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  1. Don’t run the factory pistons. They fail........Been there, done that. 1600 is more than the 1200 I would expect. Be careful who you use.......lots of problems with established companies lately. PM me for additional insight. Do yourself a favor........you can’t build a Pierce motor on a budget. They are expensive.......and short cuts will cause them to pop. 

  2. The car had a hard life..........and had “upgrades” if memory serves me. The shop that restored it did a great job.......it was NOT an easy restoration........in fact, It was heroic. To be fair......there was ten times more to the story than published.  Fantastic car, and a great shop working out of their comfort zone.

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  3. 14 minutes ago, TAKerry said:

    According to the net Samuel Northrup Castle died in 1894, so it is unlikely he was the first owner. Perhaps one of his children. He was a missionary turned businessman. I didnt see any link of him to Dole pinapple though. 

    On his obituary it says........He was the financial backer of the Dole Pineapple empire.

  4. Graham Man, you are correct.....but removing castor stops death wobble..........and added castor returns the wheel to straight when you release the wheel......like a power steering return. With todays roads, we put castor down to 1/2 a degree. It causes some more steering effort......but it eliminates death wobble. We recently had a car that had a steering dampner on it for fifty years due to death wobble.......I pulled out the shims that were 2.5 degrees and took it down to .5 and the wobble was gone, and I removed the damper. Alignment, air pressure, front end components worn, and modern tires all make each case different. General rule of thumb on BIG pre war cars is 45 pound pressure in front tires, 1/8 inch toe in, 0.5 degrees castor. Check ride height, spring condition, and shackle pins. It's a big picture repair......shocks should also be serviced. I think front end/steering box/suspension is one of the most overlooked areas of drivability issues on cars today. Many people don't know how a car should steer and stop, and thus they think all old cars steer hard and stop poorly. The exact oppisite is true. It's my experience very few cars steered poorly. It's 100 years of wear, lack of service, and other issues that cause cars to perform poorly. 


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  5. Whats the worst thing about restoration?     EVERYTHING!


    Restoration work is difficult, and time consuming. 


    It is now ten times harder to restore a pre war car than it has ever been. And it's twenty times more expensive. Post war is mostly easier every year that passes........


    The nature of peoples family, social, and hobby time is quickly changing. People across the board have lees lesiure time.......and its impacting many hobbies in a negative way.

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  6. Caster shims almost always fix death wobble..........as long as the front end is tight. I keep them in stock in the shop..........I use the old fashioned alignment heads and turn plates, as I find trying to put modern alignment machine heads on old cars is almost always difficult to impossible. Also, for the cost of three alignments, I can now do all my cars in house.......and I am sure I am fussier than most of the young guys at the shops today.

  7. My answer would be.......depends. The year of the car, type of engine, ect. Remember that most cars didn't have a accellerator pump till the late 20's so adjusting the timing may or may not help depending on a bunch of things. My 1917 White has a magneto on it.....and adjusting the advance on the T head four valve makes almost no difference. Since it has a compression relese I just leave the steering quadrant at 2/3 advanced and start the car. By the late 20's most cars had automatic advance on the battery ignition. So, in general my answer would be.....it won't make much if any difference.  

  8. 46 minutes ago, Robert G. Smits said:

    Ed, a heartfelt thankyou for keeping me up every night for the past three months.  It has been a fantastic story that I have re read several times. Stay safe and away from hurricanes.  I trust that you have a safe shelter should one hit.

    The garage is much safer than our house........as a matter of fact, we go to the garage as a shelter in the event of any storm that is a two or higher. You can get some sleep now........the posting will slow. We will do a decent video......probably 20 minute or better. We can’t edit video, so it will be rough around the edges. But it will show it going down the road, going through the gears, ect. Looking forward to driving it now....

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  9. 15 minutes ago, SC38DLS said:

    You provide a fun vicarious ride for all of us these last few months during some otherwise trying times. Thank you for that and I hope you enjoy that Great White for many worry free enjoyable miles and years. 
    Have fun

    dave s 


    We will shoot a video soon with the tablet.....better sound, better field of view. And a nice drive along the ocean. Should have it done by the weekend. Then the thread will start winding down. Ed

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  10. Update:



    After a LONG journey we are now street legal with the White. Took it to lunch, and back to the shop to finish up the afternoon. Then took it out for a forty mile drive.....in southern Florida rush hour traffic. Car is getting better and better with every mile........I intended to adjust the brakes. With all the use they have new settled down and seem set in.......so, we will let them be for a while and see where we end up with them. It’s quite a blast to have a new to me car that is sorted before I ever drove it. It doesn’t have any bad habits. And with each new mile, familiarity becomes more and more routine. I’m happy with low and mid range performance........Idle needs improvement, and so does the top end. I’m in no hurry to tear into it now.......I think the best medicine is drive it. Finally took it to the gas station and filed it up. Speedo cable broke today......such is life.....I’m sure it’s just the first thing in a long list that goes south in the first thousand miles. I think the new tires will come sooner than I thought.........I think I have a wheel bearing issue to deal with, as well as inspecting the friction..........overall it’s a joy to drive. Flipped open the windshield and drove along the ocean and enjoyed the salt air breeze. This thing gets tons of looks. A well known car collector pulled up next to me at a light.....he has several Model J’s. He said fantastic car...........finally XXX bought an early car. (Referring to my employer) I smiled and said........nope.....this one belongs to the help.👍 It was a fun afternoon. Best, Ed.



    Last photo is Mar-A-Lago......with the big American Flag.





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