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  1. I need 25 dodge headlight switch mine had a thermal nuclear melt down over the week end
  2. I received this e-mail thought i would pass it on To whom it concerns, I have 3 early Dodge Bros. Parts cars 1916-1917. Many good parts, fenders, starter, generators, radiators and much more. I can be reached at 701-223-1600. Stan Sharkey
  3. A locksmith should be able to make a key
  4. The 26 Dodge doesn't have a splash system its under pressure
  5. I would stick to the old 30wt non detergent its got it this far in life
  6. I run a straight 30 wt non detergent ( that's what recommended in the manual) in my 25 with no problems
  7. This was sent to me asking what year is it
  8. If everyone that says they're not going doesn't go its going to be empty
  9. Looks like they are going to kill the show,When i first stated going it was free then it went 25.00 now they are wanting a 50.00 application fee and if your car is turned down NO REFUND
  10. Not sure on Dodge but the one in the middle of my DeSoto is heat for the intake manifold
  11. Try http://www.dashknobs.com I've used them nice cables
  12. My 25 touring has Glass Side Curtains they are set in leather,But I don't have the frames
  13. IF YOU ARE A CAR BUFF THIS IS EXTRAORDINARY... YOU WILL SPEND HOURS GOING OVER THIS. NO MATTER WHAT BRAND OF CAR YOU ENJOYED, IT'S REFERENCED IN THIS LINE UP. HAVE FUN, KEEP SMILING! (Enjoy, click on the video camera to the right next to each item to view.) http://www.tvraaca.org/oldmovies.htm#movie
  14. I didn't drag the Chicken it was in the the trunk !!!!! I ordered the Burma Shave dvd
  15. Took the 25 out for a drive on Sat.it was nice to have the wheel stay in place
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