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  1. Need the entire set with canister (8"X4") mounting brackets and lines. Any leads ??
  2. I'm looking for a good set of valve lifters for a 1937 Super 8 Packard. Anyone have a set ? Contact Paul ( paul@pacinfo.com )
  3. I need the complete locking deck lid and golf door handles for a 1933 La Salle. Anyone know a source for these? Paul (paul@pacinfo.com)
  4. My car came with Cadillac horns. Anyone know a source for the correct 1933 La Salle Klazon-26 ones ? Paul (paul@pacinfo.com)
  5. Does anyone have one or both of the engine oil splash pans for this car ? Thanks, Paul (paul@pacinfo.com )
  6. A few years ago, someone made reproduction ring shrouds for the back side of the radiators. Are these or original ones still out there somewhere ? Paul ( paul@pacinfo.com ) )
  7. Barney - I need one for indoor coverage. To fit a '35 Lincoln 2 window, 5 passenger sedan. Price ? Thanks, Paul (AZ )
  8. The square ones are for Senior cars with a luggage rack. Any recent sightings of one or a pair ? Thanks. Paul ( paul@pacinfo.com )
  9. Anyone know of a correct one for sale? Paul (480-488-0863) Paul@pacinfo.com
  10. Correct gear shift knob for 1937 Packard Super 8 . Paul ( 480-488-0863 ) paul@pacinfo.com
  11. I just bought a '37 Super8 conver. Victoria with a wrong horn button , I think.Could I send a jpg photo of the button to your e-mail address? What is the address? Thanks, Paul
  12. Thanks anyway for your help. It's not the same. Paul
  13. Does anyone know a source for reproduced 1933 Series 50 exhaust manifolds ? Paul
  14. Anyone have any leads on either one in good original or well restored condition ? Paul ( paul@pacinfo.com )
  15. Any complete radio for a '35 Lincoln ? Paul
  16. Wanted- Clock for 1933 Buick. Used several years. Mounts in glove box door. Appreciate any leads. Paul (paul@pacinfo.com)
  17. If you ever want to sell that 70 year old original, contact me. There are a lot of us that value originality over the better than new restored car. paul@pacinfo.com
  18. The banjo wheel from a '37 or a '38 ? What condition (cracks) and price ? Thanks, paul
  19. Wanted - Older or newly restored convertible coupe. Prefer excellent original or restored condition.Paul Longstreth (541-895-5155) paul@pacinfo.com
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