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  1. Our shop pick up truck made a funny noise the other day...........and then oil pressure dropped to 5psi. Fortunately it was easy to diagnose. Unfortunately the engine rpm was around 8500 rpm. With the problem we only turned a 9.81 in the quarter. Yes, this IS the every day shop truck/parts chaser. Failure was due to rod bolt over tightening as the torque wrench failed, unbeknownst to us. It was making about 1200 horsepower at the time of failure. Two rods failed, not all parts were recovered  internally...........


  2. On 7/15/2019 at 8:44 PM, Bloo said:


    It either works or it doesn't! As you mentioned it often doesn't, thats why I asked the question. Digital meters don't work at all on my 36 Pontiac. The good ones (Fluke, Tektronix) just lock up. Analog VOMs work fine, but generally don't have the resolution you need to set up a voltage regulator. Not everyone has an Allen or Sun generator test set laying around..... I am currently building an analog meter just for this purpose.


    Nothing better than a Fluke meter, you just need to buy the good one.......1200.00 Fluke is shielded from everything. I bought mine back in the 80’s and still works great.  I can run a 16 Cadillac without interference on the meter. Try that with one of the Harbor Freight units.

  3. 3 hours ago, trimacar said:

    I think in 20 years it's going to be very difficult to find quality upholstery work for early cars.


    It is already here... even with all the changes in the hobby, upholstery and chrome are now five times more difficult to source for top quality work.

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  4. 9 hours ago, alsancle said:

    The 120 is no more a Classic in the spirit of the club than the 442 we are talking about.   A great car, with a strong following but it is not what the CCCA is supposed to be about.   But, I'm torn because they are obviously struggling to keep the club going.     10 years ago I was about as militant as you could be about keeping the club pure.   These days I'm a little more open minded.


    Btw Ed,   this is a dead ringer for my HS car and checks all the boxes.   You need to talk me out of it.







    If you buy that post war production tXxxh, I’m going to tell you wife all about you Pebble Beach escapades......while she stays home and minds the farm and the children. 

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  5. Fisk and Federal tires were manufactured In Chicopee Massachusetts, the main plant is still standing, last used by Uniroyal in the early 80’s. The great grandson of the founder of Fisk tire is a sales representative in my family business for twenty years. If the car as from Connecticut, the Fisk/Federal would have been a current local replacement in the 30’s. My guess is it’s NOT the original, but from the second set. Did Stude have build sheets? Cadillac and others often did, and with SOME companies you could have a choice of new tires on a special order.......but usually just two or three. Most cars built for inventory all had the same brand, black or white wall. Nice car.

  6. Business models that  worked for years are now out the window in many areas of the economy. Skilled workers, fixed costs, insurance, the list is endless. Sometimes a business is sold, and the new people just don’t have what it takes. More often, it’s structural changes in the way products and services are delivered... Amazon, the online marketplace... things change... and for many of us, it’s often not for the better. Progress can be a difficult thing for everyone involved.

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  7. The X from the  Guyton collection went to a guy in his very early 50’s from my guess. I had a drink with him, and he has a few interesting cars. In the Pierce Arrow Society we have a bunch of younger members, including several ladies who have their own Pierce. The Franklin Club has some younger people also. Exposure to a classic Car will often make new converts to the type.......but for years prices were an issue for younger people. Today you can buy a nice sedan for the same money as a 69 Chevy ragtop, so I think over the next few years I think we will see more younger people. 

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  8. Curt, I was referring to AJ saying he was willing to buy the Olds 442...............I have been trying to restrict his collection to interesting pre war stuff..............so I can borrow them when I am in town.......as he tends to buy interesting things. I was aware that the Auburn 6 was not a CCCA listed car.............but they are very nice cars, and offer a great value into a running car for the ACD events and club.👍

  9. If your problem really is vapor lock, the best solution is to run a return line from the carb back to the tank. You can run an electric fuel pump at the factory pressure, and you will never have a problem again. You must be careful to install the line in a safe way in the event of an accident. The return line needs to be smaller than the main line. The fuel will circulate and eliminate the problem. We can only buy E10 in many states, and if you want to really drive the car, you need to make it run right on the modern fuels available.