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  1. I like an in the floor spare and lots of 12 volt lights on the inside that work off the battery in the trailer for the winch, now they would be led’s. Electric jack is a nice touch. Sailun tires with mag wheels rated for 110 lbs air pressure.  I have 8 D rings. Four are  set up for 148 inch wheels cars, the others for a modern(50’s corvette). I would also get a modern trailer tracking unit wired into the trailer with a battery back up. They are very reasonable now and can help recover a stolen trailer with or without the car in it......kind of a trailer lowjack. The cost about ten bucks a month.......cheaper and faster recovery than insurance. 

  2. Bill, with the truck, trailer, and car being hauled belonging to you, you are clearly ok - If you indicate you are on vacation. Don’t speak of shows, Concours, ect........just on vacation with your car. With all matching registrations in you name there should be NO issues. Do carry all necessary safety equipment required by DOT, it’s good to have and gives them less to bitch about. I have a box behind the driver seat with a safety vest and hat, flash lights, electric flares, air pressure guage, trip log.......my version not dot, with daily inspection. I actually carry a spare new break away battery, and a bunch of other stuff, Twice they wanted to test by break away, I refused, opened the battery box, showed them the tape with the install date and inspection date I last did. Both times they saw how prepared I was and left me alone. One hard ass had to ticket me.....and did for one marker light bulb that was out. I told him it was working that morning. Which it was, and he said he believed me and handed me a 135 dollar ticket. Now all my lights are led, so no more issues there, I converted my old open trailer to LED, best thing I ever did. If you look well prepared, have the safety equipment, and are going the speed limit, you won’t have a target on your back.

  3. If they want to ticket you they will find a way. We always place our luggage in the back seat of the truck. When I travel with the Mrs. and dogs we also place their stuff “in the open” so they can see we are traveling together as a family unit. That helped in the three times I was stopped. I don’t have a problem with the dot part of it as I carry all the required stuff anyway. I just don’t want to deal with the scales. Today, even more RV’s have a toy hauler area in them. The line is getting more and more blurred every day. I am towing less and less each year now, and probably only do 20k or less starting this year, so my exposure is way down. Getting older probably also helps.....I don’t look like I drive for a living. Sooner or late it will be easier to comply than to try and avoid the hassle. I can’t wait to be chased down when I pass the Florida Agricultural Inspection station, the signs they post there are more militant than the scales. Several friends have commercial trucks converted into campers.........and they look like trucks. They carry all the paperwork with them, and they have camper plates. Now that’s pushing your luck. Another friend had letters placed on the back of his 48 foot fifth wheel hauler.........Private Non Commercial Recreational Use.........he hasn’t been stopped since he lettered the trailer, has had a few cars chase him down, see the lettering.........and just leave him on his way. 

  4. Thanks Steve. Sorry to hear you under the weather, hope you recover quickly. Stop down and visit, it’s in the high 80’s here and very pleasant! I’ll look around to see if ai can find you an Oldsmobile to drive!?

  5. Jim.....It’s always about the money. Recently I have been told the troopers are looking at tire load ratings and issuing tickets because the trailer weight exceeds the the tire carrying capability. Instant got ya with no way to get out of it. There will always be a new angle from each side. When towing open, I remove the plates so they can’t determine ownership even if they run the vin. I tow my own stuff 90 percent of the time, the other ten is usually a very close friend’s car. I have only moved one car for gain in the last twenty years, but have been accused of doing it for profit. 

  6. Steve, so it is only the rows between Hershey Park Drive and the stadium that will be affected? Maybe a photo of a map of the red field showing the area that will be closed off would be a good idea. Sorry to have missed you at the meet. I'll call you to get the package later in the week. Thanks for another great Fall Meet..........since 1971 every one has been a joy............Ed

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  7. Jim....I agree with the awards or trophy concept. We only use the term vacation with dealing with them. We also don't open up the trailer for any reason. One hard case insisted I open it, and I refused. I gave him the plate number on my car in the trailer which he ran, and was thus satisfied.  If I were towing for a living I would do the DOT and the rest of the normal requirements. It's only fair to play by the same rules when making a living at it. Truth be told, most of the people I know with a one or two car trailer rigs have gotten out of the business because of all the headaches and rules. The money just isn't there unless you have a client base that can pay two to five dollars a mile. It's a difficult job with many unreasonable people who have unrealsitic expectations. I find 8 hours a day dragging a big car just about right before I stop. With the big east coast cities and traffic, 500 miles is usually more than enough to make me want to stop. The 1200 mile days are long past me now..........if it isn't fun, I refuse to do it anymore. 

  8. Cislak has a block off plate for the big Stude motors.........you will have to make one..........lots of those pre war heads are bad...........I haven't seen too many original good ones.........maybe one or two. Its worth the effort to pressure test it BEFORE you polish it. Frank Casey has a bunch of stuff to pressure check that thing, and he is close by. If it were me I would probably just shot blast it. The car will be fast enough.......you don't need the dazzle.......unless you want it. With the trick header and four carbs the bright head will distract from the engine.....in my humble opinion! Car looks good in all your posts.......Ed

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  9. Federal DOT laws EXEMPT private occasional users for non commercial travel. I have NEVER stopped ant any scale or station. Have been stopped three times in 37 years, and let go all three times. I have good equiment, and maintain a daily log and inspection report along with vehicle and trailer maintenance records. I also carry a copy of the Federal DOT handbook. I carry more safety equipment and spares than almost anyone. They have all been polite, and no issues. The Mass State Police don't like my Maine trailer registration..........but I have them beat also. When ordering a new trailer you can get two vin tags stating the trailer as built, and also rated for anything LESS without issue. I have done it several times. My rig is all white with no stickers or identifying marks........look plain Jane and no one will bother you. I thought about going to a heaver 450 0r 550 series truck, but then DOT and all the rules will kick in, along with much more expensive insurance. 



  10. On 10/7/2018 at 11:20 PM, Frank DuVal said:

    OK, Ed, show me a link to a solid state condenser. Maybe you mean solid state points? Like Pertronix?


    Yes, I did Google solid state condenser, and all I got was links to microphones.


    There are active capacitors in electronics, but I have never seen one in automotive applications.


    Hi Frank, I wasn’t referring to an electronic ignition, back in the 80’s the Harley Davidson aftermarket companies came out with a solid state condenser replacement. We sold them at our motorcycle shop, they were about twenty dollars back then. They were small, and worked fine as a universal replacement that “would last forever”. They were about the one third the size of a postage stamp, and had several different length leads on them. We used them extensively back in the day. I’m sure they must be available somewhere now. Ed


    Google ....... easycap ignition condensers.......similar but different, a ceramic solid state condenser replacement.

  11. Jim, I agree with much of what you said. Bill has a bunch of cars, and it's likely he will put his heavy CCCA stuff in it also. I agree with the frame and twelve inch on center. As far as the Tripp set up, we can disagree. To each his own on some preferences. One thing I would not do is use the detachable ramps. I have seen ramp movement and failure too many times, including more than a million dollars of damage to a very expensive car when the ramps shifted. I have also seen "door ramp failure" on a new unit that was "extra" heavy duty. At the CCCA meet and Duesenberg Drivers Club meet last month, almost 80 percent of the people were using the Tripps. I think we can all agree you can never have enough safety margin towing a car with any "pick up" type of vehicle. Its amazing how poorly people operate near and around a truck and trailer on the highway. Most drivers just have no clue the issues a truck and trailer must contend with while going down the road. Trailering a car is a complicated issue that should not be taken lightly, and your comments show your experience of many years and miles of open road driving. Its amazing how many owners are afraid to drive their cars and will quickly "trailer" them around........you take a risk every time a car is loaded and unloaded from a trailer, and risk damage every time you tie it down..........we could go on for pages........ hope to meet you in person sometime if you ever end up hauling to any of the shows.......my best, Ed.

  12. That 32 is a fantastic car...........interestingly the wright up in the auction wasn’t completely accurate. I have the history on that car from day one.......along with an interesting story about it. Who ever bought it should contact me. Ed


    And for the record.......Pierce used Torrington roller bearings on the clutch and brake pedals........every other car from Rolls, Packard, and Duesenberg used bushing as far as I am familiar with..........the Pierce twelve used bearings in the distributor..........only two others did that........Cadillac V-16 and Marmon V-16. 

  13. Bill and I tow VERY big cars.......I usually have ones that run from 6000 to 6500 pounds. I have hauled hundreds of thousands of miles, the triple spread gives much better stopping power, It is twice to three times as stable, and is much more stable loading and unloading cars than two axles close together. If there was an engineering issue with them they wouldn’t sell them. I routinely turn tight radius’s with my trailer. Yes the wheels slide and scuff.......,and it’s not an issue. Trailing a car is inherently dangerous, and heavy cars much more than the run of the mill post war stuff. And the legend about burning up tires simply isn’t true with the triple spread if you buy good tires......my Sailun’s currently have 55k on them p, front and rear axles tread is at 60 percent, center is at 80. Yes, they scrub, but I’ll safley get 80k out of them, in less than two years. Also, with the Tripp set up, you can safley use a single rear rear tire truck instead of a dually, although I would NEVER do that. Did 570 miles yesterday, have 930 to go today......l’m off!


    PS- nose cones are always a good idea for both fuel and less wind loan on your transmission, slight rounding of the corners helps almost as much as a nose cone, and the V is almost as good. Fact is almost no one uses their trailer enough for an economical payback, as far as space, I disagree, I have a work bench and cabinets up front and the V gives me a tone of extra space in the shelving units for long and bulky items.


    Jim......that’s a nice rig you have there........if I were usually hauling lighter stuff I think it would be very workman like..........if driving for a living I would still run the Tripp set up........maybe without the spread........Ed

  14. 2 hours ago, Steve Moskowitz said:

    Those that are willing to brave a chance of rain at times or even all day long may end up getting bargains and I have vendors with tents tell me that a rain day has been hugely profitable.  You never know.  We will have weather this week whatever it may be and in the end it will be a GREAT week.  Stop by the literature sale today (Tuesday) at the library, visit the Bookmobile and 29 Whippet (for sale) at the library tent and see all the new merchandise at AACA locations in front of Giant Center (new) and on Chocolate Field North (blue trailer and tent) 


    Steve, please do something about the weather..........I rather pay more for my finds and walk around dry. Thank you in advance for taking care of this annoying weather. Ed ?

  15. Bill, wind won’t be an issue. Be sure to get 16 inch wheels, a V nose, and triple axle if possible. A weight distributing hitch is a must. 28 feet is perfect for most every application and gives you about five feet of free space up front. The extra axle is much more stable, and adds huge amounts of braking power. One you go to a triple you will never go back. My latest trailer has the large spread between the axles, the entire trailer and car are over the carriage.......tows like it’s not there. Also, with the Tripp set up you can safely tow at higher speeds, and tire failure is virtually non exsistant. My 34 foot V nose box........it’s huge, but I haul lots of extra stuff. Once use to a long set up, it’s easy to forget it’s there. Your trailer is NEVER built heavy enough. 


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  16. FYI- the make solid state condensers for more than twenty five years, and they are very reliable. We use to sell them in our motorcycle dealership. I haven’t put one on a car in years.......

  17. It’s interesting that many of the fastest pre war cars were not necessarily the most expensive. The big Buick’s along with the Auburns seem to offer the best value for speed back in the day. Also just one or two years difference in platform of the same marque can make a world of difference. A supercharged Auburn with a two speed rear is a wonderful car to drive.....but it’s small, and the build quality of the body and hardware ar middle of the road.......but a fantastic value when new. I like any car that drives well in modern traffic, and there are quite a few “sleeper models” that fall through the cracks. Big Stude and Reo come to mind. CID is where it’s at on MOST pre war cars. “There’s no replacement for displacement.” 

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  18. Pre World War II high speed we’re not common. My father who was born in 1922  told me how he and some friends went to the Pennsylvania turnpike before it was finished and drove their 1933 Nash twin ignition sedan (CCCA Classic) with worm drive rear at 65 mph and that was considered flying in 1938/1939 down the unopened road. Jump ahead twenty years and he took his new Cadillac down the then unfinished Mass Pike............and 110 mph was no problem. Today most pre war cars will run faster than they can safely be driven. Steering,suspension,and brakes are not adequate to the road conditions. Many new hobbyists will over rev their motor and pop it. I have seen it many times. The rule of thumb for driving a pre war car at modern speeds is listen to the feedback from the engine, find the sweet spot without pushing it, and drive the car at that speed. The big CCCA cars seem to be happy from 45 to 55 unless you have an exceptional platform. Better yet, ask the question............. what’s the hurry? While I do occasionally drive my 1936 Pierce twelve with the factory overdrive down the highway at 75 mph and do so comfortably for both me and the car, I prefer the small back roads on country lanes that make motoring in a pre war car enjoyable. The true trick to enjoying the hobby is a truck and trailer if possible......less wear and tear on the car.

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