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  1. Matt, I know nothing about this engine but are you sure the idler gear goes outwards in the direction of your arrow? What if you turn the gears so that the slider slot is parallel with the casing and then move the idle at an angle towards the bottom gear. This will put the idler closer to the center and hence the chain will be looser. Please ignore if I am out to lunch. Phil
  2. My 1940 Dodge was purchased by my wife's grandfather as a 6 month old used car in 1940. He drove it until 1956 when it was taken off the road and became a farm play vehicle for my wife's cousins on their fruit farm. First photo was taken in either 1944 or 1945 with my wife's Aunt. The second photo was taken in 1968 by me just before I pulled it out of the field where it had died. The last photo was taken in 2006 (after I finally got it back on the road) within 20 ft of the very spot where it had been in 1968.
  3. Dodge still had the side opening hood in 1940. That changed in 1941. Phil
  4. Let's see. It'll be 19 more years and I am 72. Possible but not likely.
  5. Here is a photo of my 1940 Dodge. My wife's grandfather purchased this as a 6 month old used car in 1940. I dragged it out of a field on the family farm in 1968 and spent 3 decades resurrecting it. Phil
  6. My first Hershey was 1979 and I didn’t know enough to bring a camera. There was a very nice 1940 Dodge sedan in a two-tone green in the show that I lusted after. Anyone have any photos from 1979 that they could post? thx Phil
  7. Oct 2012 with my 1940 Dodge in southern Ontario.
  8. Fact - I bought 'my' plates in 1973 and they are still on the car with 'current' sticker and 'current' sticker location. The only point that I was making in my original post is that the plate on the Kissel has a number very close in sequence to mine and thus the plate must have been originally purchased very close in time to mine. Not meaning to deflect this thread to discuss the history of Ontario's historic plates. Phil
  9. Very interesting. My 1941 Canadian Dodge still has it's HVC-320 licence plates (plated by me in 1973 in Hamilton Ontario). Very close in number to this one. Phil
  10. I use an eye dropper on my '40 Dodge. A total of 19 eye dropper fulls through the vent tube gives enough gas for starting. :-). And... it's not messy. Phil
  11. A simple question for the 40/41 Dodge and Plymouth owners. How far does your front pass. side door lock key turn before the key can be removed? I have just changed out the door lock (and also the latch assembly) on my '40 Dodge. I put the key in, turn it 1/2 turn (CW) and the door locks but the key will not release and it will not turn any further. The lock tumbler itself requires a full turn to release the key. The lock on the original latch assembly that I removed also will only turn 1/2 turn. I would normally check my '41 but it is still away in winter storage (and based on the amount of snow outside this is a good thing!). The part number is different for the 42-47 door lock so it is possible that I have the wrong lock for my '40 or maybe I have assembled something wrong? Any lock experts out there? Phil
  12. FWIW, Both my '40 and '41 Dodges have body coloured wheels (front, back and inside). The 41 is bottom of the line. The 40 is top of the line. Phil
  13. Post it on the Corvair Center forum at http://corvaircenter.com/phorum/list.php?1 and you will get the opinions of plenty of Corvair people. Phil
  14. If it's an R-10 overdrive try calling Studebaker International ((317) 462-3124). They have new 6V solenoids. I have one on my 1940 Dodge and it has been working great since 2011. Phil
  15. This is very interesting. I recently put quarters on a '64 Tempest (now sold) and had a horizontal seam at about the same position as yours. I crimped the body side along the seam and laid the new panel into it. The problem that I had was I TIG welded the seam (4 in. lengths of weld) and ended up with it sucking in along the full length. Obviously too much heat. I then spent many hours hammering out the seam to get it as straight as possible. You guys obviously know what you are doing. Great work. Phil
  16. May be irrelevant but on my 1940 Dodge D14 that is the high beam indicator light. Phil
  17. I just went to set my t.v. recorder for this show and discovered that my Velocity channel in Canada does not air this program. How disappointing. Phil
  18. I think that is one beautiful Crosley. They are so cute . Great job. Phil
  19. I have purchased many parts for my '40 and '41 Dodges from Andy Bernbaum: http://www.oldmoparts.com/ Good luck. Phil
  20. I've known 'about' them since the early 1970's and have never heard a bad thing about them. I believe that Ron's son and a business partner run it now. Ron was a Pierce-Arrow guru but had a host of interesting cars. Phil
  21. Go down to the 'Our Cars & Restoration Projects' section of this forum and read through these two threads: Avanti R2, 1963, refresh Avanti Rescue These will give you a good idea as to what can be involved with Avanti's Phil
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