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  1. Hi, Searching for matching Pair of NOS Front Fenders for my 71 Cutlass Supreme. Items must be crated for shipping to US Address, please send offers and Pictures to plattner-patrick(at)bluewin.ch Kindest Regards Patrick
  2. Hi, I search for 4 Excellent(almost NOS) Trim Rings for the Chrome Wheels on 66-70 Toronado.Also Chrome Wheels for a 67 Toronado with Disk Brake Setup.Please send infos,Pics to plattner-patrick@bluewin.ch
  3. Hi Pete, No, still searching for a set of them.My old ones can't be refited,they are down.The rotors for 68-69 Toronado are different, also Kanter does not have 67 Rotors in Stock at this time.Maybe there is a Reproduction on the way?In Europe are only a few Toronados on the Road,unrestored of course.
  4. Hi, Can you send me the address of O'Reillys Partsstore,or another Supplier? Regards, Patrick
  5. Hi Pete, Not sure what you exactly talking about.My Toro has 4 Piston Brake Calipers.And Power Brake with a Brake Booster on the Firewall.Did anyone know if they used the same Disk Configuration on the 67 Cadillac Eldorado(Was a Front Wheel Drive also)? Regards, Patrick
  6. Hi, Did anyone can help me finding a new set of dik brake rotors for my 67 Toronado Frame Off Restauration Project?Any infos are welcome. Regards, Patrick
  7. Hi,I'm just started with a Frame Off Restauration of my 67 Toronado. The Car has a 425 Cubic Engine,no A/C and Front Disc Brake with 4 Piston Brake Claws.I need to now where I can find the correct Repair/Rebuilt Kits for the Brake Claws, also the Rubber Parts between Rear Axle and leaves and Crossmember to Frame.Hope someone can help me a little.Please send infos to plattner-patrick@bluewin.ch Thanks, Patrick
  8. Hi,I search for excellent/NOS Toronado parts.Please let me know if you have anything.1976 Cutlass 442 parts are also wanted by me, and if you have 71 Cutlass Supreme 4-door Hardtop parts that would be also fine. Best regards, Patrick PS: I live in Switzerland, but have a US contact shipping address in NJ or Florida.
  9. Hi, I search for the plastic covers(black) for the tracks on a Power front bench for 71 Olds Cutlass Supreme Holiday Sedan(4-door Hardtop)also for the stainless caps on the side where the chrome trim is. Maybe you have also some NOS Parts for sale????? Thanks, Patrick
  10. Hi, I'm from Switzerland and also the owner of a 71 Olds Cutlass Supreme 4-door (Holiday Sedan) Hardtop, with a Power Front Bench. My Bench does have a small center armrest with a C/S logo and it?s a Power bench too. There are no replacement covers available so far I now. Also the correct Vinyl grain (Derma) is also no longer available. The Style of 71 seat cover are different than 72 and also there are not the same on 2-door cars. I replaced my covers with real leather matched close as possible to the door panels (used also the Derma grain) because I don't want to replace them. An upholstery shop in Germany did this work, and they did a real good job, they disassembled the original covers in every piece, measured them out and make new ones.If you want I can send you some pictures. Best regards, Patrick
  11. Hi, Sorry for the late reply. Yes I have the same mirrors on my 76 Olds Cutlass S 442, both are remote control ones, I think its a rare Dealer option? Did You want to sale it, also please let me know condition and price. Thanks, Patrick
  12. Hi, Thanks for the infos. I will try it to see if they have any Parts for 76 Olds Cutlass S 442.
  13. Dear Sir, Thanks for the reply. Just saw it today on the forum,so please let me know if you still have parts for sale. Best regards, Patrick
  14. I search for some NOS Parts for my 1976 Oldsmobile Cutlass S 442. Like Moldings, lenses, Bezels, 15x7 Rings, Weatherstrips, Emblems, Sheetmetal, Grilles, Chrome Remote Mirrors for both sides, Bumper Impact Stripes and Fillers Did anyone can help me????? Thanks, Patrick
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