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  1. I used Flying Dutchman for a rebuild and was well pleased
  2. My 38 Dodge was rear-ended in Michigan at the National Meet I used his sheet metal parts to repair the damage they fit perfectly yes he was slow to send but the parts are made after you order
  3. Want to buy water pump pulley.its for a 29 Desoto should be the same as a DD 5/8 shaft,pulley 4 inch, 2 1/4 tall
  4. Try Tom and Cindy at http://www.myersearlydodge.com
  5. For the Trans i use 1qt 600wt and 2 tubes of grease mixed together I find its easier to pull the top off the trans and put it in from the top
  6. If you don't get a reply send them by Greyhound Bus I've used them before
  7. There is no better feeling than hearing an engine start for the first time
  8. Found the problem the intake was leaking causing it to run lean fixed that now it runs cool
  9. So far i've changed head gaskets ,water pump,thermostat,flushed block checked timing and checked radiator still overheats ???????????????
  10. Try www.steelerubber.com/search?year=1937&make=dodge&model=series-d5&style=2-door-convertible they're not cheap but good
  11. What is the best way to clean the oxidation from the headlight reflectors
  12. Mr. F. William (Bill) Swope died peacefullu on Sunday, 18 February, 2018. Bill was 95. Bill was a longtime member of DBC. His first collector car was a 1921 Dodge Brothers turing, which he first purchased for use in his Dodge dealership, in Winchester KY. Bill moved his dealership to Elizabethtown, and this was the foundation for the Swope Family of dealerships in E-Town Bill and Betty hosted the 3rd DBC tour in Elizabethtown. We had a great time! We rode the KY Dinner train, went to My Old Kentucky Home, visited Lincoln's boyhood home, Maker's Mark, rode the Ohio river on the Swope's boat. We had so many activities that each participant had three choices for each day. To conclude, Dick Eiseman MC'd a rodeo of car games. The Swope's hosted the dinner at their dealership. Bill only started collecting antique cars in 1990. He amassed a collection such that he opened a museum Swope's Cars of Yesteryear. Several DB along with nearly 100 other cars reside there. The museum was free to anyone interested, and DB members visited there often Bill is survived by his sons, Dick, Bob, Carl, and his daughter, Kathryn. He also leaves his adopted daughter, Angela, and son, Larry. Bill was my best friend and mentor. His official obituary is published in the Elizabethtown News enterprise. The Dodge Brothers will surely miss him Submitted for consideration by Patrick Russell.
  13. I use 30wt Rotella T in all my old cars and have had no problems
  14. Nearchoclatetown is correct the deluxe had the extra position
  15. http://www.myersearlydodge.com/chassis.php KING PIN SETS #157 covers 1914-1918, pin size 0.625in.. Threaded for grease cups. view $265.00 #161 covers 1919-1921, pin size 0.750in.. Drill for 1/8in. npt grease fitting view $265.00 #016 covers 1922-1924 Thru car A204877, pin size 0.750in.. NO grease fitting view $265.00 #194 covers Late 1924 -1928, pin size 0.875in.. NO grease fitting. view $265.00 #124 covers Model 124, pin size 0.875in., No grease fitting view $265.00 Above sets include 2 pins, 4 bushings, 2 cotter pins, 2 nuts. Bushings for King Pins can be bought separately (price each) #210 covers 1928 -1930 Model 128, 130, 140 and DA. Includes 2 pins, 4 bushings, 2 thrust bearings, 2 dust covers & spacers view $252.00 Steering Knuckle Bolt Key (#210 King Pin Key -2 per car) [price each] view $13.75
  16. I use 30wt non detergent without any problems
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