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  1. Thanks for trying but the small marker light is in the wrong place. Marv.
  2. Still needing help on more front fenders. Thanks!!! 1-262-392-2989 or ( ADDED SECOND PICTURE OF THE SECOND FENDER ) Marv.
  3. You did it again. Thanks so much!!!!!!!! Marv.
  4. I have some NOS International truck front fenders to sell 1930's, 1940's, 1950's 1960's send me pictures of the ones you are wanting. 1-262-392-2989 or Marv.
  5. Found the fenders should fit a Dodge or Plymouth have the four strips on the side.Thanks!!! Marv.
  6. Pick up these front fender with no idea just what they fit. My guess is they are large truck fenders parts numbers on the fenders are 76873 R-21, 76874 R21, 76939 R21, 76940 R21 one set has a body. lineThanks for your help!!! 1-262-392-2989 or Marv.
  7. Up for sale is a rare 1949 Buick NOS inner rear fender deflector right side part number 1331698. Fits 51,59,71,79 series cars and wagons. Price $200.00 plus shipping. 1-262-392-2989 or Marv.
  8. I have some truck fenders I can't ID do you have any pictures of the fender you are looking for??? Marv.
  9. Up for sale is a rebuilt water pump for 1938-40 Buick 60 80 90 series cars. Price $100.00 plus shipping. 1-262-392-2989 or Marv.
  10. Thanks !!! to all for your help. Marv.
  11. I looked at 1936 Chevy and from the pictures I found they look close but I don't see the tapered ends on the body line. But I could be wrong. Thanks for your help!!!!
  12. Need help ID'ing this door body line gets smaller at each end. Thanks!!! Marv (262) 392-2989 or
  13. Damn, you are good!!! Thank you!!!
  14. They do flip and they cleaned up like new. Thanks!!! for IDing them. Marv.
  15. I picked up two car trunk lids I need ID'ing. Part numbers hard to read. First one looks like 992316, second one 766343. Thanks for any help!!! Marv. 262-392-2989 or
  16. I just found out what it fits 1940 Chevrolet car. Thanks for looking!!! Marv.
  17. Need help IDing this car or truck fender it has a factory recess in the headlight area. Thanks!!! 1-262-392-2989 or Marv.
  18. Need help IDing these window cranks and door handle. Thanks!!! 1-262-392-2989 or Marv.
  19. I have a pair of International NOS front fenders I need IDing part numbers 590604 and 590605 year and model. Thanks for your help!!! 1-262-392-2989 or Marv.
  20. My inventory shows I have a 321 cup. 1-262-392-2989 or Best to call. Marv.