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  1. message sent.What would you want for them as long as the rotors and backing plates are good?
  2. if it has front disc brakes I might be interested
  3. Pretty nice old car.Blue with faded and some peeling woodgrain.Nice interior blue,116,000 miles 307 OD trans flowmaster.Corvette style ralley wheels.Drive anywhere.Not beat or tattered at all.Perfect sleeper or hauler material.$1800 obo.Will take silver and gold at spot for trades.can send pics to interested parties. All power works,ac works but needs about half a can added. needs new rear bumper filler panel and someone to drive it.northeast mississippi
  4. send me a number and I will give you a call 70w30@bellsouth.net. thanks
  5. I am only 2 hours away.Send me a number where you can be reached.richard 662-454-9710
  6. anyone?Will buy a cheap car or entire set
  7. y75 steel wheel for the 67-68 olds big cars with disc brakes.Need just one wheel to complete my project.Will pay more than it is worth 850 E 2 29 M USA 15X6 JK may be the codes
  8. came out on 67 and 68 B body cars with disc brakes. 15" wheels and the code should be 850 E 2 29 M USA 15X6 JK H. Will buy one or more.anyone? 70W30@bellsouth.net
  9. Need the chrome hood lip trim for a 1955 oldsmobile 88 or 98.One year only trim.Any leads?
  10. In the process of getting all the parts together for a conversion using oem parts for patterns.Just needing the trans and putting the puzzle together.Well,a console would be nice too
  11. should you find any nos parts for a 66 starfire let me know
  12. sent you an email.Price and location would be helpful
  13. if you were only closer,oh well.Try ebay as it will bring more than your asking price if the body and insides are halfway decent
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