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  1. Help I have a Autolite 12V. straddle voltage regulator cutout model TC4303-A N.O.S. in box. What was it used on?
  2. Aussie Dodge and Ron et all, This is one of those things that are difficult to say for certain. BUT it is my humble opinion that given the Brothers Dodge and their economical bent they would not be willing to pay extra for something that would have no functional benefit. This nickel plated embossed medallion on disk wheels and rear carrier, AND all those aluminum cast hubcaps over time that many feel not pretty enough and hand paint the background on same Black or Blue or I have even seen RED, would have been installed in their original unpainted condition!.
  3. Double G, Here is a listing of BAIR top bow saddles for Dodge Brothers. I hope it helps.
  4. Spineyhill, The DB Std. and Victory distributors have 6 lobes for the 6 cylinders but the dual points are spaced overlapping in order to increase the dwell in a manner like most of the 'dual point' systems.
  5. Sorry Joe. These discussions frequently go off topic and get more complicated than necessary so I should have concentrated on the FIRST query. However in retrospect his original query did NOT specify the number of lobes on the cam, only that each set of points were responsible for 4 of the 8 cylinders. Matt's observation makes a bit more sense where on the Cadillac the separate points must be spaced in a progressive sequence between the lobes so the coil will saturate and collapse twice between lobes. Thus only needing one coil and capacitor!
  6. Guys, If I may without stepping on others toes It is my understanding that on Dodge Brothers victory and Std. 6 there are dual points actually in parallel. BUT these points are arranged mechanically so one set closes before the other and obviously the other opens later than the first. This essentially suffices to create a longer dwell period than the cam lobe would provide with just one set of points! Nothing so complex or sinister just a synthetic dwell extension without redesigning the distributer. Yes, the engine will run with just one set of those points. And as has been pointed out previously the condenser is across the parallel set of points. Keep it simple and don't overthink it! Rodger "Dodger"
  7. Willy, Sorry, I misquoted your hub A is the one that changed in '19 so they could use the front hub Cap on all 4 corners. Check the pic.
  8. Willy, The short answer is your hub A was used up to '19. See below. In '19 the rear hub was redesigned to use the front hubcap on all 4 corners. So your '18 may be a late series or someone may have swapped out one hub sometime. Suffice it to say either hub will work aesthetics aside.
  9. strangeplant, That '34 Dodge Brothers switch is NOT designed for the bottom of the steering column. It id=s dash mounted and operated by a lever. The '34 has a weird headlight wiring system. In headlight Lo the switch connects to both Driver and Pass side headlights BUT in the HI position the Pass side connects to the hi filament however on the driver side there is a foot operated switch that dims that side by operating the foot switch. This foot operated dimmer switch affects ONLY the driver side headlight. I have a CLUM steering column switch 10661 (or 10681) If you like I can send pix. It does operate by the hollow shaft down the inside of the steering column shaft by a compression nut to capture it to that shaft. Send Me a PM for more info.
  10. Franklinman, Before you get too involved in attempting to convert the single contact socket to a double contact you might check and see if there will be room inside that smallish lamp housing for the larger double filament bulb! Been there! Rodger "Dodger"
  11. Hi, I also have a '27 Auto Red Bug. You should get in contact with Jed Rappaport (Carmaven) 484-225-0520 . See 'Cars Wanted' below.He has a roster of sorts and should be able to help. Rodger "Dodger"
  12. Guys, If you check out this Mopar 802 (C4608) radio you will find that speaker is a Electro Dynamic (NOT PM). This is not a major problem as that field is hooked to the 6V DC power. However if you look at the schematic you will find the voice coil is listed as 30 ohm and is interconnected with the tone control. I guess the question is will a 8 ohm or more modern 3.2 ohm car radio speaker be a problem in that circuit? Perhaps an original speaker should be sourced. Perhaps another alternative would be to contact Radio Guy Bill or someone to retrofit the radio internals to modern solid state then you could use any speaker that would fit the physical parameters of the placement in the dash.
  13. David, You mention your Dodge Brothers is a '28 Standard 6? The bulb shown is a double contact dual filament bulb. The Standard 6 used a 1141 6V single contact bulb with a resistor element on the power terminal strip on the right side of the cowl for what passes as lo beam. The parking lights were on a single socket in the upper part of the reflector when cowl lights were not installed. The Victory 6 I believe used a double contact bulb for low and hi beams instead of the resistor.
  14. Ron, From the beginning the headlight lense was plain glass. The monogrammed lense with the DB logo was introduced around '21. Many have found these fancier lenses and retrofitted in earlier cars thus adding to the confusion. I hope this helps.