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  1. I am next door you Quarterback stealing state!! I am just north of Green Bay. Call me at 920-826-6445. Car is red with white interior.
  2. Yes, it does have 21K on the car but it sat outside for too long and is rusty. Too much to list so please respond to this thread as to parts wanted. I can tell you most of the outside trim is nice such as the wheel well trim, the stainless on the rockers and doors. vinyal top trim, etc... and it all looks like 21K on the trim. Pot metal parts are rusty. Car has power windows and door locks, power bwnch seat, tilt, and more. Let me know what you need! Thanks, Scott
  3. I am looking for a pair of rust and damage free rear quarter for a 70 Le Sabre 2 door. Please post pictures, price, and location please. Thanks, Scott
  4. I have a really nice dash pad for sale. I was using it in my car but found a 67 dash pad so this one can go. It has one VERY small crack in it on the right corner of it. It is close to the wind shield and isnt noticable untill you take it off. I didnt see it untill today and it has been in my car for about 2 years. 200 plus shipping or best offer. I would post pictures of it but they always come out much to large for this site. Email me at dscheffen@aol.com for pictures. Thanks, Scott
  5. NOS 77 hood emblem. No box and was put on car for short time then removed. $75.00 EXCELENT CONDITION NOS in box 76/77 SJ fender emblem $30.00 NOS header and fender Grand Prix emblems. $30.00 for all 3 77 Grand Prix tail light bezels. Used but VERY nice. Very few pits and bright chrome! $80.00 for pair 77 Grand Prix front directinal lenses. Look NOS but used. Clear and no cracks. $50.00 Parts do not include shipping.
  6. ANY OFFERS? I would post pictures but they always are way larger than the screen and hard to download on this site.
  7. I have this settup for sale. Radio works on AM and FM. Antenna motor runs but mast doesnt go up or down. Both need to be restored. 75 dollars buys both plus shipping. Picture upon request.
  8. Clutch and Brake pedal assembly. 100.00 + shipping SOLD! 4 Speed Drive Shaft. 100.00 + shipping <span style="font-weight: bold"> </span>SOLD! <span style="font-weight: bold"> </span>
  9. Hello, I have some parts from a car I am parting. Car has 16 thousand original miles on it and was wrecked in 68 or 69. manual stearing gear box 100.00 rust free cross member 100.00 Tinted coupe side glass. I have the vent windows for both front doors, drivers door glass, and I have the pasengers rear window. 20.00 each. Prices do not include shipping. More parts to come. Thanks, Scott
  10. Hello, if you are looking for what they call an ironing board console, I think I just seen one on eBay
  11. Hello, I have a plyable dash pad for sale if somone needs it. It is soft and would be a perfect pad but the fact that something sat on it and made a impression in it. The impression is about 3/4 of an inch long and 1/4 in wide. I have had this pad for over 20 years. Other than that, there are no cracks or imperfections. 150.00 plus shipping. Email me at dscheffen@aol.com for pictures. Thanks, Scott
  12. Just as the subject says, in need of a pair of caliper brackets. Thanks, Scott
  13. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: gulfgears</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I need the outside passenger metal bucket seat trim piece for a 66 Skylark. I know this is available aftermarket in plastic, but really want a metal one. Thank you </div></div> Hello, I have on but it is in storage and wont be able to get it for a while. Whgen I do I will post some pictures if you still need it. Thanks, Scott
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