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  1. Brings back memories of the gas lines............many of these big cars sat in the garage while the owners went out and bought little Japanese cars.
  2. Well, the car haulers are in the neighborhood, and we have been helping to out unload all the pony cars for the show. I'm not a post war sports car guy, but the stuff here sure is interesting. The cars come from all over the globe, and the show is top notch. Not cheap to get in, sort of like Pebble or Quail, but the cars can't be beat if you like the era. Sunday is the big finish at Mar-A-Lago for the best of the best display. Always a good time.
  3. I use my tablet on the road, go to the satellite view of the lot, and figure out if they have good parking at or near the hotel. Usually I have very expensive cars, so I like to be able to see the truck from my window, sometime I have to pay more.....most of the time I don't. Best tip is get up and on the road EARLY- 4 am is best, then I stop by 3 or 4 in the afternoon, beats the worst of the traffic, parking is easy, early dinner and off to bed. Many years of on the road teach you to find your sweet spot. I tend to stay at places I have in the past 80 percent of the time...........too may years and too many miles behind the wheel.......
  4. Lots of good advice.........but that is a BIG project, and I have been at this for more than 40 years. Maybe take a tour with the Ford T or A guys, and get a taste of the hobby first? That car is no faster or better than a T but it will be twenty five times the work.........which is fine.....if your eyes are open before you start.
  5. Gotta love the chandelier bids............and the good old by bidding for his cousin or brother in law. Fact of the matter is, most good and great cars have people waiting in line for them long before the owner wants to sell. Basically its a numbers game. Not to be insulting, but any car under 100k is just run of the mill, inventory, sales unit, ect. Before anyone complains, 100k is just about what a new Cadillac SUV or a GMC loaded pick up will cost you now. Have you seen the price of a 25 horsepower John Deere tractor lately? 30-35K! Thus, using supply and demand, you don't get to the "major collector car level" till you hit six figures. Now, that being said, 90 percent of the fun cars I have ever owned and driven for long periods of time were less than 50k. And most of them were in the 25k range.
  6. There is a reason there are five or seven different auction houses, and why basicly two or maybe three get all the "good stuff". I won't go into details, but auction spots are limited as Matt said, and thus, unless a big collection has a few low ball cars, you don't see the bottom feeder and modified cars at the big two houses. They want numbers, eye appeal, and future business, that's why when you see a pre war or large dollar rebodied classic at BJ or one of the other houses, it's usually for a reason, like a estate manager who doesn't know what they are doing, someone who has burned their relationship with the big two, ect. The last thing you want to do is send you car to an auction that isn't the right venue...........and people do it all the time. Watch the dealers who buy at auctions......thay are all over the cars that are in the "wrong place" which means less bidders, less competition, and lower prices. Ask anyone in the industry who works for one of the auction houses what a "good" or 'great" auction car is.......... it has nothing to do with the year, make, or model. It's numbers, eye appeal, and condition. When was the last time you saw an unrestored car run through one of the big sales that wasn't 250 or 500k or better. If your looking to buy a car at auction, the first thing you need to ask yourself BEFORE you even look at the car in person is.......why is this car here..........and that usually will give you an indication if it's worth your time. Ed
  7. Looks great, and it's impressive that you are develpoing your own skills and making it yourself. Shaping metal is an interesting skill.........it's incredible how many different ways people attempt and complete the same process.
  8. That’s easy......documentation. Have it or lose. Simple fact of the 18th green. Have iron clad documentation. Most cars have a three ring binder to deal with any possible issue. Unless you have been there it’s hard to explain. Nothing is left to chance with the people who are actually competing.
  9. Year, make, model.........and a photo wouldn’t be bad either..........
  10. Matt, I would disagree with the over restoration on cars at Pebble Beach. They have the best marque judges available anywhere. It you over restore, incorrectly plate, have incorrect accessories, it’s going to cost you.....BIG TIME. If you give away one single point at Pebble, not only do you not get best in class.......you’re out of any trophy running. In the major classes, 100 points in the normal standard. You need the extra points for the tour and style to make the grade and win an award. Our class winner last year and runner up to best of show was not over or under restored..........we put the car back to the exact way it was delivered. Yes, we had photos inside and out from 1929 when the car was new. The car was sent back to the factory and had additions of lights, chrome, covers, ect and we also had that documentation, but the current standard is to show the cars in their original colors, exactly as delivered, without a bunch of accessories unless documented as installed when new. Many restorations are done for Pebble, and then after the show they are “finished to the owners desires”, as many times what will win is not what the final product that the owner wants. A single wrong fastener or piece of hardware and your done.........that’s why you see me comment so much on incorrect fuel line fittings, lines, and such. My best, Ed
  11. I never knew there was such a thing here.........LOL...........just hunted around to find the list. Thanks for the heads up! Ed
  12. Every car I saw at Pebble Beach last year in the winners circle(first in class) was base coat/clear coat. I agree with the looks plastic vs paint had depth comment. We actually consider this every time we paint a car. We use test panels in many different sources of light to determine how it will look under all conditions. It’s a lot of work and harder than you think. Many colors that look great in sunlight fall flat on a cloudy day. I like my stuff to look good all the time, so we work hard at understand how light effects the perception of the color. Often just changing the shade a slight amount will make it look good under all conditions.
  13. There is a tool called a Breke Doktor that is made just for your problem. They are difficult to find. Your going to have to somehow grind/cut the material down. If you do it by hand it won’t be flat and the surface area will not be in full contact. Dust is an obvious issue.
  14. Stewart, what is your location? I will be at the Florida ACD meet next month, and I am sure someone will know the car.
  15. Are you an ACD club member? They also have a forum that is broken down by marque. They probably can help, as the 810/812 cars are a tight knit group. Great car. Ed
  16. Mark, my brother-in-law will be coming down south in a few weeks, he has an enclosed 48 foot trailer heading to Miami. Depending on timing maybe he can haul your car down.
  17. Mark, if you are going to haul the car home from upstate NY yourself, you should stop by and see John Cislak in Indian Orchard Mass on your way home. It will be only about 15 miles out of your way, and he can help you with almost any parts you may need. He can also go over the car by eye for you and offer some advice. John and I were on the tour with your car about ten years ago in upstate. PM me for his information. Good luck with the new car! Ed
  18. What does it mean TODAY? Absolutely nothing!
  19. There must have been a special on brown paint early in the decade! Could be an early Bill Harrah's tour........
  20. Franklin Hershey did a handful of cars in that same basic style. On a Model J they called it a Town Limousine. Interesting chrome tire cover which I also have seen on some of his other one off cars. He was still designing cars in thr mid fifties, and the Ford Thunderbird is his best known work.
  21. The big green Simplex was local to me in Western Mass for decades, and recently traded hands, it was bought new by the Atwater-Kent family.
  22. More and more, cars make NO ECONOMIC SENSE, that said, why should they. I buy and drive what I like, to hell with the money/cost/out. While I don’t want to flush money down the drain, a well lived life for a car guy with gasoline in his veins means owning and driving interesting vehicles. Keeping it in perspective and within ones means is reasonable, but I have made and lost seven figures on cars in the aggregate, in the end, what does it matter. I have had more fun than any reasonable person could expect. And I’m still doing it. I plan to die broke, shrouds don’t have pockets. Ed PS- One can always make more money, no one can buy more time.......no matter how much you have. Drive you car.......your time is shorter than you realize.