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  1. Thanks for the tip on YTmag and smokstak. I'm already participating in YTmag and took a look at Smokstak. Apparently about 2 years ago someone repaired their engine with a "pinch" bolt thru the the block. Yes, apparently there were Diesel versions, But i've never seen one and really never heard of anyone that has had one. The Z120 in my 1951 TO-20 ferguson has been a great engine for over 18 years now. The Z120 in my recently acquired TE-20 appears to have been recently overhauled. But the block is cracked.
  2. The Z120 (gasoline) was used in many Ferguson tractors late 40's thru mid 1950's. Apparently the blocks have a reputaion for cracking at the lower web between the cylinders as well cracking at the top of the block between cylinders. Any of u Continentaal engine experts know of any such reputation of cracking???? Note the Z120 is a wet sleeve cylinder engine so cracking at the top is not a major issue. It is the cracking at the bottom web between the cylinders that allow coolant to enter into the crankcase. Any enlightenment on this problem is appreciated. -PV8
  3. Safety, legislation, fuel, tyres, emmisions, refrigerants, metric v US std. etc. are all such topics that are controversial, age or type of vehicle/equipment notwithstanding. The underlying problem that constantly arises is a lack of established standards or established standards that change about as often as womens shoe styles change. At some point some standard, probably with terrific compromise, must be established for the long term of say no less than 15 years. It is the constant change and claims that shed doubt or generate suspicions of veiled agendas that seem to constantly
  4. Dave Moon Is i t most probable that within 10 years from now that the US fuel for passenger car type operation will approach something on the order of 80% ethanol or more (regardless of the source of the ethanol) ????
  5. Ah yes!!! THe sugar in the corn. Point well taken.
  6. Here's a fairly cheap, fast and ez to set up and very simple experiment that anyone could try: Buy some Active dRY yeAST at nearly ANY grocery store. Drop it in a clean jar, add about the same quantity of common ordinary granulated sugar and 1/4 cup of water, tap water from anywhere should work. I started such a experiment yesterday. Never tried this particular method before. AND NO, NO distillation would be required as that would be illegal. Probably about 21 days during summer time weather will be the length of fermentaion. Fermentation will start in about 3 days and last about 17 days
  7. Why does CORN have be an ingrediant in the process of ethanol production???? What qualities or properties does corn have that makes it a necessary ingredient in the production of ethanol???
  8. BEautiful car!!!! Is there any known history about the car in the 1938 - 1950 time range???
  9. WCFB: Someone correct me if i am wrong but IIRC HOT air heated from exhaust gases is drawn (continuously) THRU the rite side INTERNAL casting wall of the WCFB by engine vacuum. It is a kind of controled CONSTANT vacuum leak to operate the automatic choke.. THis causes the carb to heat excessively to the extent of causing the ethanol to boil.
  10. Owen. I do not own a 26 Packard. If i did i would follow YOUR recommendation and use the AutoLite 3076 plugs and live happily ever after.
  11. I don't quite understand. Does this mean that historically Cubans were NOT allowed to sell a car (even within Cuba). Meaning that once a Cuban bought a car he was stuck with it for life????
  12. See Post #26 above by someone claiming Champion Spark plug employment. His best information provided is : " It sounds to me like the problem here is the fact that lots of you do not know the correct spark plug to use." Ok. then why doesn't HE direct us to the correct plug for a 26 Packard which started this thread to begin with. Or direct us to a Champion spark plug chart for vintage vehicles??? We want answers. Not sales pitches.
  13. Great thread and great posts. But instead of re-babbiting why not machine the block and/or rods for a current production and easily obtainable INSERT bearing???
  14. What was the name of the controversial book that Old Man Ford authored???? Google this one or ask an old Ford man. What was the name of the newspaper he supported????? Dearborn Centinell.
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