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    Need help with my 1924 special six

    Hi Randy, I have a '23 big six touring (EK) with excellent condition wood body. My front seat back upholstery is still in the car, but most other wood is fully exposed. I will attach some photos of the front passenger side wood framing. Let me know if you need something specific photographed. Hope these help. Gary
  2. farmerfrank

    1917 Stude touring body wood

    Since my first photo was apparently useful, I am attaching a couple more photos taken of the rear seat area at the same time that I happen to have on my computer at work. Gary
  3. farmerfrank

    1917 Stude touring body wood

    Andy, I have '23 EK, big 6, 7 passenger touring car that currently has the interior our of it. I'm not sure how many changes to the wood frame Studebaker made in the six years between our models, but my wood is in excellent original condition and I am willing to take any photos/measurements you might like. I live in NE Iowa, near Waterloo; not exactly on your way to Denver. I attached an example photo that I took a number of years ago of the rear seat area. Gary
  4. farmerfrank

    24 special six wood in body

    This sounds like an ambitious project. I have a 1923 EK big six touring that has excellent condition original wood throughout the body. My body has jump seats behind the front seats, where I don't think yours does. Otherwise, I would expect much of the wood framing, joint styles, etc. to be similar. I'll attach a couple of photos below that I took when I first got the car, but I could send you closer up, more detailed photos of any area that you might need if that would help you. Gary
  5. farmerfrank

    1924 Studebaker Special six

    Check the engine serial number prefix. If it is an EL, it is a special six engine, if it is an EK, it's a big six engine. Special six engines have 3.5" x 5" cylinders and big six engines have 3.875" x 5" cylinders. Thus, the big six engine has slightly bigger displacement and a little more horsepower.
  6. farmerfrank

    1927 Big Six engine and trans. for sale

    Hi Wil, Both of the engines are gone. Maybe rbk can be of help to you.
  7. farmerfrank

    1927 Big Six engine and trans. for sale

    Time is short! The house closes on September 28th. Still looking for a serious offer for one or both engines.
  8. farmerfrank

    1922 Studebaker EK negative caster issue

    Tom, I have a 1923 EK and had a few minutes last night, so I checked my spring plates for you. They are oriented exactly like yours. Gary
  9. farmerfrank

    1927 Big Six engine and trans. for sale

    Here are the promised engine numbers: The engine no. on the wood skids is: GB22144. That would mean it is from a 1928 Commander. The engine no. on the bare block is: EW27916. This is from a 1927 Commander. Since they are not exactly the same, I would be willing to sell them separately. I am open to offers.
  10. I have what I believe is a 1927 Studebaker Big Six engine and transmission that I need to sell. It is mounted on wood skids and appears to have been used in a mill to run machinery. The radiator and grill shell are included. The manifolds have been mounted upside down and a downdraft carb installed. There is no starter, distributor, or generator. The engine has been stored indoors for many years. I have no idea of the condition of the internals. As a bonus...also included is an additional 3-piece bare Bix Six block with crankshaft - probably the same vintage. At this time I do not have any engine serial numbers - I will try and get those posted later. The engines are in Mooresville, NC, and are the last items to sell in my father-in-law's estate. The house is going up for sale soon, so I need to get the engines moved out. The photos show the second block in the background. I have additional photos if you want to see something else. Bring your muscles and bring your $$. Money talks. I'm not sure what's fair, so I'll start with $500 - let's talk!