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  1. The KSB -108 was used on 1930 Dictator closed cars, RSL-59  on 1930 Commanders and Presidents closed cars. My book does not show a listing for open cars 1928-29 only closed cars, my guess Trico  did not make wipers for open cars at that time only a guess.



  2. What year make and model is this fuel pump going on??? My books don't show a MO973 it shows a MO873 only recheck your number and I have used a fuel pump on my 1942 Chevy truck for 15 years with a Neoprene Diaphragm using regular 87% Octane gas with no trouble. I personally think  this sales hip about ethanol-friendly diaphragms is a bunch of you know what, I have sold hundreds of fuel pumps with Neoprene Diaphragms over the 40 years of selling parts to my knowledge with no complaints. Will a AC fuel work for you???



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