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  1. In a few special garages they are still used and maintained every day. Three passed through my hands during my shift today. They just needed a little bit of attention. The P2 on the other hand was a lot of work.
  2. According to the club, they made 901 8-80’s. How many survive? Probably less than 15 would be my guess.
  3. edinmass

    Barn Find!

    He ended up buying the Blackhawk. I sent him an application for the Stutz club. His plan is to clean it up and drive it as is.
  4. edinmass


    I'll chime in at 650-700
  5. edinmass


    Anyone want to play guess the hammer price on the car coming up for sale at RM in Saint Louis?
  6. edinmass


    There are a few living in the Miami Beach area, but they seldom get out.
  7. Avoid all tires made in China except the Sailun’s they are fantastic.
  8. For years I have posted countless time for people not to weld any cast iron head or block. Most of the time they never listen. Amazingly the stitchers can often fix things the welders mess up. Matt seems to be very talented and I’m sure he will be my go to guy when Frank retires. Th kits that are sold over the counter are just “ok” if your talented. Frank makes all his own locks, pins, and clips. He also uses his own special thread, material, and most importantly he sharpens his drills in a certain way. After you have drilled a million or two holes in cast iron you get pretty good at it. 90 percent of it is preparation, and a good plan, understanding the casting and it’s flow points. Trust me on this.......never try do do this yourself with a kit from eBay. The learning curve is huge. Also, what would take me many hours to do Frank does in an hour, maybe less. Ever seen an air powered tap? The thought of using a power tap in a cast iron block sends shivers down my back. Sight, sound, and feel are all important feedback in the process. Getting all the holes sealed to pressure test the repair is also very challenging. Every time I take a casting to Frank for a small repair, he always finds more cracks than I have, often times they can be left alone. In forty years of repairing old cars, he is one of the very few people who’s advice I always take.
  9. Cosdel is out of SanFrancisico , just google them. The are without question the best in the business. They will make recommendations, listen to them. Processing time and additional paperwork and handeling occur at certain points of entry. Also many places have longer lines, thus longer clearing times. Cosdel has handeled customs for me seven times in the last two years, no issues, no problems, all paperwork was right on. Trust me, the LAST thing you want is an inexperienced fright company handeling cars. Ed
  10. I would be happy with “comfortable” anything more than fifteen or twenty exotic CCCA Classics seems excessive to me........
  11. Dog trophy.........LKA must be Los Angeles Kennel Association.
  12. Yup.......he has done a bunch of heads and blocks for me.......never a failure, never a problem.
  13. At this point I would pull the other head to clean the coolant passages, and call it a day. You have to stop somewhere. You can always deal with rings and valves if you ever have a problem. It was running good before you pulled it. You could ring and valve it ten or fifteen thousand miles down the road in the car, and the only extra expense in the future is gaskets. While doing things right is always my motto, there has to be an end to it. With the cracks fixed, and all the cosmetic improvements you are at least adding value for all you work. Get the radiator flushed and tested. Fix the wiring harness, and paint and elbow grease. Start putting it back togeather ASAP, your always busy, don’t back off the project.........push to get it done. Then take some time off from it to prevent burn out on it. Six or eight months after it’s done, all will be forgotten. Then you can enjoy it with your family.
  14. Take it to the San Marino Classic, for sale signs are not allowed, picnic by it, and offer it to intrested parties. I’ll be there with a Blue Pierce Arrow. Nice car, but difficult to sell today. Under rated and under appreciated platform.
  15. Don’t assume you can get the car out...........just because you own it doesn’t mean you can get it to clear customs. I only recommend Cosdel, anyone else is a gamble. That said, call and ask them for their opinion. Good luck. Ed