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  1. I need a bucket seat track for my 67GS drivers side. My car has a power seat which I cant get to work so I want to change it and just go with a manual track bucket seat. If any one can help contact me at calvindubose@verizon.net
  2. looking for parts for a 72 Lesabre I need the passenger side inner fender and battery tray along with the headlight assembly (attached to the core support), if any one can help contact me at calvindubose@verizon.net
  3. 1964-65 Skylark GS 1/4s I can be reached at calvindubose@verizon.net Had to sell my 65GS project 1/4s are located in Ft. Wayne Indiana asking 2200.00 <span style="font-weight: bold"><span style="color: #FF0000">OBO</span></span> (<span style="font-weight: bold"><span style="color: #FF0000">OR BEST OFFER</span></span>) I have plenty of pics and they are now on ebay, Item number: 300146375956 <span style="color: #FF0000"> </span>
  4. I checked out the site and called the number but cant get ahold of any one Ive been trying for a few days now I will keep trying though, and let you know what happened.
  5. Where can I find 65 Riviera floor pans and other sheet metal? I may purchase a 65 Rivi GS which needs floor pans I checked Classic Fabrication but is there a good company that has them. thanks
  6. I found a 65 Riviera GS locally and needed some info, the car is solid but need floor pans and rocker panels the 1/4's and fenders are solid and good but it needs restore, what should I look to pay for this car and how hard is it to find parts for this it.I have a few pics to show the condition.
  7. look for floor mats I need brown if you got it calvin
  8. Im parting out a Buick Estate Wagon car is located in Ft Wayne Indiana send me an email for what ever parts is needed asnd i'll send pics. classicmotors@verizon.net calvin.dubose@us.army.mil
  9. Dave I need the whole quarter or as much of it as I can use on a 2 door were are you located and can you email me pics at calvin.dubose@us.army.mil
  10. looking for a 65 Skylark driver side quarter if anyone can help email me a calvin.dubose@us.army.mil
  11. looking for 65 Skylark quarters must be rust free and in good shape email address is calvin.dubose@us.army.mil im located in Ft Wayne In.
  12. Looking for interior for 67 Special must be in good shape calvin.dubose@us.army.mil
  13. For sale ..a 1968 Electra 225 4dr.430 motor pw, ps, pb, 123000 miles in real decent shape just need front bench seat, the car is located in Ft Wayne In. Im trimming down my inventory starting with the Electra, there is no rust on this car and never been i an accident, i have plenty of pictures asking 6500. or best offer. calvin.dubose@us.army.mil
  14. WTB 1965 300ci 4bbl intake my email address is calvin.dubose@us.army.mil i live in Indiana, Ft. Wayne
  15. Looking for Buick Rally's for my 67 Special my email address is calvin.dubose@us.army.mil I live in Ft. Wayne IN
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