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  1. I used the magnaflow camaro muffler Part#14266, and tips are magnaflow 35158 from www.performancepeddlers.com This business will work with you on prices. just tell them have same muffler from another company at this price, and they will drop their price lower. At idle sounds like small block Chevy, and at expressway speeds no sound inside. Real happy with the sound.
  2. Have your mechanic check the fuel pressure.
  3. Tommy took your advise, and painted the muffler flat black high temp. Looks a lot better.
  4. Rattaboy took your advise, and sprayed the muffler a flat high temp black looks lot better. Thanks
  5. Little but same place as old muffler.
  6. Magnaflow Muffler Part #14266, and Magnaflow tips 35158. What think???
  7. Mr. Padgett have him check the wiring colors make sure the relay he replaced is for the pump. If remember my relay for fuel pump factory mounted was in the wrong place.
  8. I also was at the same crossroad, but with the help with other reatta owners on this web-page like Padgett able to solve my idle problem. Guys thanks to all the info. Sorry bugged the crap out everyone. Spent little over $900.00 but at least have no car payment, and the car is like your rust free. I enjoy driving the car, gas mileage is great, comfortable. Spend the money, and keep it.
  9. It fixed the rough idle, but have no idea what seafoam cleaned to stop the idle problem. Correct me if wrong thinking intake, or exhaust deposit on valves.
  10. After 3 months and replacing everything poss. still had idle problem. Used 8oz of seafoam each time let sit for 15 minutes, and hit the x-way. Did this 4 times, and have no idle problem at all. Smooth as silk in drive at idle. Made a believer out me. Thanks to all with their suggestions in the past. Larry
  11. I read his post , and replaced my ECM, and prom with a new GM unit. Why stop now on replacing parts that are not broke?? I have replace just about everything except the timing chain, sprocket, timing sensor, and magnet. Why stop now?? Just Kidding. But I will replace it next week the GM way.
  12. This morning removed the timing sensor, and used a mirror to locate the interrupter magnet. Found the magnet, and seems to be covered with jb weld, and no plastic was found. Put everything back together. Just wondering if this could be my idle problem ??? <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" /> Going to replace both the sensor, and magnet but going to do it the long hard way the factory install procedure. Have had no code 41 at all.
  13. I really have noticed a change in performance. Doesn't seem as sluggish as before, but continue to have the rough idle problem not as bad but still there. But the concern i had was white smoke coming from the EGR vale while sucking it thru the throttle body Thinking this may be my cause for rough idle. One day smooth as he--. Next day rough idle back. I had read lot of info on sea foam and would recommend it. Hope padgett can give me some info on my question?
  14. Everyone was right regarding the smoking after using sea foam. My question while sucking the sea foam thru the throttle body i noticed smoke also coming from the EGR valve. Does anyone know if this is normal?? Thanks
  15. used the seafoam today. When I restarted the car my neighbor ran over thinking car was on fire. As of today everything seems very good. Keep everyone up to date.
  16. See several reatta owners are using seafoam. My question is where, and how pour this product into the throttle body? Went to the seafoam website, and suggested pouring it in the hole the hold the pvc valve on the manifold? Whould this work?
  17. Professor Padgett moved the tps as you suggested to 38 seems lot smoother as of now no surging. Keep my finger crossed. Seen lot of owners talking about seafoam. Shoud i try this, and how, and where pour it in. Know goes in the engine but where? Thanks
  18. Mr. Padgett took your advise again and moved the tps up to 38. Let you know in a couple days how its doing. Again thanks
  19. Mr. Padgett took your advise today on the tps. My tps unit has a metal u shape metal bracket with two holes for the screws, and attaches to bottom of the tps unit. With this bracket there was no adjustment. I removed the u-shaped bracket and reinstalled the tps, using the crt i adjusted it to 36. So 38 would be better? I did notice a change. For now going to drive it for couple days before i comment. Again Thanks
  20. Thanks padget give it try today. Let you know.
  21. A GM mechanic today seems to think might be the egr. His suggestion unhook it see what happens i know throw a code but worth a try.
  22. I hate to say this but from my hard head, and empty wallet replacing everything suggested take it to a Buick dealership. Not knocking any members here they are very intelligent, but seems several other members have the exact problems we have and nothing suggested has changed the problem.
  23. What think about the readout of the alternator being at 91.6?? One member stated his problem was the alternator. Service manual states should be 120 being at 91.6 think this could cause the idle problem?
  24. In your post stated 91 doesn't have egr valve. There another reatta owner that has a 90 do it have a egr valve? If 90 doesn't have a egr valve his problem is the same as mine but i have a egr valve?
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