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  1. There are lots of changes going on in the hobby right now. The only certainty is the hobby will be different than how I grew up in it. No one is going to throw cars away, but the values will fluctuate with supply and demand. Also, I belong to “two” clubs that only have an email chain.........no dues, no magazine, nothing.......just a quick email that goes out with an idea.......let’s meet at a hotel in Cape Cod for three days. Several spots are chosen to visit. It’s all done on the fly. Do as you please when you arrive, drive as much or as little as you like. That’s the way some people are now enjoying the hobby. In some ways I like it, in other ways I don’t. I expect there will be more of this and other things we have yet to see. Time will tell. Best guess that there will be fewer clubs, with more diverse membership and interests. There will be tours, shows, and events.......I am quite sure they will be done and organized differently. Look at this site we are on now..............it’s only 20 years old...........Ed
  2. Is interest in pre war cars fading? Here are fifty Pierce Arrows on tour this week in the mid west.
  3. If you have Evans, you will have leaks. Seems it’s a smaller molecule and tends to seep past clamps and such. So I have been told by people who use it.
  4. Didn’t George Albright own that thing?
  5. Try the Cadillac LaSalle Club website. Best bet to find information is there.
  6. I have driven on evapo rust as a coolant in a car for over 1000 miles, including a national tour. The car was an older restoration that had plain water left in it in a heated garage. The water was a pure red rust color, and looked like it has coco powder floating in it. The car was not over heating, but was pushing water out of the over flow tube, so as I would drive it, it ran hotter from lack of coolant. I flushed the thing five times, and only got marginal improvement, and the green anti freeze turned crap brown in fifteen minutes every time. Had a national tour to go on, and I wanted to take the car. Since I could carry enough extra water to add while driving and would only have to do it every fifty miles, I figured ok.........I will try the evapo rust and see what I get. Before the tour I put it in at full strength and ran the car twenty five miles. The yellow almost instantly turned pure black, a chemical reaction to the iron oxide in the system. The car was already running cooler on the gauge than before, and within 100 miles it totally stopped pushing coolant out the overflow. Obviously it was opening up the passages in the radiator. I did the tour, and left it in all summer. Finally I decided to drain it and take a look at the system before winter to add freeze protection. The entire system looked like it was shot blasted and a new casting. It really was that clean. I was stunned. Two years later I had a head crack, so we pulled it off to replace it. The entire block was spotless.......the only thing left in the water jackets were old sand casting rods that had been stuck in the engine when new and not removed. They rotted away, probably causing half the issues.........and after the evapo rust, just sat there looking like welding rods in the passages. Evapo rust will not help if you have organic junk in the system.......if a mouse makes a nest, your in trouble. I also have a new twist I use evapo rust for today. If I am going to pull a running and worn out engine to rebuild it, I do the treatment before I take it down. Yes, the rebuild will clean the block out fine, but this way, I get to use it to clean the radiator Ahead of time, making the flushing process on the car much easier and less likely to cause leaks when back flushing with pressure. Works like a charm. I have been able to take old radiators that were marginal after a regular back flush and get them back to 90 percent of when they were new. I love the stuff.
  7. Auction was ended by the seller. It was around 8500 when I last looked. So much for no reserve! Obviously they wanted a lot more than where the car going to end up. Read between the lines..........."
  8. Like a hole in the head........seems all I do now is fix cars 90 percent of my time, and drive them about five percent......the rest? I seem to have lost along the way.
  9. It’s just a car. With a lot of analog switches. If all the wiring harnesses have been replaced, all you need is to understand the switches. Not impossible, just time consuming. It wouldn’t bother me in the least.
  10. Let me tell you.......I don't need a car, and I have never owned a Packard. I am trying to stay away from the auction. For some reason, this car is grabbing my attention.
  11. Old cars are simple.......I don’t think so. Playing the guitar is simple........I can’t even get a single note out of one. They are different skill sets. I have no musical abilities, I can’t play an instrument or carry a tune, and a I have terrible pitch. I can fix any car, from any era, no matter how difficult........but it’s been a lifetime of experience and ambition to get to where I am now with my skill set. Fact is, cars require two things that are hard to come by. Time and money. Give me both and I can have any car running and driving perfectly. Limit me to either one or the other, and the car is a royal pain in the ass. Old cars are NOT easy.......for 99 percent of the population. They can be a joy, or a torture device. The people who make their living in the hobby have seen it time and time again. Most people come in and out of the hobby within seven years. Few, stay for a lifetime. Some cars are much more challenging to own than others. If you can hold the line, and work out all the problems, you will eventually have a good car. Most people quit long before the car is fixed and sorted correctly. Ed
  12. Let’s see, you can buy a HCCA approved car for less then 15k, and even as low as 12k. Here we see a very nice “not a mess” CCCA driving car at under 10k. I think one can easily state that the “entry level cars” have been dropping for the last four years. Soon nice cars like this Packard may be left outside, as it makes no economic sense to store them inside in decent storage. How much cheaper can car like this get......take a good look at this Packard.
  13. Works if they are just a bit loose, but they will dry out again. No free lunch........you got to have them done over. The Amish do them for a reasonable price. Stutzman is the guys name, search on the site here. Also, they are buys, so it can take a while. Ed