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  1. I think it's a ridge reamer, used to ream the ridge that forms at the top of a cylinder from wear. Once the ridge is reamed, or removed, the piston can be removed.
  2. I have a NORS 6 volt ignition coil made by "P&D Ignition Parts". The number on the box is LC_20. I believe it fits 1935_1942 Chev. Can anyone look this up and tell me all the different applications for this coil? Thanks Brian
  3. I used 3/4" copper rigid tubing when I did mine. Slope all lines to drain legs. Angle fittings up where they come off the main line, so the water flows by to the drain legs. The copper thieves would have to get into the shop first to steal the copper. Lots of better stuff to steal in my shop then the copper though.
  4. My guess is a 70's station wagon rear glass that goes up and down in the tailgate.
  5. Now that's funny, I don't care who you are.
  6. Sorry can't help in finding one. I sold my F222 about 15 years ago, don't have much Hupp stuff left anymore.
  7. 2nd on the 41 Buick by the look of the trim shadow on the skirt.
  8. If the dip tube was attached to the dipstick at a little above the add mark, when it was low on oil the glass would not fill with oil, so you would know it was time to add oil.
  9. I saw one of these as a kid. A friends mother had one on a 1950 Buick. If I remember correctly you would press in the button and the sight glass would fill with oil. Maybe vacuum connects to the top and a line goes down the engine dipstick tube to one side, and a line to the transmission dipstick tube (Dynaflow) to the other?
  10. That was the first year for freewheeling on the back end of the transmission.
  11. My 54 Special was behind the back seat on the drivers side.
  12. Where are the stamped frame numbers on a 1949 Super Sedanette? Are they stamped in more then one place? Do they match the numbers stamped on the aluminum plate which is riveted to the drivers side door post? I am trying to title a car with no title and need 2 sets of numbers for the DMV.
  13. Mount and speed knob for a Trico vacuum fan.
  14. 50-54 Buick, the 49 looked the same but had small hole in the plastic by the spokes to bolt on a chrome piece that matched the horn ring.
  15. In my 54 Special we cut a round hole in the frame under the drivers left foot and ran the left side to the back mirroring the right side.
  16. A plugged gas tank vent will do the same thing. Next time it stops go remove the gas cap and listen for a whoosh sound, like air being sucked into the tank. If that's it the vented cap is bad.
  17. Do you have a fuel pressure regulator between the fuel pump and the carb? Those old carbs only need about 2lbs fuel pressure to operate correctly, any more then that and they flood out some at idle. I used to own a 32 Hupp F222 that I restored. Mine had an mechanical fuel pump, did yours come from the factory with a vacuum tank to pump the fuel? If so the carb is made to basically run on gravity feed from the vacuum tank, which is almost no fuel pressure. Brian
  18. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320326211246&ssPageName=ADME:L:LCA:MOTORS:1123#ht_500wt_1629
  19. The ground is under my left front wheel.
  20. 1969 Cadillac Presidential Limo, good shifting 400 turbo transmission, 472 engine has been sold. Curved division window, rear air, jump seats. Rusty but was drivable before engine was removed yesterday. Will sell all or parts. Good front clip, bottom of front fenders are rusty, good front bumper, hood, grill. 715 222 1947
  21. It was also used on the 1933 Chrysler nine cylinder cars.
  22. Is it a pump, as it looks like it has a spring loaded check valve on one side. To pump air or water?
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