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  1. Steve ,went there for the case,jeffery,and two others ,came home emptey
  2. Post deleted by Peter J Heizmann
  3. Steve.I met 1 man thats been chasing that car for 4 years . from virg. Supper car . did you go ?
  4. Go to the rants and will tell all ,sorry folks
  5. UBB60-ML-226865-ML- Moved to the Rants & Raves Section as a better venue for this discussion. Randall
  6. Early Case car .Sold for i beleive 94 g.One of wich i went for
  7. will try to post pic monday.This is a rather large carb,not a model T,im sure
  8. Anybody go ,just awesome.Have all prices if anyone is interested.Came home pretty much empty handed.
  9. Just bought an old brass carb.AIR FRICTION CARB CO DAYTON OHIO.Patt dates from 1916 to 1919 i think .Can anybody give any info ?Or does anyboby need one .Thanks
  10. Talked to him today ,just for a short bit ,but hes interested ,let you know
  11. Go do 87 or 89 wont hurt it.got cars from 14 on up
  12. i have an 87 .1 good moter several sleeves and knowledge.We will buy ,even thogh we dont need it
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