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  1. Look at the big picture........shipping or hauling a car to a tour, hotel, fuel, tolls, food, vacation time, ect..............I refuse to overheat! EVER! Thus I only fix the car correctly.......I can work extra hours and make more money, I can't get back my time or heartache from a bad tour.

  2. Who wants a new car? We have three every day rides, a 1986 S-10 Pick up, 2.0 stick with nothing for options, a 2005 Ford Focus plain Jane with air, nothing else, and a 2005 GMC Crew Cab Dually Duramax with an Allison. Rather spend my money on cool old car junk.

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  3. Back in 2000 I bought a Pierce Arrow V-12 that had been sitting with the same tires since the war. I intended to go through the entire car before I even tryed to start it.......welll, a few buddies came over, had a few beers, and we tossed in a battery and fired it up. I ran very well on gas that was at lest thirty years old, and we took her for a spin. Car just kept running better every time I drove it, and we must have put on 150 miles the first week. Got it up to speed and the car drove fantastic at 70 mph. I decided to replace the tires and tubes to really test the car out on a local tour. A week goes by after the tires arrive and I bring the car down to a friends restoration shop to start on the first two tires. Took the front drivers tire off, laid if flat on the ground and removed the valve stem to deflate it. I then jumped up on the tire to test how stiff the sidewall was going to be and see if the bead would release. My foot went straight through the sidewall punching a hole the exact same size of my 14 boot! It was like a candid camera or Three Stooges skit. My buddies fell over laughing, from my reaction and the fact all of us were driving around at high speed on tires that were literally falling apart, but looked fine. Lesson learned, I replace all the tires on every car I buy unless I can prove they are less than five years old, and change them all out at ten years or half tread left.  A photo of the car below the day I bought it......I'm sitting on the right.


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  4. On 10/13/2019 at 5:35 PM, 1937hd45 said:

    Wonder how all the professional car haulers handle this problem with six cars on their way to and from Pebble Beach and other points during the year? Bob 



    They usually don’t mess with the car, if it has a cutoff they only use it if you request it.

  5. I was walking with a friend who has one of those apple gizmos, and he was walking the grid each day, stopping at most pre war spots that were vending, he said Wednesday he did 22 miles........so 15 miles each day is probably a fair estimate if you always on the go. I know now in my 50’s I no longer sit down to eat or take a brake......it’s too hard to get up and moving again if I stop for more than just a minute or two. 

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  6. Not trying to be difficult, but I have never seen a car with an overheating issue that I couldn’t identify the cause in less than a few hours. I recommend taking it to a shop with experienced people......yup, it will cost money.

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