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  1. ive heard of this happening before due to different materials then original.
  2. im guessing by your posts you dont have time to "ebay" this stuff, ill also guess the lack of interest is not so much this stuff not being wanted "i love digging through boxes of parts/junk" but i imagine its more of the scale of what you have and a lack of a definative list of items included. have you tried contacting dealers that work with nos older parts directly to see if they would be interested in a bulk deal for their stocks? maybe even ebay the whole lot as a bulk deal on ebay. just a thought
  3. http://www.bigjims.net/ got a original for less that from these folks, around the time jim died. they even fabbed a roof mount that would fit the 52 packard i had. they got lots of other goodies to tom
  4. looks like its sold, guy is going to be here tomarrow with cash in hand. hes new to packards so ill probably direct him here for when he needs advice.
  5. its up on ebay for those who are interested 52 packard listing
  6. the 52 i have for sale has a thermostat in the pipe about 1 3/4 inches above the head. its held there with a bit of spring wire that fits into a grove in the housing.
  7. i forgot to post about the radiator, its been recored recently and ive added a large external transmission cooler "infront of radiator hidden" while keeping the original in place for looks. 3500 was starting, im not sure whats "fair" for these cars as i bought it because i liked it.
  8. for sale is my 1952 Packard 200 deluxe, long story short the wife and I are trying to buy a house and start a family. with this, my work 60hrs+ a week I have no time for this project and it don't look like its going to change anytime soon, the house we are buying does not have a garage. so rather then let it sit outside forgotten id rather sell it to someone who has the time to do something with it. I have lots of extra parts that go with the car including NOS in the package green window cranks "almost a dead match for the paint" outside sunvisor "in pics" Fulton traffic light viewer "in pics" 4 good tail light housings 4 tail light housings that need chrome some extra outside trim, fender spears, etc trico window fans, at least 1 works have not had the time to install nos aftermarket radio made by Motorola "needs some work I think the capacitors are bad" I have the original radio but its kinda rough original generator "dont work atm" spare axels in the trunk there was a spare intake/exhaust manifold in the car when I found it, looks like a early 50's Buick to me but it might fit if needed. I have the original air filter setup. when I bought the car I put new rod/main bearings in it along with alot of others stuff, pretty sure it could use a valve job "#5 misses at a idle a bit" the paint is pretty decent with some clear coat peeling off the trunk deck interior is all original and shows it, I struggled with this for some time before I decided its only original once and put a seat cover over the front seat to keep it decent shape. rear carpet was missing so used a piece I had around. im pretty sure its had rockers put on it at some point and possibly other body work "paint is not original, the white might be" all in all its a good daily driver and alot of fun and handles alot better then i ever expected a car of this size to. asking 3500 for the car and all the bits that go with it "sure I missed a bunch but its gonna be a trunk full" price is negotiable. pics I can be reached after about noon by phone so pm me if you need the number, email is twhitus@yahoo.com car is located in Allegany ny just off I-86 "2 miles at best just off the main road" so its easy to find. im sure many in this forum recognize the car as ive been a frequent poster till my job got so demanding. tom
  9. 52deluxe

    Handset Rivets

    i picked up a brake rivet tool online a while back to do the brake shoes on my car about 2 years ago. basically it looks like a c clamp just put it in place and turn till desired fit of the rivet. think it was about 20-30 bucks and fits in a vice. i dont have the link anymore but i bet a google search for "aircraft brake tools" would probably turn something up.
  10. funny you post that, i was just looking for one.
  11. ive gotten some speaker cloth for a number of old radios through antique radio suppy. clicky they also carry solidstate vibrators, electrolitic capacitors, tubes etc etc for this kind of stuff.
  12. 52deluxe

    Steering wander

    oh my 52 packard there is a adjustment on the steering box to take up slack. i forget exactly where it is but its 2 nuts on the same shaft, losen one so you can turn the other. check your shop manual if you dont have one ill try finding mine or my old motors manual.
  13. my 52 was bought about 100miles from where it is now in a town called wellsburo pa "spelling" out past potatoe city on route 6. ive also been told that there used to be one just up the road from me on route 417 in allegany ny roughly 2 miles from my house, the building is still there.
  14. 52deluxe

    Mystery Parts

    i used one of those neoprene magnets when i had to swap the #5 exhaust valve. put the magnet on the side of the valvestem and the magnetic force held the keepers on.