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  1. I'm sure Randy knows the car. It would be impossible for a west coast car to elude the known roster of Dusenbergs. I don't follow the J prices, but if the car finished is worth say 850 K (Is that low?) it would run an easy 350 K to restore it if it is all there, and it looks like the new owner will be looking for some parts. I'm sure he will get to know Randy well. It's almost impossible to restore a car and make money on it, but if purchased right who knows? Ed
  2. Bernie..... If possible post some photos of what you need ..... I'll be at hershey and don't have anything on my want list, I'll be happy to look through the Packard Guy's stuff for you. Ed
  3. Bernie, There is a product to repair wood boats called Kwik-Poly that flows like water but hardens very nice and will take nails and screws. It works great, it will even make a piece of rotted wood useable as long as it's not a main structural component. It's not cheap but we use it on ALL of our wood to keep out bugs,rot,and rattles as well as loose joints. I'm sure if you try it you will use it on the whole car. You can also use it to fill old nail and screw holes. Look it up on the net and I am sure you will find it. Ed
  4. Made it to the show but I had to work this afternoon so I left the car at home. The show had lots of early brass, Classics, and interesting pre war cars. Much better display than Hershey! See you there next year.
  5. Hello, this came out of a garage with Pierce Arrow and Packard cars of the 1920's. Can anybody identify it? Thanks, Ed:confused:
  6. Depends on what mood I am in....... :-) Look at two possible choices listed under my name box on the left. They are the two on the road this year. Be sure to stop by and say hi..... Ed
  7. I am surprised nobody has asked about hard hot and cold start problems or running and idle problems with modern fuel. All the old cars are running lean today. They also run much hotter with the 10 percent blends. Rumor is 20 percent alcohol will soon be upon us :-(
  8. Thanks for the post, I was looking for the date last night and couldn't find it anywhere. It's a great show. I'll have my Pierce there if the weather is good. Next day is the 51st annual yankee chapter meet in Brooklyn Ct. Don't forget the Southbury Ct show on Sept 19 with over 1000 cars and lots of HCCA and CCCA as well as other pre war cars.
  9. PS if it's running lean you could burn a valve......
  10. Dave, The car should have a UU2 Stromberg on it. In 29 they had no air filter or spark arrestor, just a chrome pipe with a 45 degree angle on it and a blow by tube from the valve cover into the pipe. It should have the small type choke horn. If would not be uncommon to have the wrong carb on it, as most of the U series carbs fit smaller displacement engines and therefore they are not set up correctly for the Pierce. John Cislak is in the PAS and makes lots of parts for both the UU2 and UUR2, and he is just down the road from you. His number is 413-543-9017 in Springfield Mass. It would also help to rejet the carb for today's garbage type gas. If the car sat for a long time flushing the tank and fuel lines as well as rebuilding the fuel pump are also in order.
  11. It's been a great summer up here in New England, and it's hard to believe that the great fall meet will soon be upon us. My first was 39 years ago, when I was only five......... so many great memories of me and my departed father and grand father looking thorough piles of junk for 31 Cadillac parts...... in the knee deep mud...... it truly was searching for treasure...... Now I attend for social reasons as most of the CCCA car parts dried up, but still several time a day I come across a sleeper part and it takes me back to the good old days and if only for a moment........ it's like there still both there with me looking for the next great find........RIP Dad and Pepre'.
  12. Bernie, If you want a little more of a project, check out this 36 Pierce that just came out of the Vermont woods.....:eek: Another EASY restoration. Of all the interesting people I have come across in the car hobby in the last 35 years, you are with out any doubt .... one of a kind!
  13. If Dave in a speedo makes your eyes pop out, you should see the rest of the collection that the V-12 Pierce owner has....... makes Dave look like a lady in a burka......
  14. 1934 or 1935 from the looks of the grill. It's a truck body and fenders with what looks like a oversized car grill. Never have seen anything like it. It's very late for a Pierce truck. If memory serves me I have only seen photos of trucks up to 33. Very cool.
  15. Hi, send me a PM with the location of the cars and your direct email address. Thanks, Ed
  16. This is a common problem. I'm a Pierce Arrow Society club member and we have a guy who is 6'5", and he has owned several 1932 and 1933 Pierce Club Brougham’s. They have huge doors and bucket style seats that can be easily moved back if you need too, but if I remember correctly, he fits just fine with them stock position. Interestingly, he told me he tried lots of other cars and could not drive them safely, as most of the cars have fixed seats. He was able to fit in my one off custom bodied 1933 Pierce LaBaron Limo with the huge front doors and 147 inch chassis, but that car is now in a large preeminent collection on the west coast, and that option tends to run into an expensive solution.
  17. Posting it on the Stutz forum would work out ok. Depending on the year and what is missing will vary the value anywhere from 1k to the sky is the limit. Early Stutz 8 engines are not hard to find, it's the DV and M motors that are in the most demand. Last early engine I saw sell from 28 with all the extras went very cheap..... less than 2k. Post a photo or the engine numbers and I'll let the local Stutz guys know what you have. Ed
  18. If you do the math of a custom LaBaron body on a Ford stock or modified chassis, It makes no sense to spend the kind of money we are talking about to build this car without some type of Ford family or FMC relationship. The body lines are very fine, correct, and proportionate to the era. It's almost impossible even for a good "ally shop job" as Raymond H. Dietrich would say, to build a car to this quality. The more I look at the photos the more I think it's quite special. Here is some text taken from coachbuilt.com on Ford and LaBaron. I hope it's ok to use it here...... For the first year, Roberts commuted between Detroit and New York, but eventually moved full time to Detroit. A new studio was set up on the 4th and 5th floors of Briggs' Mack Avenue plant, called the LeBaron Studios, manned by Roberts and his staff of hand-picked designers. Roberts continued to work on the LeBaron series customs but also did work for Briggs production body division from time to time. He’s credited with the design of the Briggs’-built 1928-29 Ford Model A Fordor Sedan bodies. Apparently a Lincoln LeBaron sedan attracted the eye of Henry Ford who showed it to Walter O. Briggs proclaiming "Walter, there's our new Fordor sedan". The car was in dealer's showrooms in a remarkable six months and is easily distinguishable from Murray-built 1928-1929 4-door Model A's by its resemblance to the redesigned 1930 Model A four doors. LeBaron is also credited with the designs of all of the Briggs-built open bodies for the Ford Model A.
  19. Ok. I'll add my two cents worth. I have owned and studied the LaBaron coachbuilding "school" of building style and body construction methods for over 20 years, as well as typical tags and body numbers. I have original reference material in my collection that also helps date particular build characteristics to certain years and whether it was Bridgeport Ct built or Detroit Mi built. It sure would be much better to view it in person, but I am quite sure It's LaBaron work. I will reserve judgment as to year and complete correctness until I see it in person. Interesting car. If somebody knows who ends up with it I would appreciate it if they can give me the new owners information. Ed
  20. Rod, I sent you a private message. Ed
  21. I'll check my records to see if there is anything there. What state did you purchase it out of? Ed
  22. If you could post a photo it would help. What state are you located in? I met a father and son team in Mass a few years ago with a similar car. You should be a member of CCCA it's got great articles and info on any big car, and lots of people to contact for help. Ed
  23. Rick....... with all the taxes I pay up here I could buy a nice open Pierce Arrow EVERY year. Hope to see you and Liz in Rochester. Ed