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  1. Matt.....the good news is you have it figured out. You will fix it. The additional work from the wiring harness issues, is par for thr course. I had two medium jobs to do in the shop this week. The first was an oil leak. Had a hard time replacing the leather seal with a modern unit. Found one after hours of on line searching, It went together ok. Total time estimated to repair it, Five hours. Actual time to repair 14, most of it on the computer. The actual fix was easy. The second repair estimated 16 hours to replace a cosmetic covering. Actual time so far 34 and I’m not half done yet.......always have new things popping up. The good news, I can handle it in house. Ok news, the additional supplies were under 200 dollars. I’m sure it will take all next week to finish, The ass kicker? Coolant leak that I didn’t know about that I found while it was on the lift. Another ten hours..........all on a 100 point car. The coolant leak is simple, just labor time to repair. Always have to look on the positive side. Hang tight, you will get the car all dialed in. 👍
  2. Unfortunately a correct analysis.
  3. Well George, as you know we sell more Pierce parts than anyone on the planet. While we don’t often deal in series 80/81 parts, we do get tons of calls. The most common item requested is parking lights, heads, and tail lights. I have not seen a non repaired head for sale in over 15 years, and probably have had requests for twenty of them. Since you and Greg are the 80/81 gurus, I’m sure you can come up with one or two, or more. But a new novice owner doesn’t have the relationships to get impossible parts fast or easy. Then remember you sold an entire engine.......99 percent of the 80/81 guys don’t have the ability or the funds to ship an engine. And, did you sell the engine with a guarantee that the head and block were good? Most people want that today......because they simply don’t understand the realities of used 100 year old parts. We probably have virtually every rare and almost impossible part you could ask for for a 1929-1938 Pierce 8 & 12, but most of them are NOT for sale. Last October we had 17 good eight cylinder exhaust manifolds, with intakes attached and magna-fluxed. We listed three for sale and sold them in less than two days. The rest are not for sale. With no one making any reproduction manifolds 1930-1938 8 or 12 anymore, and the high failure rate, the price of them is very high. Since you and I go back many years, your a good guy, and we have tilted a few glasses at the bar, I would dip into my not for sale stuff for you. After all, your my favorite Uncle in California. And, just as a quick comment, a running and driving car that is down due to a bad head...........what’s the car worth is it doesn’t drive? While a barn find sedan is limited in value, the open cars are what’s mostly being driven today. The open car guy would dish out 2k in five seconds flat............for a guaranteed good head, as he has much more money on the line. I shipped a head to India last month for a 8. The purchaser had already bought two others, which were junk. He gladly paid for a head that was sandblasted, checked for cracks, surfaced, primed, and painted. It wasn’t cheap, but he got his part with confidence. Since 2/3 of the work is now done by restoration shops, the shop also prefer parts that they know are good, or their money back.
  4. Hertz doesn’t own the cars, they lease them. Thus the 19 billion is corporate and the 14 billion is the leases. The cars are not owned by banks, but private equity companies. It’s kind of a strange situation, I can’t imagine them successfully coming out of chapter 11 with a debt load like that. They have been over leveraged since 2005.
  5. Here you go boys.....Hertz just filed for Chapter 11, the car sales start no sooner than 60 days from today. Numbers released, 35 Billion in debt. 14.5 billion on secured car loans. The car numbers.....a staggering 760,000 used cars coming up on the market. That’s twice what was being tossed around. Hang on to your cash..........there will be some killer bargains coming up. Hope the new and used car dealers can take the pounding to the value of their inventory........or it will be an even bigger sxxt show.
  6. George......I don’t think you can buy a good head for 750 any more...........there are just about none left. Many have bad repairs that can no longer be fixed due to poor repair attempts. There are many more cars than heads.....it’s common to find nice old sedans 100 percent complete except the head is missing. Three are two cars in Connecticut like this. There is a very, very nice roadster available for an asking of 38k, and that is the starting number on a 95 point car that’s turn key. In my opinion a head would cost you two grand today if you could find one, which I’m rather sure you won’t. As George will tell you they are nice but a bit slower as a driver. It’s not an open highway car.
  7. Spoke to Chuck at Lunch today. He bought the car. It’s an ex Tom Mix car from Massachusetts. Tom always had nice stuff. I’ll be going for a ride in it in a few weeks. 👍
  8. The head I saw on eBay back a week ago was a different series car and doesn’t fit. How. Much for a head? Easy, buy a car with a good one, and your all set. This is a small Pierce six......very nice car, very well made, but parts are very, very difficult. Pierce twelve parts are common compared to this car.
  9. Maybe a custom Blackhawk? I’m fairly familiar with Stutz, looks small to be an M to me. Maybe a Challenger Eight? For some reason I thought this car was owned by Tom Mix.........that’s why I said Don Lee. Could be a back alley shop modification, but the rest of the car doesn’t look as unique as the back end. That’s what makes this hobby and blurry photos so much fun......we will probably never know. As far as Stutz, they had so many sporty catalog customs, why would anyone modify one?
  10. The owner of a Harbor Freight is politically active, on the extreme In my humble opinion, so I try and never buy there..........he can afford the 55 million dollar hit..........and maybe a bit more.
  11. Angle iron in an x brace for each door, and also two or three across the body. List it using 4x4’s up from the frame, do not use an engine hoist or chain fall fall unless you run a lot more braces.
  12. Looks like a very nice car that can be made into a good driver. Send it to a major shop to clean up, sort out, and install tires.......you will spend 30k fast. That said, I know what I would pay in that condition. I recommend you have a custom license plate made with his initials on it from your state in a year of manufacture style.......a nice tribute to a generous man. We acutally name out cars.......and sometimes it's the name of the seller.............my 1932 Pierce Coupe was called "Big Al" after the man who owned to for 60 years, and passed away. I bought it from his widow.......the family wanted me to have the car because they knew I would drive it. I was sending photos of it in every state I took it to; to her and the children. In ten yers it made it to 14 states. They still send me Christmas cards. Here is a photo of "Big Al" crossing the Mississippi River Bridge where Lewis & Clark started their journey.
  13. Out of my area of Pierce Arrow collecting..........the market on that particular Pierce is very soft, and a similar two door car that looked a bit better, drove fine, took a few weeks to sell at a much lower price and didn't need any work. Parts for that car are tough........and a head is made of gold.......usually today nice cars like that with an issue only sell on price............and its usually way less than the seller wants.
  14. Cool car...brings back lots of memories.............glad to see some people still like the strange and obscure. Hard to believe that can go on the AACA field soon!
  15. 99.5 % of professional inspectors "don't know what they are doing" Matt......your way low!
  16. The trick is buying the right car............a well sorted Rolls needs nothing for twenty thousand miles except oil, gas, tires, and batteries. The only catch is 99.96 percent of them are not well sorted. So many people are afraid of them, they offer probably the best value for your dollar on a closed car today. In the last few months some very nice cars traded hands for very reasonable prices.........the Ghost (Springfield) is also a fantastic car for the money.
  17. Rear the above fifteen times, then tattoo it on your forehead. Also, spend the money to get a real expert, on the exact year, make,and model car. Many back yard guys seem to think everything is OK. The best money you ever spend buying a car is the money spent on walking away.
  18. Bedfords look good, and ride well. I have never had a chance to get many miles on them.......seems every car they were on were show cars and not yet ready for major touring. They definitely make more noise than other tires from my experience. I like Lester tires, but 8K miles is all I ever get out of a set.
  19. So much of the stuff is fake today it’s ruining the market. There are poor fakes, and very good reproductions. I’m convinced that better than 90 percent of all the stuff out there isn’t right.........especially when you get to the big name stuff.........Pierce, Stutz, Packard,ect. Clubs often gave repops out in the early days, often made by the same manufacturer back in the day. Very often I am asked to give opinion on fobs and watches. I can tell you this, in thr more than two hundred Pierce pocket watches I have seen, two were real, the rest were all fake.
  20. Fuel injector cleaner added at the tank will clean the dirt out of the tank and put it into the fuel system, bad idea....I mad a lot of money on that stuff when I had a modern shop. Don’t add the dry gas either, it will pass the water through the filter into the injectors. There is no such thing as a tune up in a can, and no easy fix.
  21. Don Lee designed car is my guess.........something like a Cunningham or Loco. It is Hollywood after all. Large hubcaps May be the key to the chassis that is very early.
  22. If it’s Chuck, he lives about four miles from me. Since he is asking about servicing brakes on a 120, I expect I will be seeing it soon. I’m sure the car has been at the San Marino Classic that Aaron runs. It’s a great show and have enjoyed my time on the field there.
  23. I really like the car and would own it. First thing is to get wheels into a better color. Yes, it’s correct, but I couldn’t live with it.