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  1. Yes I do. Go to this link for pictures and measurements
  2. hi, I have a very nice condition pair of 28 X 3 non skids that I saved for many decades but I never restored the car and sold it. These are the real non skids from the 1950s and not those bad repro Viet Nam tires they sell now. They look to be NOS from the 50s. They are not hard. contact me at durocar@aol.com
  3. RARE early circa 1908- 1910, electric car headlamps. complete. contact durocar@aol.com
  4. very nice with unbroken glass. complete. contact durocar@aol.com for info.
  5. If you have been looking at this post for years now is the time to make me reasonable offers on 1 or many lights. Shoot me a price and I will consider it. Its time to get rid of this stuff. Check out the 55 pictures of what I have, NOTE: also scroll down below to see my 2 other links with #1 red tail lights, #2 cowl lights. Then see what picture you're interested in and count down from the top and give me the number of the picture and a good description of it. Please ask everything you want to know about it in your first email, so I can answer you with the details in my first email to you. thanks. contact durocar@aol.com
  6. heres a pair for sale. asking $225. contact me at durocar@aol.com
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