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  1. Businesscar, Here is a scan of a early DB Screenside ad.
  2. Businesscar, There are SOO many questions that are not yet answered regarding your car. What is your wheelbase, 110" or 114"? Can you send pix of your screenside? What does the dashboard and steering column attachment thereto look like? Is there a rubber bumper on the front spring mount for overload? What is the dimension of the windshield height? Where is the fuel tank located? On official screenside that tank is under the front seat and there are no tank holder brackets on the rear of the frame. The rear springs should be thicker and more leaves from the touring car. What ignition unit is on the engine? In the 'Progressive Changes list' The official start of the Screenside was roughly 190000-19100 significantly past your 159389 listing. So, as mentioned there are many bits of details missing.
  3. Guys, Not to be too nit picky but the Victory series was 130 - 131. The 140 - 141 was the Standard series. Continue and Keep 'em Dodgin'
  4. Sorry, I could not get the Bloody machine to let me add text. Probably my fault. Anyway the one here on my car is a reproduced copy in an aluminum alloy. Unfortunately the unit I used as a pattern has continued to deteriorate and is no longer a viable pattern. I my have another not so completely turned to 'pot'. The last time the foundry said not to bring another as he had to make three to finally get one usable. I believe it has to do with the draw between the upper and lower core boxes. So I will try to block the pass through between the spokes and finish the work after the casting is pulled from the molds. I did make a modified end mill to relieve the recess for the medallion. More later.
  5. Spinneyhill, Sorry I have no specific data only repeating statements from friends that have had that procedure done in a 'radiator shop' Apparently there are different 'Flow' data for different radiators. And I am not a radiator technician.
  6. There is a possibly more likely scenario that was not mentioned. That could be a partially plugged up radiator core restricting the proper flow of coolant. That could build up pressure more than would be relieved by that 'Overflow Tube' Have your radiator flow tested.
  7. O.K. Guys. Here is the answer. The gasket in the radiator cap on DBs was introduced in Serp.'19 at car # 385772. The Dodge brothers 4 cyl engines were NOT a pressurized cooling system. As such If your car is trying to express water from the rad cap there is another problem, likely a plugged 'Overflow Tube' . Check for wasp nest or crushed pipe. Good Luck and Keep 'em Dodgin'
  8. Wow so many beautiful mascots and badges. Here is one that I know for certain is 'One of a Kind' because I made it. Enjoy!
  9. CarGuy63, There is a conundrum here. The windshield appears to be slant style which was introduced July '19. That top design was used late '19 to May '22 . The rear curtain with cathedral glasses switched to a rectangular glass window a bit later so this must be late '19 to mid '20.
  10. Businesscar1917, The early N/E model G had a smaller diameter rear bearing shaft on the armature and used a 6301 bearing that is rare to find . You mention N/E model G1 so most likely uses a E-16 "Magneto Bearing" which is an angular displacement bearing that requires spring shim spacers under that rear cover to maintain bearing load. These are also nearly impossible to locate. I use a 6205 -2RS bearing in the drive end. While you have the unit disassembled before any other work check the brushes and insert paper shims under the brushes to elimitate contact with the commutator then do a continuity check from case (ground) to the commutator for possible short. With the brushes insolated there should be NO continuity from ground to the commutator. Good Luck and I hope this helps.
  11. Craig, There were several companies making accessory engine driven tire pumps. Perhaps the most popular was Detroit. Here are several pix. of one I have. Yours is missing something that would hold the unit into the actual threaded crank hole as well as the shaft like mine is missing. Mine shows Pat. date of Aug 28 '15. The part that is most likely as expensive as the actual pump is the hose and gauge assy. Remember the hose needs to be long enough to reach the rear wheels from that crank hole. Mine was missing the shaft and spring loaded connection to the crank pins. I think I can fabricate that. The two on chairs were at an early DBC meet at Meadowbrook. That pump was presented for show 'N tell by John Parsons. I hope this helps.
  12. I agree with 1912Staver. Your '18 could likely have had the later 21" wheels installed in the 20s-30s when rubber was hard to find and those wheels were handy. However without seeing them it would be difficult to tell if the drums and hubs would be able to retrofit to the '28. They were likely modified at the time of conversion to fit the '18 two wheel brakes and hubs.
  13. First off the 1918 does not have 21" wheels. They would have been 25". Also the '28 standard had 19" wheels the 21" were accessories. For rural areas.
  14. Harvest, Not only are these doors for a '22 Dodge Brothers type A sedan they are both rear doors since there is no outside key lock showing.