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  1. Should be a grease fitting to grease the roller bearing in the upper end of the torque tube.
  2. No they did not. What I did was cut the ball connector off of a rod then drilled a hole in the end to fit the wire cable in and crimped it on .
  3. I've got two 39 Zephyrs here and both have cables for the choke and throttle.
  4. Got mine from Allan Wheilihan , fit and functions perfect. Look for him under sources menu on this site.
  5. What's puzzling is when you drive it then park, the float is normal. Go back an check it the next day and it reads zero.
  6. My 39 Zephyr oil float reads zero when cold and it has oil in it. After I drive it and the engine is hot it reads correctly. Next day when it's cold it's reading zero again. It's not binding, I've checked for that. Got me puzzled.
  7. 46-48 Ford passenger rear fender brace. Looks like left side.
  8. I'm headed down there today. Will be there for a week, would like to visit again.
  9. Hi Jord, What year car? On my 39 coupe , I bought some felt material and glued it to the inside of the metal guides .it worked great on mine. I've got enough left over . I can send you some. Ken
  10. What lights are you referring to? Side panels didn't come with lights.
  11. The vacuum valve isn't correct for the Zephyr but it's a pretty easy fix. The vacuum supply port should be in the vertical position not horizontal . Being horizontal will interfere with the mounting bracket. Here's a pic of the correct one.
  12. I bought mine from Earl Brown. Optima in a Zephyr case.
  13. What I do is get some 80 grit sand paper that fits a air file used for body work. The sheets are long and about 2" wide with a peel and stick back. Clean the drum and peel and stick it to the inside of the drum. Then with a can of spray paint lightly dust the lining on the shoe for a guide coat. Then place the shoe in the drum and work it back and forth until the shoe is making full contact.
  14. Looks like your shoes aren't making full contact with the drum. Shoes need to be arc ground to match the contour of the drum.
  15. Do you have the mud pan that fits beneath the clutch & brake pedals? I have one available for 36-37 Zephyr.
  16. I always put a small bead of RTV in the groove for the cork strip then install the cork and either clamp it in place or lay the pan on it to hold it in place till it cures. If I use the pan I usually go ahead and tack the pan gasket to the pan also and let it cure. After its cured remove the pan and the gasket should be held firmly to the pan with the RTV and the cork strip should be held to the block. For final assembly run a fat bead of RTV across the cork strip and in the corners where it meets the block. Now the pan can be installed without the gasket falling out of place. Been doing it this way for 30 years with great success. But like has already been mentioned there's no amount of sealer that will stop the oil leak if it's coming around a loose rear main. None of these V12s had rear rope seals just a slinger so if the rear main gets wear in it its gonna leak.
  17. Never seen a Hot Air Heater blower turned sideways like that.
  18. Since you have the later engine and intake with the breather tube up to the air cleaner why not run it like it was originally.
  19. Yes John, you can block it off . After 1937 the V12 did not have the draft tube from the oil filler.
  20. The later V12s didnt have the tube that came off the oil filler pipe . They have the pipe from the intake to the breather only.
  21. When you changed to 12 volts what did you do with the ignition resistors under the dash.? 39 Zephyr doesn't have an ammeter, it has a Battery condition gauge.
  22. Here's how I done mine. I've done two Zephyrs like this.
  23. Because it isn't necessary and I can't remove it by myself and then I have to find somewhere to store it out of the way to keep it from getting paint damage.
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