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  1. Having spoken to the chap who owned my car from 1952 to 2002 he is adamant that he replaced the engine block himself, but retained all the original innards and gearbox. He is quite clear about this. I suppose it is possible that the gearbox had already been replaced by a previous owner, but I think this is unlikely. Can anyone tell me whether there were any differences at all between left and right hand drive boxes in '38 model year? Anything at all? Thanks, Mike
  2. Thanks Dee. My engine is definately a '38 with small bore and hydraulic tappets, plus '38 front mountings - in fact it is as one would expect from that engine number. I didn't realise that left and right hand gearboxes were the same that year. Are there no differences at all? I'll ask Colin Spong when I see him next, he's been extremely helpful so far. That explains everything and, alas, probably means I will never know what engine number was originally fitted to my car, nor where it came from. It was a lot of work changing the Jensen clutch bits over - basically a large pair of brackets to hold the clutch cable - when they could have just used the original housing. Mike
  3. The copy of my build sheet arrived today and poses more questions than it answers. Remember this is a Jensen completed in UK in December 1938 for export to California and was the only Jensen fitted from new with the Zephyr engine. It was a left hand drive car, the clutch being operated by a Jensen-fitted cable. The engine number is on the top of the gearbox casing and clear. I can't find a number on the block, although I believe there should be one? The previous owner admitted that he wrecked the block whilst racing in 1953 and fitted another '38 motor from a scrap car. He says he didn't replace the gearbox and I think he is correct because it still has brackets welded to it by Jensen for their clutch cable and is apparently a right hand drive type with short stumpy stick coming out of the top just right of centre and the cover over the linkages on the side. The clutch operating lever is on the right. Ford say my motor number #47116 was body #1238, a Left hand drive Sedan supplied to Long Beach on 11th December 1937. They also say that the number is not duplicated as there is not another #47116 listed in the right hand drive section of the archives. Jensen already had a contact with Lincoln's UK (Chiswick) importers as the Jensen Brothers were photographed with Edsel Ford at the Lincoln offices in 1936, so I had assumed the engine would have been a spare Lincoln UK supplied from stock. Is it possible that the archives are wrong? Could my gearbox be a left hand drive type afterall? Any ideas ... please? Mike Williams
  4. Yep, they actually said "We have Lincoln Production cards from 1939-1948 for numbers 86,200 to 182,129. Unfortunately we do not have the card for your vehicle. We do have a collection a various production ledgers that may show either the production date or shipping date for your vehicle. I don't believe the ledgers have any additional information such as location shipped" But, I've sent my $35, so we will wait and see! Mike
  5. The number is H47116. Think I'll send my $35 anyway and see what comes back! Mike
  6. Bill et.al., The Henry Ford have responded that they only have production cards for 1939-1948. Since my engine is 1938 they only have "production ledgers that may show either the production date or shipping date". The cost of a search is $35, but if it only shows a date that doesn't help much. Before sending $35 across the Atlantic, Do you happen to know whether the ledgers normally show information other than a date - like car type? Thanks, Mike
  7. Thanks Bill. I have written to them, so we'll wait and see. Mike
  8. This is particularly for V12Bill. Bill, a month or so ago you told us where to send a check for a copy of the build sheet but, as you may remember, my car is not a Lincoln but a Jensen fitted with a Lincoln engine from new, so the only Lincoln number I have is the engine number, stamped onto the gearbox housing. Can Ford trace anything from that, or do they need a chassis number? Would the build sheet tell me anything anyway? like "engine purchased by Jensen Motors", or "spare engine for Lincoln UK", or even details of Jensen's customer, bearing in mind the car was exported new to California, so Jensen may have negotiated a warranty on the mechanical parts with Lincoln/Ford? Thanks, Mike
  9. Jim, Did you get to look into the archives? Or not been yet? Mike
  10. Jim, Yes, yes, yes please! My Zephyr-engined Jensen (see latest TWOTZ) bears No.H47116 which was almost certainly a right hand drive car, but it may have been a spare engine, not actually fitted to a car and that's what I'd like to know if you get a chance, please. Are these archives open to the public? Thanks, Mike Williams (UK)
  11. Ryan, If your ignition coils are suspect FordsRus can rewind them for 12 volt. Had mine done but not used it yet. If you want to keep the old coils I've no idea and I was advised not to do it. Mike
  12. Thanks Phil. I was outbid for that one, but bought another from the same site. Thanks very much. Mike
  13. Ah, now that's what I'd describe as "near untouched" condition. Looks complete and not mucked about with. Should be a lovely car when carefully restored. Mike
  14. I'm going to upset a few people now! The car looks very nice, but I shudder when I read "untouched perfect condition" and then see it has had a full rebuild with wrong engine, gearbox, axle, brakes, wheels and tired. Is there anything at all about it that's 'untouched'? Sorry, just my opinion. The car looks good though. Perhaps I'm just old fashioned - no, perhaps I'm just old! Mike
  15. I found a Zephyr ambulance in a scrapyard in the UK about fifteen years ago. Don't know whether it was saved. At the time I was interested in the Riley Nine 4-seater drophead parked next to it - but bought neither in the end. Mike
  16. Thanks Keith. That's what I'm looking for. Now that I know where it is I'll look for a handbook and get one. My car has an almost standard chassis and drive train, so this will show all the important bits to me. Mike
  17. As my Zephyr-based Jensen is now coming together, I'm starting to make a note of the various grease nipples and oiling points around the car. There are so many that I need a list so that I don't miss one. Have just noticed the oiler at the back of the dynamo, for example. Am I re-inventing the wheel and has somebody already done this? Perhaps there is even a Lincoln service document of some sort that shows this information? If so, would it be useful to have it up on the LZOC web site? Mike
  18. The previous correspondants are correct that the ignition is duplicated right through. There are two separate coils in the single case, two resistors on the bulkhead and two rotor arms on the single shaft. For technical advice try the LZOC group. There are two specialists in these coiuls that I know of: Jake Fleming has an excellent reputation and Skip Haney in Florida (FordsRus). Both are very helpful and would give you advise ober the phone. Skip has a web site and e-mail. Setting the distributor to give the correct gap at the points is not something that can be done at home; you need a special machine. Mike
  19. Good idea Dee - I will contact him. The Jensen is coming on slowly thank you but its not nice working on it at this time of the year. The engine is back in place and the drive train all togather except for a couple of odd bolts and splitpins. No ancilaries done yet, then there's bumpers, lights, entire interior before stripping parts off it again for paint (bare alloy at present), re-wire from scratch, trim... another year at least! I'll post any progress with the Atalanta. Has this appeared in TWOTZ in the past at all?
  20. Thanks Dee. Pity the photo of the engine compartment shows the car without the engine! Mike
  21. I saw in a UK magazine today a passing mention of Atalanta cars (UK made) fitted with the Zephyr engine. Does anyone know about these? Anyone know of a web site I can read about them? It looked a small car, so the engine must have been a tight fit. Mike
  22. This may seem an obvious question, but only if you know the answer. I am just tightening down the engine and it seems the mounting bolts could be tightened all day. How tight should they be? I note they have castelated nuts for split pins to make sure they don't shake loose. Mike
  23. Trinidian, One of my other interests is the LNWR, the largest British railway. They ran several Commercars before the 1914-18 War: double deck buses, 'Observation cars', a goods lorry and an 'Express parcels' van. Don't suppose your catalogue happens to show photographs of any in this railway company livery? In 1914 they had a total of 27 Commercars. I know little about them and a search on-line comes up with nothing at all. Where were they made? Mike Williams
  24. Jack, Check out the Lincoln Zephyr Owners Club web site at http://www.lzoc.org/photos/photos.htm This shows a neat summary of all models made each year, with a small photo to help you identify your car, and yes, there were 1946 Zephyrs. Oh, and then please come back and tell us what car you do have. Mike
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