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  1. The Gemmer box in the Franklin is much lighter than the Pierce box. Usually the worm is good, just the bearing surface for the upper and lower race are bad. John has a few boxes for parts, give him a ring...Ed
  2. Hi Tom, The Gemmer steering boxes are almost never in useable condition. They have several design flaws that cause severe pitting of the worm bearing. They also tend to have roller and sector shaft problems. Jon Cislak of classic auto restoration has just started a Gemmer box overhaul and improvment project, and is advertising on the Pierce Arrow Society website for rebuilding the boxes with all new bearings, and removing the bushings and installing needle bearings. You can reach him at 413-543-9017 during east coast business hours. Good Luck ..... Ed
  3. I was informed that the classification comitee has approved Chrysler Town And Country post war cars as an approved Classic. If it is true then the current board members are not keeping the high standards of the club that have remained intact for the last 50 years. Post war cars DO NOT BELONG IN THE CCCA. It is not part of the charge and charter of the club. It should be recinded at once. If I was interested in post war cars I would join a club that caters to them. It seems that all standards across the board in this nation are being corrupted. It is truly tragic that it has come to this....... Edgar Minnie CCCA life member, master judge #24,
  4. Hello, There are two types of Pierce factory motor robes. I am familiar with both styles. They were also reproduced, so it requires a photo to correctly id the robe. If you can post a photo on the site or email me a photo of it I will id it for you. Good luck, Ed M.
  5. Maybe you should read the article published by Matt Sonfield, that he did several years ago. A in depth study of all makes of classics in the era, and made a chart showing percentages of cars when new that were shipped with white walls. I is a great article. But i think that then as now, people ordered their car the way they wanted it. You did not mention the colored walls sold by cadillac in many diffrent colors in 1932. They ave very neat option, and I have a green one still on a rim. Ed
  6. Hello, finding out some info on the car should not be too hard. If you belong to the Pierce Arrow Society you can find out if it was listed in the roster, as they have all records from 1955 to date on cars displayed at meets or listed in their roster of cars. There are quite a few old time members in new england that read the members only fourm on the PAS website. Punch it up on google and you can join on line and I'm sure you will get a response. P.S. Be sure to post the chassis number as well as engine number. Ed
  7. 1930 used 3 shoe brake and 5 lug wheel. There are several diffrent setups on the 1930 cars. 1931 had 2 shoe and six lug wheels. Remember there was the 1930 model, the leftover 1930's sold as 1931's, then the true "1931" model. 1930 chassis had a gremmer steering box, 1931 had ross. 1931's steer, stop, and ride much smoother than 1930. 1930 also had free wheeling lever on the dash, 31 had it on the shifter. Ed
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    Gear Box

    John, Try calling 413-543-9017 eastern business hours. He has several stutz transmissions both 3 and 4 speed. Not sure if they are for sale. Ask for John. Good luck. Ed
  9. Mine shoewd up today, Tues 20th. Condition was ok.
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    The ethanol gas has less energy per gallon than regular gas. For a proper running engine you should rejet your carbs in both the idle tubes as well as the main jets. I have run my Pierce Arrows and Cadillacs' on my chassis dyno both before and after ant there is a large gain with the new jets.
  11. My copy has not arrived yet. Western Mass. Ed Minnie
  12. Hi, I have quite a few 32-33 v-8 parts and spares. I am sure I have a water pump,fuel pump, dist, freewheeling valve and linkage, shocks, generator, ect. My email address is edinmass@aol.com . I am a CCCA life member, as well as a Cad-LaSalle and Pierce Arrow Society member. Drop me a note with your phone number and more detailed parts list. Thanks.
  13. Hi, Have someone place the armature on a growler. It is a special electrical device used to test armatures on generators and starters. I see them at hershey all the time for 25 dollars or so. I bought 3 last year for myself and two friends. I ended up needing mine two weeks ago when my 33 1247 quit charging. It worked fine. If you can't find anybody local, look me up in the Pierce club and give me a call. I would be happy to test it for you if you want to send it out. I could turn it around in just one day. I would also place an ampe probe around the starter cable to see how many amps it is drawing under load. Any good modern auto repair shop would have one. Best of luck, Ed Minnie <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
  14. I passed up a running 4 2 years ago for 3500.00 It was for sale over a year at that price with no takers. Ed
  15. just moving post to the top....
  16. To pmpmph, I would like to apologize for the incorrect assumption that his car was in "race car configuration". I accidently inferred it from the text in his first post, and when I could find no information on his rare obscure make, concluded incorrectly that it was a competition automobile. Maybe it is now possible to turn this around and make a misunderstanding into something positive. I will write a letter to the classification committee to review the entire policy of "race cars". I would welcome the above posters who made comments in support of these cars to also do the same. I STAND CORRECTED. Ed Minnie
  17. Dave, I was under the impression that only cars listed in the roster when the "race car rule" was installed would continue to be approved. Others not listed would not. I have not looked it up in the handbook, but I am rather sure that was how the wording was done. Ed Minnie
  18. Gearboy, I have no problem with the car and letting cars in racing configuration in the club. I was just asking about club procedure. As far as Bentlys go I have driven a 3, 4 1/2, speed six, and 8 litre. I have also had oppertunity to run around in two diffrent Raltions as well as Invecta, ect. So I am pretty familar with most CCCA Classics.I was just not familar with the car or the current club policy as to it's current status. I have no problem with the rare and obscure marques, and enjoy seeing them on the field. As far as the CCCA suffering....well it's at an all time high membership. And if you read Jon Lee's text I think it's clear he is glad to see it back in the hands of a CCCA member. Mr Lee likes to let the Brittish cars leak oil on his garage floor as he owns and drives his W.O. and Allard quite hard and often. He is also one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met in the hobby over the last 25 years. Ed Minnie Life Member CCCA. Past Director NER. Master Judge.
  19. Now for the BIG question. Does a car that has past approval still qualify as a CCCA Classic, or does it have to reapply. Would this car now come in under "race car" rules? How about posting a photo and the info in the 1966 file. I can't find any info on the car and was wondering about displacement, hp, wheelbase, trans, ect. Thanks, Ed Minnie
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    Metallic paint

    Sorry, I sold off all my 29 parts 2 years ago. Try Wayne Elsworth in the Cadillac Club. My email address is Edinmass@aol.com . Ed
  21. Just moving post back to the top.
  22. CJ 33-36 According to the ccca main paige.
  23. It sure looks like a 32 Maybach to me. Ed <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
  24. Hi Claire,I my memory serves me right I think I remember sending you several emails in the past. I'm not sure if you will remember me. I live just outside of Springfield(about 70 miles away for thoes on the west coast) and have owned over a dozen 29 to 31 Caddys. I have pleanty of parts if you are missing anything, and can also give you the name and number of a member in Sharon Ma.(about 25 miles away) of a running car you can look at for photos and missing parts. In your post you said you were looking for an easy way to get your car to run.....there is no such thing as easy when working on a antique or Classic car. They require lots of time and money. There is no easy way out. If a person doesn't have the skills to assemble and run the current engine they would not be quilified to install a modern engine. By the way.... your car has a torque tube drive shaft. That means you would also have to change the transmission and rear end to do a "easy driveline update"..... that doesn't sound too easy to me. I'll be home all weekend if you would like to take a drive out to see my car. It's about 4 miles of exit 7 off the mass pike. I have a garage full of cars and other interesting toys you can kick tires on and take pictures till you have every thing you need. I also have an engine for a 30 sitting on the ground you can get a close look at, as well as a dissassembled engine. Just send me an email and i'll return it with my phone number. Good Luck, Ed M. Edinmass@aol.com
  25. Hi, There are no problems with that transmission. The only problem I have seen in them is water damage and pitting. They shift fast and easy with no noise or grinding. I have made parts and gears for Pierce transmissions in the past, and currently have a 33, 34, 35, 36, and w-1 overdrive apart and cleaned up on the shelf. They are quite simple to service and assemble. Bearings are available over the counter for the input and output shafts. The torrington roller bearings that are internal can be hard to find, but you can usually beat the bushes and find what you need. You probably have a throw out bearing/ yoke/ or alignment issue. It's not a big deal to pull the transmission out and strip it down. It's probably best to just go right through everything, including the disk, pressure plate, and regrind the flywheel. If you need bearing numbers or anything else just drop me a note. Hope to see your car at the Pierce National meet in Asheville N.C. in June. Good luck, Ed Minnie Edinmass@aol.com