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  1. I talked to George Trickett about a year ago about this,his is for use on the modern engine stands it wont work with K.R. Wilson stand.
  2. Does anyone have the V-12 adapter for the K.R. Wilson engine stand?Im looking to buy,or if someone has one I would settle for a template so I could fabricate one.
  3. Hi Diz,The floor pans were trash from the firewall to just behind the seat.I have installed new ones and replaced the long subrail that runs from the engine compartment and under the firewall,under the door and on back to the rear wheel opening and had to rebuild all four door post.All this was done on the frame.Next hurdle was the front end.It looks like the car had been crashed in the front sometime in its life and the hood wouldnt line up with the body in the very front where it comes to a point,not to mention all the bad body work that was done.So I cut the whole frontend off from the door post forward.I have a good one from a donor car to go back on.With all this loose,there was nothing left holding the body to the frame except some spot welds in the rear of the body.The body is loose from the frame,I can pick it up,but I have not removed it yet.Im in the process of installing braces.Let me know if you would like some pics. Flatcat
  4. Thanks for the reply.So I assume that the chassis was fitted with gas tank,shocks,fuel and brake lines and when the body was added,body color paint just went wherever it may.With this information I will paint the chassis and bottom side of the body black.Was the firewall body color ?Believe it or not this body is off the chassis.
  5. While tearing down my 39 LZ coupe I noticed that the sides of the frame at the front fender area have body color paint on them.When I removed the front shock its shiny black and after taking a closer look at the shock I could see body color paint on the shock itself.Im assuming that the chassis was painted black and then the body was painted after it was welded to the chassis.Question is,would it be correct to let allow overspray on the exposed frame while spraying the body?Or could this be from an old repaint?Whats correct?Anyone else done this before?
  6. I say to each his own,but I do lean more to the original side.I have got some really good original parts from street rodders that would other wise not been for sale.Im currently working on a 39LZ Coupe and going back original.Installed new floor pans and have cut off the whole front end from the door post forward.It had aparently been involved in an accident,so I cut another one from a donor car.It had a v8 and Im going back with a v 12 and columbia. The condition of the car isnt what drives me as far as original or street rod,I guess its a state of mind for me.
  7. Does only one or both hinges have the locking mechanism on the trunk hinge.And does anyone have a pair for sale for my 39 3W.
  8. Hi,Im new to the LZOC and this forum.Im in the process of restoring a 39 3Window Coupe and am need of a pair of trunk hinges,mine are not the correct hinges for the car.Also need the tag that is riveted to the firewall the carries the body number for a coupe.Any help appreciated.
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