 61c 4dr convert. origional antena was piece of crap, I bought a side mount from Bob's Automobilia and forgot about running board mount. the information I recieved on running board antennas was when they were perfect, they were awful. I heard there was someone in Redlands, Ca that remanufactured the wireing, at cost of $295.00. Can't remember the name. Radios that work run 395.00 and up. Let me know if interested.
  10. Trying to locate a air cleaner bracket that fits the dry air cleaner, needs to mount around the manifold and have gas and vacumn line supports. Any ideas, its totally different than the ones for a mdl 41
  11. I have a 39 Buick Century, the steering wheel is in excellent shape except it appears to shrinking & cracking. It has 3 or 4 cracks with gaps up to 1/8th inch I've been quoted upto $250 to repair vs 550 to recast. Do the repairs hold up? Anybody have any experience or recommendations
  12. If you havn't located one and would consider one out of Post Falls, Id, you can call me at 2087734863 or email @postfall@imbris.net Jim Dickinson <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
  13. Sorry for the delay, was in Vegas trying to win enough to buy parts, is the carb the AAV 26 and is the air cleaner the dry or extra heavy model let me know Jim
  14. 1939 Buick century, series 60 , Sonomatic radio with running board antenna
  15. My 39 Buick restoration has origional radio & antenna which is mounted under the running boards, apparently not insullated correctly as the radio keeps cutting in & out, is there a repair or a way to convert it to a differenet antenna setup.
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