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  1. Well, if it runs and drives currently, what difference does it make. The small block Chevy engine is so inexpensive, just start by buying another core engine of the year and configuration you want, and build that one while you drive it around. A four bolt block is very common, we use to throw them away in the 80’s because they weren’t worth storing. Why make you life difficult. Just get another engine to work with. Ed
  2. Looks like a new old stock super muscle car......right color, right options, and priced at half the restoration cost. If your a Ford guy, this car has to float your boat.
  3. The car was continually customized by the owner, and by 1936 he added wheel disks, chrome side mount covers, additional lights, trunk rack, a rear speedo, and a bunch of other stuff. Add on that he owned 7 Model J's and his home was just a few hundred miles to the North, its very possible its the same car.
  4. I would accept the offer of four thousand. The car with no title is worth about 2500 give or take. Lots of history and an interesting car, but very little monatary value. Would make a nice parts car for someone who has one or two similar cars. But just the cost of shipping it is prohibitive.
  5. AJ- I look forward to selling you a bunch of rare, obscure, and EXPENSIVE parts in thr very near future.
  6. No......in my younger days I was stuck on Cadillacs.......I was abused as a youth. Found my way to the world of Pierce Arrow next.......now I’m sort of a well rounded 30’s guy. 😎
  7. Grog......there is another thread about the meet under thr Meets & Tours header. I’ll be there showing a car for thr first time. I expect it will be a great weekend. You can attend without a car no worries. I attended AACA meets since 1971, and only joined a few years ago.
  8. Steve......you gotta buy some of the more common cars like AJ has in his garage..........
  9. I have a pole building up north in New England. It was built back in the early 70’s and has held up well, but back then they looked much more like a traditional red barn, and it fits in well with the neighborhood They are fragile and very often look out of place. They suffer wind damage easily. With the big snow loads the roofs must be rather steep, or they will collapse. The metal buildings often suffer the same fate. My pole building is only used for long term parts storage for safety. The main shop is jointed masonry with a concret roof also. Fireproof, safe, and we never have had any issues at all. Modern zoning laws restrict almost all metal building to industrial zones today. Pole building are mostly prohibited, so having something in your yard at home almost always means stick built.
  10. Made of unobtainum! Neat car!👍
  11. Last I knew it was in Central Massachuetts in a collection with two or three others. They were all for sale at the time.
  12. Bob, I sold off several big cars that weren’t getting used much, and the room, cash, and insurance expense were all great benefits. Problem with a T is you don’t get much room or cash when you sell it. Besides T’s will always sell quickly if priced at market. Not much up side to selling it, and lots of down side if it’s you only brass car. If you do sell it, it’s easily replaced. Since a T can sit for years, and be ready to tour with about five hours work, I say let it sit. PS- My 15 T has been laid up for two years, and has another two to go.
  13. 1934- I know someone who can fix it! Better yet, buy one that’s already done and sorted.....where have I heard that before?
  14. If you can’t have fun with that, your just not trying!
  15. I know for certain that one of the survivors is going to be driving down the road on New Years Day to go out to breakfast in sunny Florida. 👍
  16. Looks good to me! You keep plugging away and it will get finished. It’s a huge building for only one person to work on. Add in work, family, car stuff, ect......it’s understandable why things progress slowly. It’s much nicer than a pole building or one of those cheap tin type units. Having it at the house is a huge plus. Keep the updates coming.......👍
  17. Wayne.......paint two or three coats, and use the dyna mat......great stuff......Ed
  18. Dave.....the Duesenberg in the magazine was the original colors, as ordered by Gary Cooper.
  19. The fast car......some of the records stood for thirty years............this one in 1934 averaged 128 mph for 24 hours making 235 hp. This is the car that made Bonnevill Salt Flats what it is today. Pierce Arrow was the grand daddy of all the fast cars......
  20. Would like to make a smart assed comment, but don’t want to offend anyone..........remember the 112 mph over 24 hours was an average speed. For several hours they averaged over 120 mph........no one came close for years, and when they did it was a factory special, not a stock car. (There was a long list of others that tried and failed for years.) Can you name another engine that would hold together for 24 hours back in the day? Although not very pretty and rather industrial in its layout, thr factory stock 185 horse power was a conservative rating. Our super stock version makes 226 horse power with ease and reliability. There are lots of great platforms from the thirties, all diffrent and unusual, and great fun to collect. Im quite sure the 810/812 guys like their toys as much as I like mine......and it’s all in good fun. Somehow AJ, I think after another 18 months, you will see things my way. “Dexit et facit” which is Latin for............Insert obnoxious Pierce Arrow owners ditty........😎
  21. Dialed in and tricked out they are great cars.....another platform that can be challenging for most owners. Rival all other cars of the 30’s?, I would comment not even close. The people who own them are mostly an enthusiastic group and lots of fun to hang and drive around with. Fit, finish, and build quaility on the car suffered, as did reliability early on. I’m not dumping on them, I like them and have one on my list to own before I die...........but there are lots of great cars out there, all diffrent but special in their own speciality. The platform wouldn’t even make it into my top ten list, and probably not my top 20 either.
  22. At the REVS institute in Naples Florida. Back in July of 1986 I was at a show in Massachusetts looking at the 1932 Twin Six Custom Dietrich Pheaton owned by Dick Dewey at the time. While pondering the rear door window that flips up and out when the door was opened, a gentleman came up to me and asked if I liked the window set up. I said yes, it’s very cool. He then went on to explain that while he was a college student at the university of Michigan he designed that window and door hinge for his senior project in the automotive design class. Unfortunately I was too young to realize what a special thing that was, so I never got his name.
  23. I had my health scare seven years ago in my mid 40’s. I’m down 135 lbs, and can fit in all my cars again. Nothing more important than family, friends, and taking care of you health. I got lucky and pulled through without too many lasting complications. New lease on life, new attitude on living life. Spending more time with family, friends, and cars. My only regret is I didn’t doo it ten years sooner. Photos are six years ago and this summer. Still fighting the beltline every day.......a never ending battle.