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    Can someone help me ID this item

    Dog trophy.........LKA must be Los Angeles Kennel Association.
  2. edinmass

    1935 Lincoln K Club Sedan

    Yup.......he has done a bunch of heads and blocks for me.......never a failure, never a problem.
  3. edinmass

    1935 Lincoln K Club Sedan

    At this point I would pull the other head to clean the coolant passages, and call it a day. You have to stop somewhere. You can always deal with rings and valves if you ever have a problem. It was running good before you pulled it. You could ring and valve it ten or fifteen thousand miles down the road in the car, and the only extra expense in the future is gaskets. While doing things right is always my motto, there has to be an end to it. With the cracks fixed, and all the cosmetic improvements you are at least adding value for all you work. Get the radiator flushed and tested. Fix the wiring harness, and paint and elbow grease. Start putting it back togeather ASAP, your always busy, don’t back off the project.........push to get it done. Then take some time off from it to prevent burn out on it. Six or eight months after it’s done, all will be forgotten. Then you can enjoy it with your family.
  4. Take it to the San Marino Classic, for sale signs are not allowed, picnic by it, and offer it to intrested parties. I’ll be there with a Blue Pierce Arrow. Nice car, but difficult to sell today. Under rated and under appreciated platform.
  5. Don’t assume you can get the car out...........just because you own it doesn’t mean you can get it to clear customs. I only recommend Cosdel, anyone else is a gamble. That said, call and ask them for their opinion. Good luck. Ed
  6. I have never driven a very early twin six, I think the first ones didn’t have detachable heads.......I remember back in the early seventies when many of these were regularly driven to meets on surface roads. It was fun to see the “real Packard guys” dump on the twelves, saying the model 30 was the last good car they built!......amazing how times and thoughts evolve. Packard never built anything but above average cars.......yup, coming from a Pierce guy! Even the smaller sixes of the thirties that don’t get much following are fun cars and great drivers. Operating a early car like this is such a rewarding experience, sadly today even enthusiastic collectors are afraid of big machines. This era car are fantastic family vehicles, providing endless hours of joy and entertainment, sadly too many people are afraid to own and operate them as intended. These were meant to be used and enjoyed, not left parked in a museum or garage. As time goes by my view on collecting has slowly evolved, and now I find the most enjoyment of bringing long dormant cars back to life.......running an engine that hasn’t started in 40, 50, or 60 years is a thrill. It use to be the thrill of the chase, the joy of ownership, now for me it’s making a stationary display car mobile again. This weekend I will be driving a 89 year old car, that to the best of my knowledge has always been registered and running.......an amazing feat that the first two owners held on to the car for almost 75 years between them. Monday I’ll be getting our car ready for the AACA Ocala Florida show.......my first time having a car entered or judged in the AACA.......and I have been attending Hershey since the very early seventies! Not sure if there will be any opportunities to drive a few miles, and maybe find a few other people who would like to take the cars out for a run........look for a big black 1933 sedan, going down the road or on the field. Ed PS- Love those early condensers on the twin six.......a car done very well with no excuses as far as authenticity or attention to detail. It’s the little things like that that tell me the car is one of the best......
  7. Being a Pierce Arrow guy through and through, I must admit these are great cars............and it sure would be interesting to take a Pierce 66 and run it next to the twin six..............interesting comparison. Either car would be fantastic to own.
  8. Great car. Posting it on the Pre War Car website will get you international interest, which may help with the sale for a right hand drive Packard.
  9. edinmass

    Barn Find!

    Didnt say I didn’t like them, and maybe I should have been more clear, but the 1921 to 1928 Pierce cars with either series six are the nickel era cars, and reguardless of marque, they are difficult to sell. I must like them, as over the years as have tried to buy one......just never had the deal come togeather. Seems I work harder at the eights and twelves..........had too many of them to count.
  10. edinmass


    I would prefer to see them on the shelf..........
  11. edinmass

    Barn Find!

    See the Stutz forum. It was both. No worries, you don’t want them, and they are in your budget range.
  12. edinmass

    Barn Find!

    I spoke to him and offered information on both cars. He is legit. He sent me photos, but as a I don’t have permission to share them, I won’t. I gave him numbers of current market buyers on the cars, not sure what he will do. I have no interest in either car. The “Stutz” is a Blackhawk Sedan. Barn find condition, the Pierce is strictly parts. Just my opinion, but the guy is familiar with old machines and can make his way from what I gave him for information. No, I didn’t offer or want a location on either car, they are near the coast on the eastern seaboard. He should be fine figuring things out from here. Ed
  13. edinmass

    Barn Find!

    Spoke to him......nice guy. He sent me photos, but as I don’t have permission to share them, I won’t.
  14. edinmass

    Barn Find!

    Well, you don’t have to worry someone will try and beat you out of it. 1928 and earlier Pierce cars are very difficult to sell, 1929 and later a bit easier but not much. The 1928 and earlier cars are six cylinder engines, and bring much less than an eight. That said, I will send you a PM with my number. Call me in 30 minutes, as I am still out at dinner. Eastern time of 1030 would be fine. Ed
  15. edinmass

    1918 FWD wanted material

    Go to the UK military vehicle site.........they have a few guys restoring several FWD trucks, and they have lots of info and networking going on. Post in the pre WWII section. Great bunch of guys......from all over the globe. HMVF.CO.UK IS THE ADDRESS HISTORIC MILITARY VEHICLE FOURM
  16. edinmass

    The Story of a Family's 1934 Packard

    Fun video, nice story. Great car. It’s unusual to see a properly sorted car today, notice the start up......as it should be. Smooth, quiet. It’s a shame most people haven’t had the experience of driving a well manored CCCA Classic. Thanks for posting the clip.
  17. edinmass

    41 Packard polarity problem

    Heat transfer from the engine warming up the flywheel is what caused the clutch to release. Often idling the car for a few hours will heat soak the flywheel and transmission, releasing the stuck disk. Works every time.
  18. The disappearing top Duesenbergs are fantastic cars. Several body companies made them, Murphy was the most famous with something like 40 in total.
  19. edinmass


    John.....you want to bet whose car these came off of? 😎 They sure look familiar! I can assure you, that you are correct that they are Duesenberg.
  20. edinmass

    40hp or larger chassis wtd

    Can’t remember where I saw it.
  21. edinmass

    1957 Ford Custom 300

    Very nice car.
  22. John, you are correct. The car when I saw it last year was what we would call a well maintained original, has the look of a ten year old well used car. I wouldn’t change a thing! Great car and a great family. I believe Jim’s son is the current caretaker. Interestingly, we were discussing this car yesterday at dinner and this morning at breakfast.
  23. edinmass

    Parts Wanted for 1930 LaSalle

    Wayne E from Massachusetts will have them, but he is South for the winter. Send me a pm if you need his number.
  24. edinmass

    RR Phantom door latch needed.

    The company name escapes me but they’re out of Syracuse New York. Made of unobtainimum. I gave him a source to check out.