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  1. Sure it wasn't vapor locked my 38 used to do the same thing until I wrapped the fuel line
  2. The wheel base doesn't look long enough to be a Touring car
  3. Sounds like you have a spark plug wire on the wrong plug
  4. Its true people run into me LOL.Got a deck lid from North Dakota opened the box and a mouse stuck his head out of one of the openings in the lid
  5. From the Oakland Press http://media.theoaklandpress.com/2014/06/27/dodge-days-at-oakland-universitys-meadow-brook-hall/#1
  6. So far I've found everything I need except a trunk lid.
  7. I was stopped and was going to turn right on red,she thought i made the turn while she was watching for traffic stepped on the gas and hit me so hard my wife hit the roof with her head
  8. Their insurance pays for their car,and mine has to pay for my car.She even got away with no ticket.
  9. No it was a new Chrysler 300,The bad thing is Michigan is a no fault state
  10. They have them http://www.myersearlydodge.com/image.php?ws_page=tools.php&ws_image=MVC-579F.JPG
  11. The biggest problem is I can't be at your computer to see what your doing wrong.I tell people not to put a space between there first and last name (software doesn't like spaces)they still try to on the Home Page it says if you are having trouble logging in delete your cookies and even tells you how to do it.Before we changed it to must use your name as a username people would Email me and ask what their username and password are how would I know that.As for the tighter security on the Site is because of you information that is on the Site such as your name address phone number and because of the PayPal link to renew and now the Store is online.I tried to help when there is a problem there is one person on this thread that can't log on I had him send me his password and username (I don't see passwords after they are entered)and the site let me log on with it as far as Ads there 14 Ads on the Site they are automatically deleted after a stated time.My time as the Webmaster will be up next year if you want the Job and the headaches please apply.
  12. There are literally thousands of different operating system, internet browser, and hardware combinations that can be used to access the DB site, not including mobile devices. We have a staff of one and an annual budget of about $100 to make the site function. We spend hundreds of hours a year of our spare time managing user accounts, installing software updates (to keep your private information as secure as possible), testing the site, keeping the content up to date, and assisting people with problems. Unfortunately, under these constraints, it is not possible to make the site function 100% of the time for 100% of the users.
  13. I need a Need Delco Remy distributor for a 31 DD or just the shaft mine got bent some how.Number on the distributor 1110008 9c28
  14. They can only adjust the Toe in,Caster would involve Bending the Tube axle most places won't do that.I believe 1939 went to independent front end on Dodge
  15. Tom Myers thinks he has a rebuilt one he returns from the Meet to day and will look I'm going to replace it
  16. Its not the Amp Meter the battery goes dead
  17. When i turn the headlights on the gauge goes all the way on discharge.Talked to Rodger he's never heard this one before,he said it might be losing its polarity when I step of the starter it polarizes it again ???????????
  18. Had this problem last year and was hoping it would fix itself over the Winter but it didn't.I've changed the brushes put new bush springs in had the starter switch rebuilt to electronic,when you first start it it will charge 4 amp raise the engine speed up it quits charging until you stomp on the starter button at low idle then it charges again until rpm goes back up any ideas ????
  19. Buy one tall enough so you can leave the top up.Because sooner or later your going to forget to put the top down.A friend forgot to put his in down and it cost him about $4,000.00 to fix it.
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