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  1. OK gang, I have a picture in my collection of what appears to be a 1958 Edsel Retractable Hardtop. I am well familer with the Ford Retractables from 1957-1959 but was not aware that Edsel had one too. Can anyone validate this for me or do you think this may be a doctored photograph.
  2. Gee guys, and I was starting to like the car.
  3. Sorry folks but I messed up getting the attachment attached to my post. This picture belongs to my previous post.
  4. Does anybody know if Cadillac offered a continental kit for 1960? I have a picture of the car with a kit (see attachment) that looks either custom made or at least an after-market job. Please be aware that I do not claim to own this car or the picture. I have no knowledge of the owner of either. I can not afford to collect cars so I collect models and pictures.
  5. Looks like you let that darn dog drive your truck again? If anyone doe not know the tv ad I am referring to let me know and I will explain.
  6. I think the slowest car I ever drove was a 1951 plymouth flat head 6 with 3 on the tree. This car was so bad that I could rev up the engine while at a stand still, pop the clutch, speed shift up to 2nd and then to third and when it was all over, still not be breaking any speed limits. Oh, yeah, top end? 77 MPH. Maybe 78 downhill with hurricane force winds behind me.
  7. I am looking for any information on the Hollier automobile that was reportedly manufactured in Chelsea, Michigan, probably in the early 1900's. I also believe that it was built by a company named The Lewis Spring & Axle Company which seems to be connected with Jackson, Michigan somehow. I am a native of Chelsea, Michigan and would appreciate any information on this subject.
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