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  1. Having driven Ford trucks for 40 years then switching to two new general motors 3500 series diesel trucks in the last two years. I can tell you I will never buy another GM again , two engines in two months. And one Allison transmission shredded to chips. I miss my old 7.3 L Ford !
  2. They can be done for a reasonable price in the water transfer type decal. You just need a good photo or camera ready art. Do a google search using a term like custom water transfer or such, you will find them. Expect a cost of 200 to 300 per sticker. They usually make about 20-50 of them in a batch depending on size.
  3. Sure, they have “pretty nice lines”, and I am a fan of several different model Auburns, and one of the very first cars I ever drove was a 1929 speedster............but the body style just does nothing for me...........I rather a town car, or a Enclosed Drive Limousine than the four door ragtop with roll up windows. I guess it can be chalked up to an additional eccentricity, to be add to my personality deficit list.
  4. Nope. I would sell sell the factory convertible sedan body and build a replica taper tail. 😆
  5. Auburnseeker - Just because something isn’t my cup of tea, it doesn’t make it any less of a car. I particularly like club sedans. Lots of people won’t own one either. After 45 years in the hobby, I just know what I don’t want. As they say, to each his own!
  6. John, I will not own a convertible sedan. They just have too many reasons to pass on them. The order of body styles I posted is the current order for the new younger collectors.......a Coupe on RARE pre war stuff is often much more expensive than the convertible coupe. So it’s roadster, Coupe, Conv Coupe, Sport phaeton, Touring, Club Sedan, Conv Sedan......ect. I didn’t list Conv Victoria because many companies didn’t offer them. I would place it between the Conv Coupe and phaeton. As always, there maybe one specific car or case where the above doesn’t apply. Recently, in the mega car category, coupes have far exceeded Conv Coupe prices. The market today is VERY driven by style, and most of the custom car coupes look better than the rag top.
  7. Great car......at a bargain price. Good driver. Someone is going to have a good time with that machine.......
  8. Any collector item.......car, coin, stamp, painting, beer can........what ever it is, the true value of the item is what you can get for it in 24-48 hours. The “dump or cash out” price. Demographics and generational shift are causing adjustments in all areas of collectable items. Younger people are not car centric like most of us were thirty or more years ago. Just about everyone here went from a bicycle, lawn mower, mini bike, go cart, motorcycle, ect..........mechanical things were in and part of our lives. Guns, fishing tackle, ect........today’s kids don’t build tree forts, hunt, fish, chop wood, cut and stack hay bales..........how about raising livestock then butchering it and putting it on the table. Lifestyles are changing and the technology shift, social media, on line market places, it all adds up to what most of us would call homogenized youth.............they have very little interest in any one hobby, sport, pastime, ect. For many people today it’s about image and lifestyle according to their new modern style of living.........and their discretionary dollars are far fewer, further between, and focused on things that we do not own. Wait till home ownership goes out of fashion...........and try and sell you home. Things change and evolve, people tend to stay the way they are..........don’t have all your eggs in one basket. I went from over twenty cars down to four....I have written off all my cars in my possession to zero value...........even though they add up to a chunk of my net worth..........I don’t intend to sell them while living, and if I had too, the overall loss would be 70 percent of my investment. I made a bunch of money in the old car hobby, and spent much more than I ever gained, and in the end will be in the hole for well over half a mile(large). Such is life, the money spent on vacation, weddings, funerals, parties, ect........the cash is gone. I can’t take it with me. The older I get the less I worry about money..........I wanted to retire early, and found out the more I work the happier I am. Now while still in my early 50’s I’m putting in more hours than I was twenty years ago, and I really don’t mind it at all. I also figured out I will work as long as I can......till my body will no longer let me..........sitting in front of the tv doesn’t interest me. Fixing things and interacting with people is what I enjoy, so I use my skill set to keep busy, make a few bucks, and interact with people with similar interests. Little known fact........every month or two I help people out on this site with their car problems..........to the extent that I should probably be paid for it.......I just do it to help people out. The reward is a thank you and a new friend or acquaintance. Makes my life full, interesting, and busy. What more could one ask for? Sunday I worked on a Jeep for a local guy who had five shops try and fix it......a CJ-8 converted to fuel injection. It would barley run, and there was no way to hook the system to a computer or scanner for troubleshooting. I used my Fluke DVOM, and went back to the basics, testing my memory trying to remember Chrysler computer fuel control diagnostics and values. Fixed the thing in less than half an hour........felt good about it. It was fun to drive a Jeep again like back in my high school days. Now I also remember why I don’t own one today! Enough rambling.............it doesn’t matter how much money you have in a car, how rare it is, what year, color, ect.............it’s only worth what supply and demand dictates. I understand we may not like it, but reality is what it is.
  9. Yes, you can damage the block and blow out the lands the plug sits in.......been there, done that. Use brass plugs, steel require more force, and rot out. I would fill the block with evapo rust, straight, and let it soak for a while. Also, when the block gets hot it expands, so be sure they are installed tight, or when you climb a hill they will pop out from the heat expanding the block.......don’t ask how I know.
  10. CCCA has had “early” Caravans, and some family friendly for children and budget. Most of the time they are in a resort area, and thus the “budget” tour is rather steep for most of us working people........which is by the way, 90 percent of the CCCA membership. Certain single marque clubs like Pierce Arrow, Franklin, and yes.......Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg meets and tours are very affordable. Others, are NOT for the working man. You have to navigate your way, pick and choose, and usually a very enjoyable time can be had across the spectrum.
  11. One more short comment on ANY pre war car.......the younger generation of old car buyers almost exclusively want two doors.........touring cars and sport phaetons were once the top of the heap, now it's roadsters, coupe, conv coupe, phaeton, touring, club sedan, town car, conv sedan, and sedan.......basicly in the exact order I listed the cars. Many collectors will not buy a convertible sedan for a bunch of reasons, and having owned more than 50 pre war cars, I have never purchased one even to flip.......they have always been a hard sell.
  12. I would not tow 10k with a F150 with any engine and trans combo, at 10k even a F350 dually is going to be getting pushed around. A half ton truck is ok to haul a lawnmower or other light load. You won’t realize how under powered and light the brakes are till you get in a sticky situation, by then it’s often too late. 2500 Heavy Duty truck is the absolute minimum you should be using to haul a car, and then, I would only use it on the flats for short distances.
  13. The guy who dumped 22 million on the Duesenberg last August didn’t get the above memo......
  14. Great car, market is very soft EXCEPT on the coupe and Conv coupe. That said, I agree with above, the market is fluid and spotty, and it would be easy to have five times the investment in it than you can sell it for. Also, cars that sit on the market for too long end up being difficult to sell, I would not use an auction of any type to sell the car. Lately I have seen a lot of people refuse a very close offer to what their real number was, and pass over one or two thousand, and late they find that was the only offer they had. There are lots of cars for sale, and unlike years past, you not only need to compete with the 1933 Plymouth people selling their stuff.......the co-equal dollar cars in the market mean people have much more choice for their dollar........IE- you can get a lot more bang for your buck today.
  15. Think of it this way, if the winch is too small, you may as well not have it, if it’s too big, it will work easier, and last longer, and not give any issues. I often hunt barn finds, and big old pre war iron, they often have flat tires or locked up wheels. Having a 12,000 winch is a godsend, and they are not that much more money and are about the same size as the smaller ones. I just installed a new 12k a few months ago.....no regrets. You equipment is NEVER heavy enough or over maintained enough. Over kill is the best option.
  16. No tour for me this week...........although my ride to breakfast Sunday morning will be in a 851!
  17. Cars were driven hundreds of millions of miles on points and condensers, and having dealt with both pertronix and conventional, and I drive cars a lot more than most, keep the points.
  18. edinmass

    19" LOCK RINGS

    All lock rings are NOT interchangeable, use caution, be sure you get the correct one for your application.
  19. Yes, CCCA Caravan is going on in up state and northern NJ.
  20. If you need an EX-32, send me a PM and I can give you a number to call. The EX-32 fit LOTS of cars, you need to be sure you get the correct one.......they are all very different.
  21. With AJ at the wheel, the thing wouldn’t even do 50mph. Bet I could wring out every bit of HP out of one.........beat it like a redheaded stepchild..........and as our shop motto goes..........”drive it like you stole it!”.
  22. First the mud is gone.......then the port-a-potties...............now the stink of the sewage plant............not sure there is much reason to attend anymore.......all the fun stuff is disappearing!
  23. On a speedster project, it probably would be easier to make new intake and exhaust manifolds by the cut and weld method. Parts from this era are very scarce, and almost everyone is looking for the same items. 40.00 for the heater back in the day was HUGE money. Guess the electric heater in the fuel bowl from 1913-1914 were causing too many fires.
  24. Regardless of year, make, and model of car...........it would have sold if priced at market. Now I understand leaving negotiation room, but if you were just 1000 over market you would have had some offers. I have no clue as to the value, as I am a pre war guy. Fact is that today.........MOST cars sell on price............and with a very large supply of cars and less people buying them, most every car needs to be priced “attractively” to sell in a short period of time. It is astounding how many collector cars are for sale right now.........demographics are coming into play in ways that are hard to predict. Also, selling can be a real pain in the a—, so unless a car has a very high value, you could spend many days wasting your time trying to squeeze every dollar out of it. Good luck with the sale, it looks like a very nice truck.