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  1. For Sale: Set of five 1953 Cadillac Kelsey Hayes wire wheels. 15X6, 40 spoke, 5X5 bolt pattern, 4 1/8 backspace, 3" hub diameter. They are date coded 3/53. All wheels will need to be re-chromed. Should fit 1948-1956, along with other GM divisions (Buick, Oldsmobile). All 5 are in good condition. No damage, or broken spokes. All are true. No center caps. I cleaned one up, and it looks much better… (still driver quality). The wheels came with a 1949 Cadillac parts car. I no longer need them, hope someone can use them. Pick up preferred, no shipping. Possible delivery within Arizona, N.M, or So
  2. For Sale: Full set of 1971 Cadillac Eldorado wheel covers. Will fit other years from 67-78, but these are only correct for 1971. Each one was graded “A/A” (near excellent condition). They do have very small imperfections from normal use, however they still show well. Suitable for a nice survivor, or weekend show car. They were polished several years ago, and put on a shelf. Destined for a convertible project that was sold before completed. Please look at all the images, and message me with any questions. $525.00 (includes insured shipping). Located in Tucson, AZ. T
  3. 87WE2

    Opinion ?

    Hey Padgett, I have Black pinstriping on mine. Have not seen many with that color, but it is universal. Should look fine. Call me if you want to throw it back, and forth. Paul.
  4. Yea, and it's a vert too. One owner (not the ebay seller though). That upper radiator hose looks real close to the turbo. And he claims the turbo "enhances" the performance. A nice way of saying it was driven hard. Why else would you put a turbo on a car that's pretty quick as is. Hope he has all the original parts!
  5. Just leave two complete Reattas out there. If left alone, they might repopulate the species.
  6. Stripping a Reatta is a pain in the rear. Sounds easy, until you actually start doing it. You need to be a contortionist to get the hard parts, and have the tools to remove them. Padgett will agree with me on this one. Anyway, after you strip the parts, clean them, answer a ton of email, sell them, and ship them, what will you do with the remains? Assuming you have a engine hoist, something to hold the trans while you lower it, and four doughnut wheels so it still rolls. There are enough Reatta/Riviera parts cars/vendors floating around these days. Sell them, or restore them don't crush them!
  7. I kept my Reatta, and got rid of the wife.
  8. If you remember the Buick Berle Show, your dating yourself! When you mention service stations, the key word to rember is "service". It's a lost art today.
  9. 87WE2

    Trunk Lock

    Yea, I unlock mine w/remote (pushing the button only once), but it cycles two or three times afterwards. Have no idea, looking for info too.
  10. I don't know where to fix the circut board, but Jim's the man! Helped me out more then once.
  11. Padgett, Gee, that car looks familiar. Come to think of it, so does the driveway.
  12. Don't get me started about a GNX. I never should have sold mine (#509 see attchment).
  13. Hey Dave, I think I got the wrong piece for you. The one we talked about was more in the center of the dash, and more toward the windshield. Between and under the two small grills. I'll go back next week for the other one. Paul.
  14. I had to sell the GNX when I got divorced. It was the usual story, but no way on Gods Green Earth she was going to get it. I would have crushed the car before that happened. I really miss having a T/R. I get my cars serviced at KDK Performance (Orlando) regularly. Everytime I go there, I drool at all the ones he has in there for service. Maybe I'll just sell this Reatta, and go back to the GN. That I can drive the crap out of! <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" /> Oh yea, if you go to the turbo buick website, I still prowl around under 87WE2!
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