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  1. possible restriction in your lines or cylinders??.. they are easy to take apart and clean..can be kinda messy but..might solve your problem.. When I rebuilt my system I just bit the bullet and bought all new "stuff"...any problems solved...that was 25 yrs ago and it continues to work as new today..
  2. well one change up I did do on mine was I put a med blue canvas top on mine.. really looks good with that top on it..
  3. if you need glass.. I have a full set minus the rear glass..(it is curved and tempered)..
  4. wow.. that is a twin to my 71 convertible..
  5. (I just sent you some pictures. I have never seen a stencling like this. It's amazing that this survived for over 50 years!) When I pulled the body off my 42 Olds a couple of years ago, you could still the stenciling on it. The frame was dated 12-5-41. Two days before Pearl Harbor. Like you, I cut a new stencil and painted it back on the frame in the same location.
  6. took it to a radiator shop and had it brazed..works good...
  7. my 40 chevrolet would run 60+ mph. but it was gear with an original 4-11 and the ole 216 would sound like it was going to fly apart... which it never did.. I cruised her at 50-55. She seemed to like that better...
  8. (Corvette 1958) ..how fast will the 58 vette go???? 283? 2-4s??
  9. yep..5k++ is about right.. I had some seats done in my 59 ford (in vinyl) and it cost me $650.00.. but they are VERY NICE..most comfortable seats of any of my cars..like anything else.. for "good" interior work.. you get what you pay for..thats for sure..
  10. oh yea... scrap that bad boy...
  11. While I was cleaning the oil pick up tube and screen I noticed a crack in it and sure enough it is crack about half way around the tube.. very odd. never seen an oil pick up do that.. BUT..now it seems.. NO ONE has one of these little critters.. Dennis Carpenter doesnt, none on ebay, Kanter doesnt, neither does Mac's auto parts.. ANYONE got one of these little jewels that you would like to part with??? it is a 59 ford custom 300 223 six cylinder car...??
  12. drop the tranny and put a front pump seal in it...not a big deal at all...
  13. this weekend I pulled the 223 out of my 59 custom 300 to reseal it.. The rear main was leaking.. dropped the pan and side cover and was pleastantly surprised that the inside of the ole gal was pretty clean to be 53 yrs old.. It still had the factory bearings (both main and rod) in it. Car has 59k miles on the clock so it appears that is the origianal miles. So far it has cleaned up well. It was originally a black engine (didnt know ford had black engines) so this will go back black with ford red valve cover, timing cover, side cover and oil pan. Just enough red to break up all that black...
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