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  1. Fun video, nice story. Great car. It’s unusual to see a properly sorted car today, notice the start up......as it should be. Smooth, quiet. It’s a shame most people haven’t had the experience of driving a well manored CCCA Classic. Thanks for posting the clip.
  2. Heat transfer from the engine warming up the flywheel is what caused the clutch to release. Often idling the car for a few hours will heat soak the flywheel and transmission, releasing the stuck disk. Works every time.
  3. The disappearing top Duesenbergs are fantastic cars. Several body companies made them, Murphy was the most famous with something like 40 in total.
  4. John.....you want to bet whose car these came off of? 😎 They sure look familiar! I can assure you, that you are correct that they are Duesenberg.
  5. Can’t remember where I saw it.
  6. John, you are correct. The car when I saw it last year was what we would call a well maintained original, has the look of a ten year old well used car. I wouldn’t change a thing! Great car and a great family. I believe Jim’s son is the current caretaker. Interestingly, we were discussing this car yesterday at dinner and this morning at breakfast.
  7. Wayne E from Massachusetts will have them, but he is South for the winter. Send me a pm if you need his number.
  8. The company name escapes me but they’re out of Syracuse New York. Made of unobtainimum. I gave him a source to check out.
  9. The Rolls Royce pictured above was purchased new in West Virginia by a gentleman who had it upgraded back in Springfield with the more modern bumpers and lights. He then traded it in on a Model J Murphy Disappearing Top Roadster. The Model J still exists and is unrestored. The Rolls was restored about ten years ago, and they put the old style lights back on it and added the smaller drum lights, which in my humble opinion distract from the cars looks. Restoration was very well done, and I am sure cost a fortune. The original factory upgraded lights and bumpers were swapped out from a sedan. So now there are two incorrect cars. I have never added lights to a car in my entire forty plus years of collecting. Recently I have taken four sets of pilot lights off of cars, and had a very difficult time selling them, and they were all off 100 point cars. Took a long time to sell them and they were at give away prices.........
  10. Application year junior or senior drum or cone More information would be helpful. They are available new. Easy to find used, they are very out of style.
  11. The drop in distance from cold is because the battery uses its own energy to warm itself up before it will work properly. I have been told that until the battery reaches a minimum temperature that the car will only go about 40 mph, have no idea if it is true, but it sounds reasonable that the battery is thermally protected. If you keep the car in a slightly heated garage, then the only warm up is after settling outside all day before you go home from work.
  12. PS- To be fair to the original poster.....Tesla was a few weeks from going belly up on paper just in the last 9 months. I don't think that will happen now..........Tesla will survive for certain, what and how it looks like in the next three to five years is another thing........
  13. Actually it's to our advantage, in another billion years or two, we won't need leap year anymore..................
  14. I have no chips in this game...........electric vs gas. I will comment on Tesla from one aspect, which is I was able to put my hands on one while taking it apart and repairing it after an accident. I have owned and run a modern repair shop of a fair size, as my background is not just antique cars. The cars are well made, engineering is absolutely fantastic, component parts are above anything I have seen in the marketplace on cars costing less than 300k new. Fit, finish, assembly were all first rate. They are complicated in different ways than most other cars, and technologies and techniques to service and repair them are different. Overall opinion- Tesla is not a car, it’s a piece of equipment. It’s half car, half dishwasher, and half electronic device......yup it has three “half’s”. I don’t know where the electric car or gasoline cars industry is headed..........and to be honest I don’t think anybody knows. My best guess........think of the computer revolution as a parallel to the current automotive market. Some people like and need full size work stations, some like lap tops, others prefer a tablet, and some just a smart phone. The technology sector has been transforming, keyboards, voice to type/text, other unusual inputs from other types of sensors.........how we use and interact with electronic devices has changed rapidly and in difficult ways to predict over the last five years. And it’s just getting started. I use a smart phone for not only the traditional uses, email, navigation, google, weather, phone, music,etc........In the last twelve months my phone has become my key, remote control, garage door opener, alarm system controller, heating & A/C with thermostatic control, my lights, radio and MP3 player...........all just in the recent past. I don’t want an electric car, and and I don’t want a car to drive me. But I think I am in the minority and it’s the general direction we are headed in. My expectation is that in twenty five years that 80 percent of all transportation will be electric and automated. Good or bad idea? I’m not sure, but my guess is people will learn to interact better and understand the effects of technology on their every day life, and make a lifestyle choice like vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.............we will develop terms and definitions of how much we choose to interact with technology in our every day life.........hopefully people will use reason to understand the advantages and dis advantages of it all. Right now we are just building things without thought to the consequences to the long term results. More and more people are helpless interacting on and in the world we live in. Depending on the supply chain for food, drink, clothes, etc...........lunch needs to be cultivated, plants, picked prepared.......you get the idea. Many people today don’t realize the burger they had for lunch was a animal that was raised, processed, and transported to the local grocery store. We just assume it will happen and be there when we walk in and pay with our electrons in our devices. While I’m not a doom and gloom type of guy.......are you willing to bet you life and your family’s life that the system will always be there and functioning correctly in order to sustain you? All very deep questions that won’t effect me.....I’m too old for it to make a difference now..........the young people are going to need to take a hard and long look at how they chose to live. Outside looking in........it’s gonna be entertaining. Back to the threads question......Is Tesla going to make it? Who knows, but if it doesn’t survive, the concept and technology will, and obviously people are willing to pay for it......so it is here to stay in one form or another.
  15. New England has such great history, and it’s no longer being taught. Along with King Phillips War, we also had the second American Revolution........Shey’s Rebellion. You wonder why we have a Bill of Rights? And a Second Amendment? Read about how the American Government was pointing heavy artillary and several regiments of infantry at the locals that were being taxed into poverty............ And yes, they open fire on the people with cannon.......killing and wounding the locals. Google it and take your time, it’s local history for me, and we still drive on some of the old wagon roads used during the rebellion.
  16. Yes, correct, I wasn’t looking close enough!👍
  17. I’ll be there with my rig and a unusually nice show car. Look forward to meeting you. Ed
  18. No, only 16 and 19.5, and tractor trailer sizes. Flyer....you're gonna like what you bought!
  19. AJ or Jonathan will be able to ID the Mercedes and it’s current location.
  20. I was never quite sure what the IF stood for as a very young lad of five or seven when I saw my first one. I asked my father why it "said IF" on the front of the car. He said to me........."IF you have to ask the price, you can't afford it!"
  21. I’m born in 1966 and absolutely nothing post war interests me. I like rare and unusual motor cars......and that doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. I have a 1915 HCCA car that runs and drives great, unmolested and fine......and it was less than 15k four years ago. Lots of fun, very little expense. I would prefer to drive a 1930’s Duesenberg Supercharged speedster, but currently I am short about seven to eight million for the purchase.
  22. Well, Carl, I’m flattered with your compliments! I understand your point, and agree with the best way to do it is with new pistons, without knowing the car, it’s overall condition, and the possible downsides for a hobbiest without lots of extra help and backup, I think the very little advantage my milling the head isn’t worth 95 percent of the people’s time or money. Overall the REO is a small displacement F head and not likely to gain much power regardless of one one does to it across the board. Carburetion, ignition, and fine tuning are much more likely to help. Without doing a valve job and new rings while the head is off, it’s more likely to cause issues than benefit him in any way. I understand the chance to “play” with it and bump it up, but the water pump, radiator, cooling system and a bunch of other things may already be on the margin. Also a replacement head probably isn’t easy to come by if there are any unforeseen circumstances. If I were building it, I would bump it up, but I have all the correct tools on hand, and can deal with it easier than 99 percent of the people here. Currently I’m dealing with a early thirties car with too much added compression, and it’s a royal pain in the A*^ to get right. Just because one can do something, doesn’t mean it’s always a good idea. With the number of posts I have made if this I’d the first time you have ever disagreed with me, you mist be a very intelligent person! 👍