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  1. I know I don't have a chance of finding an original tank. All of the extra ones probable went toward the war effort in WWII. As I said earlier, my tank is not original but it fits. It had General Truck Sales, Nashville, TN stenciled on it and according to the internet that place closed down years ago. So, no chance of finding out what my tank is. Thanks for letting me know that the '41 Chevy will fit. I see that the Tanks Inc. site has one in stainless but it is a little deeper. I will investigate that and see if I have room. Thank you!
  2. Greetings all, my gas tank has a fine powered rust that is forming and blocking the fuel outlet. I have taken the tank off a couple of times and cleaned it. This works for about a year then it happens again. My tank is not the original but fits very well. I would like to replace it rather than use some type of liner that might fail in the future. The car is a 4-door Dictator. What other tanks will fit close to original? Thanks!
  3. Here are a couple of pics of David's car, taken at our IDYSD tour back in September.
  4. It can only go in about 1 1/2 inch, so can't get lost. If it is there you should be able to get it with a small piece of wire (paper clip) with a hook on the end of it.
  5. Also, could it have been assembled backwards? Check and see if the spring is still inside the block.
  6. David, You should have a spring similar to the picture I have attached. My 37 uses a plunger and spring. I have an extra spring but I don't think it would be correct for your engine. Check with a good machine shop to see if they can get one for your engine.
  7. I put a 245 in my '37 Dictator. It bolted up to the '37 overdrive transmission with no trouble and I also used the '37 flywheel and clutch.
  8. Thanks for the responses. I love the stainless strips on the running boards. I have never seen that before. Anyway, I am glad that Studebaker switched to non-painted running boards. I don't thing that paint would have held up very well over rubber in a high wear area like that.
  9. According to "The Inside Story of 1937 Studebakers", "The tremendously strong steel running boards, rubber mat and all, match the body color". I have never seen a '37 Studebaker with painted running boards. All of the illustrations in "The Inside Story" show painted running boards. When did Studebaker decide to go to black running boards? My copy of the book is 4829F. Does anyone have a later version which shows black running boards? Is there any documentation from Studebaker that says to leave the running boards black?
  10. When I rebuilt the engine in my '37 I had the same problem. My dad told me to pack the oil pump with Vaseline. That primed the pump and it dissolves into the oil as it gets warm.
  11. We had a great time yesterday. There were six Studebakers in attendance: a '27 Commander, '37 Dictator, '55 Commander, '55 President, '57 Silver Hawk, and a '63 Avanti. It was overcase and there were some rain showers but that did not slow us down. There were a lot of folks stopping to look at the cars, especially at the Russel Erskine Hotel.
  12. Greetings Don, Does the Coupe Express use the same seat as the Dictator 4-Door? If it does I can send you some pictures of how my seat mounts. George
  13. We are just a few days away from International Drive Your Studebaker Day. Here in North Alabama we will be touring around the Huntsville area, making stops at the Space and Rocket Center, Huntsville Depot Museum, and the Russel Erskine Hotel. What are the rest of you all planning?
  14. The '37 uses all flat glass so it is easy to get these made at a local auto glass shop. Do you have an old door glass to use as a pattern? I believe that I paid about $20 per window.
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