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  1. Top it off...if someone can use this feel free to make offer.
  2. Pardon if that is not the proper term. Anyway, this was to replace a worn out piece on a 73 Riv - Little bit of surface rust which I cleaned, but in tact and the rubber is pliable with good spring action underneath. Not sure of other applications, but asking 100$ plus shipping from PA - no paypal, call text if you need more. 610-310-6491 - thanks.
  3. An Oldsmobile buddy and me make this pilgrimage every year and are rarely disappointed. We start the day at the breakfast tent for caffeine loading and anticipate the excitement. We walk the car corral with a hand truck and a bungee-corded trash barrel commence the day with the playing of the national anthem. We then proceed through every row on every field eyeballing all the candy - this year I snagged a nice set of original Gold Oldsmobile floor mats and some other Olds odds while he scored an NOS Big Block starter as well as NOS chrome lower quarter trim. It's a long, wonderful exhausting day that never disappoints, until I hit the turnpike on the way home and am hit with a wave of depression that I have to wait another long year to do it again.
  4. https://greensboro.craigslist.org/cto/d/71-buick-riviera/6497674663.html Realize it's a far cry from perfect....doesn't seem like a bad deal depending.....
  5. Ok, up the ante....Wow! .https://www.ebay.com/itm/1971-Buick-Riviera-GS-63k-Original-Always-Garaged/263434678675?hash=item3d55ee3193:g:ihwAAOSwK~RaD4t4&vxp=mtr
  6. Well, you have to be a big fan of green, but if you check out Kansas City CL, there is a clean 71 listed for 15.5k ask.
  7. Options, condition, needs, mileage, history, pricing may help...inquiring minds may want to know that stuff.
  8. Phi-Scamma-Jamma......with the amount of info available I have a hard time believing anyone falls for this anymore, but apparently they do. I would love to see an internet video of one of these so called "agents" on the wrong end of the law...wonder why no one has set up a sting operation .
  9. Howdy all! My uncle has informed me that he would like to sell his DeSoto....this is a unique opportunity for the collector who relishes these finds. Personally, I am into the 60's - 70's muscle cars, specifically Oldsmobiles, so this car has no appeal to me. The facts as I know them are as follows: Purchased new by his great aunt in 1933 (I suppose), then willed to his late father, and has been taking up space in his garage for the last 15 years or so. As far as I know, this car is in original condition, having never been restored, with only 35k or so original miles. I believe he has the factory manuals, but no bill-of-sale. I almost certain it is a sedan. The car is located in Pennsylvania, the Northwestern suburbs of Philly. He had a few people tell him what it was worth awhile back, so really, no pocket-picking will be going on here. However, it is a good opportunity for a collector of these vintage vehicles to add a nice example for a good price. If you have any questions, comments, or even help you could provide me I would be more than willing to talk. Email me first: thegift23@yahoo.com Thanks! Bob
  10. Wow, what a great idea...I have a few odds and ends laying around my garage. I'll just advertise them as "what's left of a frame-off restored" 442. What an idiot. Now, if anyone bids....
  11. Plenty of good choices out there...but a good size to go with, assuming you are using the stock 14 inch rims, is 225/70/14. If you have rallys, dress it up with the raised white letters. T/A radials are usually pretty good, and I just read where Firestone Firehawks are cheaper and just as good. BW
  12. Be Careful! I read in another forum (realoldspower.com) that, well, lets just say do your homework before you commit to them. Try searching that site for the post and you decide for yourself. I guess it will boil down to "how bad you want them". BW
  13. Nope. Not sure about the dash, especially the pad, that may be a darker blue, like Navy, on a light blue interior. Seat backs and headrests should be the same color as your interior upholstery. BW
  14. Anybody have any experience with this tool called a "Sneaky Pete" and the process of replacing the rear main seal while the motor is still in the car? I have a nice 67 CS that drives beautifully, but leaves an annoying puddle the size of a quarter on the garage floor everytime I drive it. It bothers me, so if there is a way to fix it without pulling the motor I may give it a go. Thanks- BW
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