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  1. 1969 442 that was written off and totaled, abused, nicked, scraped, torn, bloodied and ignored by many previous owners. It was reborn in Clearwater Florida last week with the correct 400CI, headers, M21 close ratio Hurst and 391 axle. Daughter calls it "Sweet Licorice"
  2. 1968-69 442/Cutlass. Looking for the chrome front fender molding that runs from the door to the front of the fender full length along the top of the fender. Need the drivers side but if you want to sell the pair, that's ok. Thanks
  3. Looking for a complete set of side hood louvers for my 1940 120 series. Other years may be the same. Contact David @1-877-837-3620 toll free. Thanks
  4. 1969 442 plastic grill and headlight surround. I have a few cracks, but it's not serious enough to buy new pieces. What would you use to glue them back together? Thanks
  5. I need to replace the headliner on a hardtop 1969 442. Does the windshield need to be removed? I know it uses bows, but what holds the sides and back in place? Thanks
  6. Need radiator for 1969 442, 400 CI manual trans, no air. Anyone have one? Thanks Joe
  7. Detailed, tight, recently serviced, correct 400CI, 350hp, no leaks, no smoke, headers, new Flowmasters, new clutch, factory M-21 close ratio 4 speed, Factory 3:91, Clean interior, new carpet, new tires, 15" Coker retro wheels. It wasn't all original when I bought it from another OCA member. I corrected or repaired everything I could. Still needs the cosmetics. Reliable, sweet running, neck snapping performance. E-mail for pics. $11,950. Located Austin TX
  8. The figures came from The Encyclopedia of American Cars by The Auto Editors of Consumer Guide, purchased from Barnes and Noble. We use it for these kinds of questions at our dearlership. 2s=2 seat, 3s=3 seat.
  9. I'm running 225x15 on front and 255x15 on rear with no problems on 8" rims.
  10. The 2S weighed 3765, sold for $3137, 8910 made. The 4S weighed 3861, sold for $3278, 14,167 made. Three 330 engines avail. 250 hp, 310 hp and 320hp
  11. Looking for the clips that held the full dish hubcaps to the wheels. Don't even know what they look like. Thanks
  12. Please see my ad for 1971 Delta 88 Royale shown on this site. Also see www.californiacarco.com
  13. Body is nice without any bondo that I can detect. I fiberglassed the finger sized holes in the rear seat foot wells. The frame has light surface rust, but nothing serious.
  14. Rear power antenna is complete and works [slowly]. $50.00 Rear window defogger is complete but the motor probably needs rewinding.$50.00 Vacuum trunk release consists of firewall vacuum canister and release motor in the trunk. Both work and are in good shape. $35.00
  15. Originally given to my son as a reward for quiting smoking. He hasn't, so the car goes. Recently serviced 455CI engine and Turbo transmission. Recent engine rear seal, master brake cylinder replaced, two new rear wheel seals, new alternator and voltage regulator.Detailed engine and trunk. Bright red with a white top, wirehubcaps, PS,PB, factory air, power windows and custom fawn yinyl bucket seat[in an 88?-holy cow!] interior and door panels. New coco brown carpet. Top and passenger window motors need repair/replacement.{Top can be lifted manually}. Air works but is unassembled. Fun car-Draws lots of attention. Never mind- sold it already.
  16. There was a model change in midyear. I'll take either one.
  17. Solved my own problem. The light ground must be seperate from the ground on the Voltmeter, otherwise it grounds through the metal socket that holds the lamp.
  18. Solved my own problem. There are two flashers under the dash. Both are round and interchange.
  19. Solved my own problem. Fenders are the same, but the 442 Badges are located in different places.
  20. Solved my own problem so I'll pass it along. The plastic heater shroud inside the car is attached to the plastic fan shroud under the hood through the firewall. One bolts to the other through the wall. Undo the bolts under the hood and the inside shroud will come away but there is also linkage on top that needs to come apart. The heater core is now accessable. In preparation,remove the short water hose from the top of the mamafold and route the long water hose from the block back into the block where you just removed the short hose. This allows you to drive the car with no heater.
  21. Water is leaking from the heater core area into the interior and under the hood at the firewall. I can't tell if it's the core, a seal,or a hose. Is the core removed from the inside or from under the hood? The interior housing appears to have rivets into the firewall. There are bolts holding the fan shroud under the hood. I've rerouted the hoses to isolate the core, but I can't see a path to get at it. My Xeroxed assemble manual isn't specific enough. Thanks
  22. Look at NADA Site on "Special Sites" in our General forum: If it has no special options, and the numbers did match, Low retail=$8725 Average retail= $14575 High retail=$21550 Non matching numbers will be less. Options increase value.
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