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  1. Yes it starts the car ok but won't charge the battery,i can see very little sparking from the brushes
  2. My ga generator quit working don't know what happened could i have a bad connection inside the floor starter button.everything else looks good to me? (it does turn the engine over ok,also i put a new wire harness on the car)
  3. Where can i find tail light bezels for a 1938 dodge
  4. That's the way i do it on my 25 dodge sometimes there just hard to turn
  5. Jan i just ordered a main wiring harness from this company for my 25 they told me that it is the correct color and gage. if you want i'll let you know what it looks like in 2-3 wks when it arrives cost is 250.00 www.riwire.com
  6. Tony Here is my address E-mail cruiserusa@neo.rr.com Rick Brinker 625 Whitney Ave Akron,Ohio 44306
  7. Where can i find a oil can and holder for my 25
  8. My 1925 Dodge did the same thing untill i got the right oil in the trans.
  9. I just need to know what the running board moulding looks like and what kind of pattern is one the seats. my e-mail address cruiserusa@neo.rr.com Thanks
  10. I hope if you use the maryland co.for a title you don't live in Ohio because they wont except them. Rick Brinker
  11. It would have to be from a Dodge or Desoto, Chrysler engines are longer.
  12. I need pics.of a 1925 touring,i'm restoring mine and would like the interior and running boards to be correct any pics. we be appreciated Rick Brinker (cruiserusa@neo.rr.com)
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