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  1. RAH

    1918 DB starter

    The quick answer is time! see attached.
  2. Looking at the pic of those two caps, I believe one with vent hole is for Commercial Car (Screenside) where the fuel tank is under the seat. The correct one for the '15 should have NO vent hole since it needs to maintain pressure. Nice looking car by the way.
  3. This was pre Covid at a local 'Car Show'. I was a bit hesitant but mine was the tallest and oldest at the show and always had a group of lookers. It is a 1915 Dodge Brothers roadster with many period accessories the most expensive of which is that Rex Top nearly $200.00 original in the day. Enjoy!
  4. mlavin73, The important part that would narrow this down is missing. The identifying data would be on the switch contact assy. It does appear to be for Dodge Brothers from '24-'25 however.
  5. Guys, The reason that cutout looks funny is because it is an old headlight relay. It was used to reduce the current through the factory headlight switch which via. the relay which now only handles the current through the relay coils.
  6. Guys, As you can see from Machinist Bill's post from Ditzler Company, the Dodge Brothers original designation for engine color was "Ditzler Motor Grey". Unfortunately it was NOT a 'color fast' formula and had a tendency to vary over time NOT specifically or caused by heating and oxidizing although that may also have an effect. It has been described as a Grey 'porch and deck' enamel with a hint of green. This is relative only to 4-cyl DB engines not the later 6's.
  7. Alsance, Not a RR but here is a rare tool kit for a BMW 300 Isetta Motocoupe. Enjoy!
  8. Here are some data that should help. It is for Dodge Brothers but your Buick body looks very similar. Enjoy!
  9. Frank, I have much data on the Rex Co. Give me a PM and we can talk. Nice car, by the way! Do you still have it?
  10. Poppy 510, You are correct in that the Standard series is model 140 and the prefix letter would be "J". The Victory was series 130 and their prefix letter was "M'. There are series 140 Instruction books. Perhaps that series 130 book was all the previous owner could find?
  11. Poppy 510, My Std. chassis No. J-28xxx with engine. No. J-37xxx.and was built Apr-May '28. So with your engine No. of J89xxx your car would nearly the last one built and should have a chassis No. around that J-75xxx area in Dec.
  12. It clearly says right here in the instruction manual.... OH Never mind this is the left phone not the right one.
  13. With engine turning clockwise Goes like ^*)) backwards but NO forward!
  14. Guys, I think it is more important to ask yourself what is your reason for shopping for vintage signage? Are you looking for something nice looking to decorate your man cave, OR are you looking for some future investment to make money without doing something to earn it? I have been looking at the rediculous exorbitant prices on fleabay for bent scratched seriously overpriced pieces of crap that I personally would not make space for on any of my walls, even in the crapper! I definitely would rather buy a beautiful repop for decorating my shop. Anyway that is my take on the 'real' or 'repro' idea.
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