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  1. Bob,, just because AJ Owens the speedster, he really isn’t in charge of the finish date........I know for a fact the time line is getting pushed up........It’s just that I can’t spill the beans on why. Till then, com on down and we will spin up the DV.......it’s fast and fun. Ed
  2. Gas was probably E15 and not marked at the pump. It will boil at 107 degrees if memory serves me. I like my cars 100 percent stock. To be honest, any car post 1972 I would be tempted to run a aftermarket throttle body on, with an electric fuel pump. It will eliminate a bunch of issues.......vapor lock, hot soak, hard starting in the heat, fuel mixture under all conditions will be correct. I hate to surrender to the fuel problem, but basically you car would end up being much more enjoyable and it’s basically a hidden upgrade and easily reversed. Recently I helped a neighbor do a similar conversion down here in souther Florida. It was a very low mileage car, and now it runs and starts like it should........it was a 50/50 proposition to get it running when it was over 90 degrees down here.
  3. I would love a copy. The speedster is getting put back on the front burner. And, we have a very nice one off DV-32 you can go for a ride in any time your down south. Ed
  4. There is a great car........no reserve. I don’t dare look at the auction again......I don’t want to bid! If it has an overdrive it would be perfect. someone is going to get a fantastic car.
  5. Bob, just sign out and then sign back in, it’s the resolution that is causing the problem. Try it, works fine. Only takes about ten seconds. Fantastic photos.......I have never seen them before. Also, I have never seen the car with wheel disks on it. Keep posting please! Ed PS- you have earned a ride in a cool car.......if you come south let me know, and we will go for a spin in something interesting.
  6. Carl, I don’t drive to the edge all the time, to be honest, I only do it to be sure a car is performing correctly. Even with a “perfect” car, it’s still 90 year old metal......and fatigue and previously unknown accidents and damage can put ones life at risk. Safety is number on with all my cars.......to the extent it can be achieved. Now.......don’t get me wrong, taking a Model J Duesenberg up to the absolute edge of performance is a fantastic thrill, and I do it very, very seldom; and only for a few seconds. We often will cruise our Model J’s at 70 mph while on tour........even on back roads, they like to run hard and fast, and we drive always drive according to road conditions. BUT knowing the car is safe and steady at higher speed confirms the cars safe operation at 65 or 70. Interestingly, Duesenbergs are really as fantastic as their reputations. For years people have been saying no other cars compare.................there are a few that are in the neighborhood..........but none are close. Just a fact. I count myself lucky to be able to help service and maintain all historic machines for the next generation of owners. And a I find myself very content driving my 1915 Ford at the edge if it’s performance.......which is about 37 mph on flat ground. It’s not about the speed or flash of the car one is driving; it’s about the journey.
  7. My favorite part is where so many other companies tried the same run and kept blowing up and not finishing, Duesenberg took three times before they made it 24 hours with the Model J in the 100 percent custom Mormon Meteor.......and only averaged less than ten miles per hour faster over the twenty four hours three years later. That’s why I drive a Pierce 12. Absolutely bulletproof when sorted correctly.
  8. Great photo........definitely a special..........not only the body, but the wheels.......take a close look.👍 Knock-offs......and a snap ring. All 1932 Pierce Arrows had drop centers by then.
  9. It’s the same car. A factory special. You can see Ab Jenkins initials on the door in both photos. Watch the film on YouTube.......Flight of the Arrow. Fun and interesting. I have photos of the car somewhere....... Lets see the Duesenberg photos also.........👍
  10. I’m fairly certain it’s a factory special. And yes, it is good looking. It’s trying to be a 1933 from the few details I can see. It has a unique windshield, as all the open cars from the standard builds had a fixed front windshield. It looks like the car that they used to run the 24 hours of Bonneville Salt Flats. It is probably the car in the “Flight of the Arrow” film.
  11. All this interesting back and forth has had someone call me, with a “real good” Cadillac find! Guess this thread does have some positive attributes after all! It’s a decent car.....at a fair price. Too bad I am past my Cadillac days of collecting. We will be sure to get the car to a collector who will appreciate it..........after all, it doesn’t have any windows!👍
  12. Sounds like you are on the right track. Since it is a replacement set up for a mag, it has to have additional adjustments to set the rotor in a correct spot. 👍
  13. Henery Ford went out in a Packard hearse. I published a photo of it back in the 90’s in the CCCA magazine.
  14. As to commenting on the above, virtually no antique cars have had proper alignments done in the last fifty years. I use to send mine out to people who could do them. Now their all dead and buried. I recently bought my own modern equipment to do them myself. It’s a neat analog setup. Had a car with a death wobble, fixed all the typical front end issues, still had a moderate wobble. Did an alignment on it with the new set up. Car drives like a brand new car..........the owner said it’s the best pre war steering he has ever experienced. Cars can and do drive without bad habits or issues, it’s just lots of work to get them there. The best part is once set up correctly, and properly serviced and maintained, you never have to touch them again except for lubrication.
  15. Please note the above two stickers that were left inside the radial tire........that eventually rubbed through in the first photo, but the second sticker wasn’t far behind. Also notice the rust on the tube. No rim strips were installed. Also, the rim wasn’t properly prepared and had pitting and with no primer, the paint is peeling off. But hey........the car was professionally restored by the “best flat head Ford guys in the country”. Seems it was easier to put radial tires on than fix the worn out steering box and loose front end. An then there is the bad bushing in the steering wheel..........but it’s just fine.......it’s only an old car. I deal with this crap every day........and from shops that should know better..........but it still happens. Every detail in every part of a car is important, and fact of the matter is that there are fewer and fewer people with across the board experience servicing all cars, new and old. So after looking at the bias ply tire tube that was made in the Far East, and can be purchased for 12.00, I ordered special tubes, at at cost 383.00 for five of them, as I am now going to replace ALL of the tubes, including the one in the spare. Lots of work, NO SHORTCUTS!
  16. So, I spent a rare day off dealing with radial tires on a 39 Ford. Here is what I ended up with, a typical mess done by people who are smarter than I am. Now I get to clean up the mess, spend an extra grand of this guys money, all because people who have NO IDEA of what they are doing. Do you want to put your car and your family’s well being on the line? Let’s see what I found.
  17. Well, I recommend you try running a vacuum tank car with a Johnson carb on it with E15 or E10 and see how you make out. There are thousands of early cars that would cost thousands of dollars minimum to modify. I only run stock automobiles. It’s fifty times harder to run an early car stock than it is to butcher it with modern components. Higher combustion chamber temperatures and leaner conditions burn valves, make holes in pistons, and crack heads and blocks. Go ahead and enjoy E15 in your car..........if it doesn’t suffer any damage or performance issues, it’s because you don’t drive it. it pretty hard to modify most early carbs, if not impossible, which then would require a modern and non authentic unit.........and 95 percent of all electric fuel pumps are installed incorrectly and pose a serious fire danger and can be fatal in an accident. Thanks,.........I’ll pass on E15, and avoid E10 as much as possible. And yes, I have already made modifications to my cars to run E10 as it is. Fortunately they are all reversible but they still don’t preform correctly on it.
  18. Looks like a nice car. Those wheels can not handle a radial. They are much too light construction. The rims and wires are much too light, and a snap ring isn’t supposed to have any where near the load the radial will place on it. I looks like they have been rechromed (snap rings) which means they are already compromised. Your car has a Gemmer steering box? Or is it Ross. If it’s Gemmer, that is probably half the problem. Traveling 50 mph in a wooden coachwork car and suffering a total wheel collapse in a curve is life threatening. You say you already have terrible roads........that also adds to the pounding and metal fatigue. If you really want radials, make new drop center rims and new heavier spokes. Even then the hub is rather light in your car if memory serves me. I would not drive my family in a car with stock wheels and radials on it. While I never run radials, and I have more miles on pre war cars than 99.5 percent of anyone you will ever meet, I practice what I preach. The last three sets of wheels I have done, all are much stronger than what was built new.............only one of the three sets was from cracking rims. Wheels can and do fail, not often but when it does it is ugly. Your car is larger and heavier than most from the era...........it’s not worth taking a chance.
  19. Federal government and EPA released the restrictions on E15 from three months a year to year round, and very limited markets to anywhere in the country. Officially it’s to support blending and local market and refining conditions. It’s not going to be seen everywhere, but in certain regions it will become common, and possibly permanent in the long run. Bend over......less mileage per gallon, and more expensive. They should remove all ethanol from all gas.
  20. From my hometown we didn’t consider a grave marker old unless the born date was in the 1600’s. Most interesting is that 90 percent of the people didn’t make it to their 60’s.
  21. The good news, you can still go in style.............they are still going strong. If you want to drop the big bucks, I’ll bring a few Pierce Arrows out west and give you your last ride in a V-12 Pierce............as we use to say when racing swamp buggies.......and it seems appropriate here........”.smile as you go under!”
  22. Pierce Brothers Mortuaries and Funeral Home, Los Angeles California, circa 1930. They only ran the BEST cars money could buy. They continued with Pierce Arrow’s till the war. Many of the Limo and Seven passenger sedans they had survived. 👍
  23. They just announced E15 across the board is unrestricted by season or location to help out the farmers from the recent trade war. Unfortunately, it’s really welfare for multi national billion and trillion dollar companies and we get to pay the tab.......from our wallet and running problems.
  24. Howard, we need more photos, of the rotor, and the drive set up. You can’t post too many. I have only worked on five or six Atwater Kent systems, and so far, they are all different. Ed
  25. Nice car. Pull it.........100 percent.