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  1. Are you sure you are using the correct intake gasket? 54 Is different than the rest. If you use a later gasket it leaks for sure
  2. Does any one have a detent plate that screws to the shifter collar on a Lincoln with a Hydramatic. Mine went into hiding while the rest of the parts were at the plater. brechlrl@charter.net thanks, RB
  3. Yes I do have the deflectors in place. Forgive my ignorance .. Who is Narraganset? Was the controversey over head gaskets whether the water passages toward the front of the head should be restricted? Thanks, RB
  4. My feeble mind seems to remember an article in the Zephyr mag discussing different style head gaskets in reference to coolant flow in the head. Something about different brand gaskets having different holes for directing flow, One being better than the other. Anyone remember the specifics? The coolant flow out of my engine at the radiator is about 180 degrees, just what it should be. However if I measure temp of the head closer to rear I get 240. I am thinking I am getting too much flow in the front and not enough going through the back of the head. Any body have any suggestions? Also, Rolf,
  5. What does the shop manual say is the oil capacity of the V-12 I have just filled it til the bobber reads full. Another fellow asked me and I couldn't remember how many qts I used. Advancing age LOL
  6. Thanks for your insights guys. I have built several engines over the years with rope type main seal and had success keeping them dry. I am not ready to give up on the V-12. I can accept that it's impossible to seal them up tight, but my leakage is excesive. Good point on the cam gear housing. I will Check that carefully. I really belive my leak is originating at the pan to rear man cap junction. I am going to study this more closely, but it looks like a lot of opportunity for leaks with that design. I am using the HV oil pump and I am getting about 60 psi hot RB
  7. In a related issue.. In addition to oil leaks, I am fighting a chattering clutch. The engine has a later style V-8 Flywheel and a 10 inch Long style pressure plate I had assumed the oil and chatter were related but they are not It appears I have a bad pressure plate. My question is what has proved to be a good clutch combo for everyone and what is stock on a Zephyr. The 10 inch plate is also very stiff. Much more so than on would expect from a stock application. I see someone is making a diaphram style pressure plate for Flathead V-8 I am tempted to try one for the easier pedal RB
  8. I have a rebuilt V-12 that was done by a concientious machinist that runs great but leaks oil badly from the bell housing . I made the assumption that it was the rear main, and pulled the engine to have a look. After examining the inside of the bellhousing I am inclined to believe that it is not the rear main which is leaking, but the area where the pan seals around the rear main cap The inside surface of the flywheel showed no signs of oil being slung off like you normally find from a bad main seal. The lower portion of the pan half of the bellhousing was very oily. The crank has been modifi
  9. I need a pair of them. They are the Holley Teapot style. Email me brechlrl@charter.net
  10. Need torus only Email: brechlrl@charter.net
  11. Does anyone remember an article on head gaskets in the club magazine, which talked about different types of gaskets and the different size openings and the effect on overheating? I just changed gaskets and used some older Victor asbestos type. I am experiencing an overheating problem all of a sudden. I can't find the article, and was wondering if someone could give a thumbnail dissertation on the details of the article. Thanks, RB
  12. The holes in the top are threaded, 2" in dia. That they were intended for marine use makes sense, water manifolding being complex in boat applications. The castings are thick and beautifully made. I cc'd the chambers, and they are 52cc. My stockers are 60cc so it probably raises the compression nearly 1 point. RB
  13. LOL... I already own them.. I was just trying to find some info on them. They are new never installed.. Was wondering if anyone knew who Hogan is or was. RB
  14. Oops attached wrong pic.. All I know is that they were cast in New Zealand
  15. Anybody ever seen these heads before or know anything of their origins or when they were produced
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