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  1. AJ, I was just busting your chops. I never like to run radials on the CCCA era cars. Rim failure is the main reason. They also look a bit off on most of the cars. I just removed a new set of radials from a Pierce, and installed the Firestone 750-17 WW on the car.
  2. There is NO choice. You MUST use the Firestone wide white walls, any other choice woud NOT make sense. End of the debate.
  3. Just one car? Don't think I could do it. I don't have to drive my cars to enjoy them. Sometimes when I can't sleep, I walk over to the garage door and turn on the light. I go back to bed with a smile on my face thinking how lucky I am to live in the best country in the world, and I am able to manage to have a few toys that make my life more enjoyable. The cars are fun, the people in the hobby are great. My life has been enriched so much by this hobby that I would be a different person if I hadn't been involved in it. I have made friends all over the world thanks to the many car clubs I belong to. With google translator I can now talk to people all over the world and share the hobby across the language barrier. After more than 40 years, I enjoy the people and the hobby more than ever before. And even better yet, gas is almost half the cost it was last year...... the V-12 will get another two thousand miles on it this year! Ed.
  4. Sorry for the delay, I was at Amelia Island. Nice coat. Rare dealer item. My guess is early post war from style. My main interest is earlier. I'm sure it will sell. Thanks for posting the photos. Someone is going to be proud to own and display it. Ed.
  5. I am interested. Please send me some photos. Thanks. Ed.
  6. Thanks all. The weather is starting to break but I think it'll be another month before it gets it's first drive at 100 years old. I thought it was kind a neat that I was able to know the date it sold new. It would've made it really neat photo op.
  7. why not run a Stutz challenger 8 in it. it would be like a factory hot rod. Much easier to find engine and a much more interesting power plant. probably a cheaper answer also.
  8. I think I would only drive a car at highway speeds if it had a pressure oil system. I don't mind driving hard, but I don't like to spin my engine faster than two thirds of maximum rpm. At the cost of parts and labor on the early big cars you can dig a hole from 20 to 50 grand in less than a few seconds. And it's possible to push 100k on a multi cylinder exotic with a hole in the block. Drive it like you stole it! :cool: Here is the car in the video from the first post.
  9. My 1915 Ford T turned 100 years old today. I was going to take it out for a spin but it was 3 below zero this morning at 7 am and the car is not in a heated garage, That and 4 feet of snow on the ground and salt on the roads ruined a day I had been planning for more than 6 months. I'll try for it's first century spin in a few more weeks.
  10. If I am not mistaken that's an 8 lane highway, and a speed of about 65 to 70 mph. I think the video is a great example of why all cars should be driven. Too many great cars sit in the garage for years at a time. I also like the video you have on your you tube page of the open Pierce Arrow with stock gearing going 75 mph down 95 returning from a major concours. Yes you can drive them and show them. Here is a link to the Pierce V-12 Chicago auto show car from 1935. Who is the good looking guy visible in the rear view mirror driving? :-)
  11. Mike, go to the UK military vehicle fourm, there is a family in England with a Peerless truck with many extra parts. Read their thread on the Thorny and Dennis. They have pictures posted of their Peerless project. Great bunch of guys. You will spend hours reading the thread. http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?13514-WW1-Thornycroft-restoration
  12. They made a Big 8 and a 8-80. Or is it an 88? Which is your car?
  13. I have been in the hobby since 1971 when I was just a very young boy. I had never heard of the term till the past 5 to 7 years. It has no meaning. Usually applied to a car for sale that needs work and the price is too high from what I see on this site. I hope to never see or hear it again in the hobby. A car is a car. Nothing more and nothing less. It's condition is what is.
  14. I didn't bother bolting it down. I am glad I didn't. I have moved a Pierce 12 on the lift with the casters in place.........no problem.
  15. Buy a truck lift, they are rated for 12,000 pounds. You are paying for steel............a stronger and safer lift. They are only a few hundred dollars more. I bought the cheap one first, sent it back as it wouldn't pick up a Pierce 12, the car was 6700 pounds, the lift was rated for 9000. Here is the one I purchased, it's 12k rated and 2700 dollars two years ago.
  16. Kirk, the 1915 touring car is the on to buy if still available. I know the car quite well. Ed
  17. Yup, it's a 1931 Cadillac V-12 370A series sedan or limo. Factory dual side mounts, trunk, tire covers, flying lady, white walls, wind wings, and an after market box on the running board. Nice car.
  18. I'm in need of a set of side mount covers for a 904 Packard, 1932. We are ready to paint the car so I would like to find a set as soon as possible. Will pick up anywhere or ship is fine also. Leads would be most welcome. Thanks, Ed edinmass@aol.com
  19. Not to rain on your parade, but I bet they didn't build 5 of those cars. As I remember the trim is different from 8 to 12 to 16. I am not sure. You are probably going to have to make them. There was a nice example in Connecticut a few years ago.
  20. Dave......sure looks like a factory bodied V-12 conv coupe roadster. 1933 but I don't have my glasses on. Very nice automobile. Kirk has a bunch of great cars. Ed.
  21. Joe, sorry to hear about your loss. I agree with AJ, it's a GREAT car. There is a very nice gentleman near me who has the same automobile....... ME! I have not seen your car in person but I am told by club members who I respect it is very well done. I hope you decide to keep it. They are great drivers. A shot of my machine....
  22. Dusenberg? I don't think so. Mid 20's Studebaker or something similar. Not much value there, ebay or bring them to Hershey. If someone picks it up sell it to them. I would ask 125.00 for the pair at the fall meet on my table. Good luck, Ed.
  23. 5500.00 Plus the drafting is a bargin for that casting. If one were to assume it had a bunch of cracks both internal and external, weather one stiched it or welded it, when you figure in the cost of all the repairs and a sleeve, a new modern casting is the way to go. You start with a basic new block with no risk of further cracks or repair failures. And at that price, each additional is 2500 per unit, it is not worth making any for the shelf. The casting can be made on demand. Over all I would say things are looking up for the future of the car hobby. I would like to see more postings on this subject. Ed.
  24. 28 foot box trailer going to Michigan. Good equipment, winch available, can handle a body or engine also. No problems with heavy or difficult items. Call for a price. 413-543-9017 east coast business hours. Thanks, John